Author: Beyond War

Beyond War was written by JAMES ALLEN, under contract to SHADOWDANCERS DIGITAL PRESS, a limited liability company of the State of Oklahoma - who did in turn license the rights exclusively to Raccoon Technologies Incorporated for software and server technology, and to Deep Layer Inc. for public service membership and promotion of service access under strong Private Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology provided by Raccoon Technologies Incorporated.

The content is based on a future where high technology indistinguishable from magic is evident, and advanced civilizations are reduced to individuals and small groups operating in the shadow of very large industrial and nuclear era civilizatoins of far less developed species like modern Earth.

The Beyond War Universe exists in the same time as the present day, and represents a view of practical technology and philosophy with humanist values - amid threats and poligical agendas governing weapons of planetary and stellar mass destruction which threaten all human life.

The stories are written in American English, a dialect of United States English and British English, which includes structures and pauses not common with post 1970s "Broadcast English". Readers of older documents pre-1900 and pre-history texts may be familier with the verse and litany style, mixed with casual Colonial parlance, from which the American Dialectic style is derivitive.

The story is about dignity in each living being, human and animal, and the inherent good of nature even in beings of incredible destructive power and ability, by which our living world exists without knowledge, obligation, or submission required to these dangerous technologies.

It is a software product about the end of credit and monetary systems in favor of the inherent value of life, and of the importance of intangible values such as family and loyalty, love, and the ability to transcend all conditions when people are free of their delusion that death is certain and sin inherent in the nature of living beings.

Beyond War was inspired by Christian, Zen Buddhism, Taoism, and military culture of the American People, who remain adamant in their values and ideas contrary oppositional theologies of G.W.F. Hegel and socialism-fascism and institutional "Hegelian" monoculture.

Beyond War is an outgrowth of rebellion against the Second World War theology (Hegelian utilitarian socialism) of submission to the institution of society imposed upon individual human beings, and opposition to the rise of radical socialism under the 'progressive' banner of 21st Century American Democratic Terrorism. Rejecting on face the idea that the rights and dignity of even one should be compromised in favor or benefit to any number of other persons: as those claims are the antithesis of American culture and the American way of life.

It was enriched by the injury to children by the United States and member States who sought to contest the Constitutions of the United States, States of America, and member States wrongly; which was put down with resounding unanimous ruling February 20 2019 by Justice Ginsburg in her opinion upon Case #17-1091 in 586 U.S. ____ 2019 Supreme Court ruling "TIMBS v INDIANA", declaring there forfeiture of estate, body, or property to pecuniary fines (Pentalities not themed criminal convictions) constituted cruel and excessive fines by the civil court, contrary STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA efforts to employ Title IV program fraud to engage in human trafficking against the people, the Beyond War author, and his family.

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