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Beyond War

Fun Facts: Sanguine

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What makes my 1998 fiction unique?

  1. A warrior who, unlike socialist heroes that "give up their individuality and submit to the collective welfare at the expense of their own life or self or self-interest" are a living embodiment of the belief and will of their people, personified in the individual experience.

  2. The premise is that the individual "IS the best example of *greater good* and their interest IS the interest of the collective; and the value of the dignity of the individual is the dignity of all as expressed in the only manner that matters - the dignity of ONE."

  3. My space alien warriors CAN and DO absorb the entire memory and emotions of their entire species, one person at a time, and all of their enemies as well.

    They are emotionally intimate with everyone they kill and everyone who dies because of their actions, contrary the stereotypes that carry most socialist political dramas by casting people as "classes" or "types", whose suffering is "generalized and idealized in context to a struggle that revolves around narcissistic themed idealized benefits".

  4. My warriors are not "physically extraordinary or classical archetypes of male aggressive or female idealized nincompoops", as are common in children's fiction, television for TV13 and TVMA formats (CW), or other socialist 'low-hanging fruit' archetypes built to appeal to 'socialist idealized' class types for maximum audience approval, Screen Actors Guild incentives of race and inclusive sexuality, or other artificial standards of Hegelian Dialectic 'Right Think'.

    They are children, little old ladies, fat bald guys, and funny looking buck-toothed hillbillies. Their power is that they are not defined by their size or age, nor gender, but by their will. Their very bodies are a weapon, and they can force that weapon into forms that are designed to take you off guard.

    A 92 year old grandmother who is actually a "Sanguine" can beat your punk ass on a schoolbus and not even raise her heart rate. She could kill you with a touch or a word, but she chooses to beat your ass, because it "is educational".

  5. Star Wars has adopted some of my work in "The Way" and similar concepts of "absence of self" and "absence of identity" in incorporating of "The Way" and my concept of "The One" as inseparable and impossible to monetize or quantify contrary any incentive to be otherwise bartered for.

    My warriors have lost their entire species and all the people that they love, and they cannot forget a single second of that or distance or disengage from those memories.

    This makes them "kindness in extremis", to quote the BBC (Doctor Who), because there is no "time heals" aspect or "moving on". Every moment that has ever happened is the present moment, to the Sanguine, and they are acting from that moment at all times then and in the future.

    It is alien to the fugue that Democrats consider "normative" Psychology - whereby the personality is dissociative and blocking the past, projecting, and rationalizing positive and normative immediacy (present and near-future or far-future) cause-to-action as a blocking technique for selective memory and selective emotional context.

    This "new normal" is what prior generations of psychologists called "arrested development" and "emotional arrest in infancy", a mental illness caused by trauma and brain disorder which fails to establish functional "ego", "boundary issues", and other simple constructs of normal registration of the distinct separation and interest of others beyond the interest of self and with a context to self worth and self-value not pegged to external and grandiose collective political notions.

    National socialism and self-sacrifice and selfless suicide for atheist moral causes and ideals in approval and pleasing behavior (to please others, authority figures, for expected outcomes based on peer approval consistent with deep narcissistic delusion) has demonstrated this for Centuries, and is a low point of human "social interaction and group dynamics arising from long-term slavery, abuse, and unlawful working conditions still evident in union and academic/industrial civil class warfare.

  6. Sanguine choose who is Sanguine. It is not a biological function. They "pick" their children from the ordinary life of the Galaxy, and as such - all life is precious to them, as a child might be to us, even if it is not our own child. It is a possible future.

  7. How does this (1998) fiction differ from adaptations to co-opt the work in recent works like "The Mandalorian" by Walt Disney (2019)?

    Hegelian Dialectic Socialist Fiction (HDSF) like "The Mandalorian" try to incorporate these prior existing American values in "Pro Communist" value systems made-for-sale-in-China and other collective-virtue regimes, to meet market goals and impose claims over existing properties.

    Unlike HDSF, "American Dialectic Science Fiction" (ADSF) is not propagated on the herd-mentality that strength is the product of collective unity and numbers, in which no individual is strong enough to overcome a group or oppose collective will in relativistic (primitive tribal) socialism. In modern advanced technology subsequent to the industrial and nuclear era of the late 20th Century, weapon systems and technology do afford individual warfighters and actors the capacity to carry out life-and-death resistance and self-sufficiency independent of industrial society.

