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Due to terrorist threats by the State of Texas and State of Oklahoma in fraud, the United States is not entitled to protection or access to the trade secrets derived by the Beyond War Project or its Manifold Space Engine technology. The failure to protect developers and their families prohibit the disclosure of otherwise critical discoveries and all claims by the United States and its allies to technology, due to their use of child abduction in pursuit of this claim.

In general, the Manifold Space Engine allows for scalar artificial intelligence in four dimensional space, through which the engine can both visualize and speculate actions at the control surface level to achieve complex maneuvers and execute actions using logic and pattern recognition with intuitive speculation.

This provides an environment for actual operations beyond the confines of a physically defined space in the same methodology as human cognition, using a large area network private encrypted dynamic neural network model across virtual instances on generic hardware in a protocol abstraction layer to convert concepts into abstract language elements independent of conventional human spoken and written communication frameworks.

It is designed to find and kill enemy combatants in a non-uniform environment and to analyze signal warfare intelligence in combat arms and capabilities which adapt and change under combat conditions including intuitive speculation, peer modelling, and observed pattern adaptation from which a database of methodologies and techniques are derived and cross-compared in parallel real-time processing.

Beyond War is a simulation environment for the testing and development of this software package with human players, while the Manifold Space Engine framework and data structures are an application interface for an artificial intelligence project with distributed distinct application roles and specialized nodes.

This is why Beyond War and Manifold Space Engine technology is not comperable to Unreal Engine, Unity, or Crysis, as these products are environmental simulation for game logic and simple enemy movement and shooting in conventional cartesian coordinates used in DirectX, OpenGL, Vulkan, and similar graphic card API tools.

Gaming Enthusiasts may compare this concept to Deep Blue, or other professional chess programs aimed at competing with human players in early computer science. It is fully expected the end-product will be a far more effective and efficient specialist in select areas of physical control and input, tactics, and situations presented in the early virtual environment data set. This is the reason Beyond War was selected, based on its scale, general abstraction, signal warfare element, and relative applications in aerospace and combat arms. Because the environment is not a real world test of physical weapon systems or of terrestrial combat scenarios, the product is not classified as a military asset in context to conventional technology or International Treaties.

The project has been waiting 15 years for parallel central processor and ray tracing technology to provide hardware implementations of software solutions and models discussed since 1996 in presentations by the firm. Theft and claims of these technologies in efforts to imitate the project have earned several countries a blacklist status for all membership.

Efforts to block the company from acting in 2017-2019 in direct correlation to the release of products by the State of Texas further underline the need to bar all members of the United States from access to this technology and dismiss their claims in infringement activity paired with child abuse seeking to force forfeiture by the developers.

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