Revision 7

Because so much of our content is story based, with hostility from the United States market due to civil unrest and government dysfunction in that country since the collapse of Northern Telecom (Nortel) Networks in 2001, we have compartmentalized access to specific PKI key holders. This allows players with privileges access to details of their faction without disclosure to non-privileged users and the public.

Beyond War is a faction-based epic space-war game with RPG elements for very large player groups, employs technology in dynamic virtual server communication protected by trade secret in the United States, and is subject to extensive imitation by foreign properties making false and misleading claims, access is limited to licensed membership only.

AGS systems are required to participate (Pilot, Athene, Redoubt, Mark 4x, Raider). Other client platforms are not supported by Beyond War.

We utilize PKI browser keys with USB support. If you have enabled your license key, you are not seeing this message and have access to our normal website and in-game services.

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