    While HDSF cannot comprehend living without authority figures to 'please', social structures to 'fit into' and 'belong', and to derive all self-worth and self-identity from these external and fantasy constructs of immature ego and immature emotional self image, where community is 'God'; ADSF expresses the need to maintain self-image and self-identity against opposition and oppression, similar to the SERE (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape) school of military operation behind enemy lines.

    American Dialectic Fiction emphasises the importance of purpose, place of emotion, critical thinking and moral guidelines contrary immediate and external reward, and supports the objective of operating under duress and against coercion including threat of life and permanent bodily harm, to uphold a code, credo, and mission which places the value of right and wrong above the benefit and majority and simple 'majority rule' and simplistic 'pure democracy' without moral character.

    To relate this to other writers like Gary Gygax (TSR), a democratic soldier is fighting for the mission of the moment as a selfless automaton. But a 'Paladin' is fighting for a principle and the memory of a single individual person who is their 'God' (or 'Goddess'), for whom they would stand against the gates of Hell and the Planes of many Hells and Heaven itself - and any other God, because their faith in the One exceeds the needs and the demands of the many. While to the socialist this may be 'in consideration of reward', a reflection of core behavior to 'please' their own authority or society to obtain something of value that is tangible - in the afterlife if not the present world; or if not for 'consideration' is mental illness and an 'evil against the interests of the socialist authority figure (God, in manifest welfare of material people or a society); both views are child-like and dismissive of the franchise of the warrior to have 1.) chosen a way (Tao, as is Taoism - the Chinese theology which means Way, or The Way; similar to 'the creed' or 'credo' of modern American military cadre); and 2.) commitment to that 'Way' (Tao) even in adversity and hopeless circumstances, from which honor and legendary recital of the warrior and exploits of warriors against impossible odds are evangelized.

    This is how 'socialism" interprets Western (American) hero worship and warrior culture, to reconcile abasement, compromise, submission, and the abandonment of franchise of the self.

    This was expressly examined in books like "1984" by George Orwell, in the exploration of the 'State' as God and emotional 'hour of hate' and the picture of the future it portrayed.

    The Sanguine are the head beneath that boot, whose hand lifts collective force off and throws it aside.

    Not because it is a selfless extension of the authority to compel this power for its faction or tribe - but because it chooses to do so in its franchise and for the dignity of the people who cannot and do not possess the strength to do so. It places itself in the world so that some fool can put a boot on its head, and in doing so - condemn the oppressor.

    The sanguine are not kings or lords or powerful masters of the lesser worlds and life. They are so powerful that they do not succumb to the trappings of those powers and adoration and fear, having grown beyond the need for validation or submission to know their own power and be content in the knowledge that they do not require permission to snap the leg off the body that would seek to possess or exercise such authority over others.

    They are the antithesis of the consolidation of power by very large groups and formation of society and order which implement oppression and enslave others to the cause of the collective.

    "Against All - Comes One" (Adversus Omnis Nunc Autem Venit Unus).

    Where there is fear without hope, comes now the God of Death, who stands alone against the End. His passing - the terror that is overwhelming, its shadow burned into the very fabric of all living things, for having seen it no child shall be born thereafter whose soul does not remember the coming of the King.

    "All the legends are true." it is said by the Kai'Gi. For all stories of all mankind are actually the story of Him and His coming against the world for the sake of One. Not for every One - no. For his One.

    The Kay'Gi, the oldest of the living species, recall this - which they call The Cataclysm.

  8. Why does this story sound familiar? Those words are in other products and games?

    Yes, after 1992 and 1996 the Beyond War fiction and core product were produced and circulated in Oklahoma.

    Companies that were exporting United States intellectual properties like "Near Dark" (MGM Studios,1988) illegally - also tried to hijack "Stryx", and other firms which attended the presentation 'adopted without full discretion or consent' some of the language and terms like "The Cataclysm" into their products, wrongly diluting the "Beyond War" story and work.

    The same can be said of "Neuromancer" in its release subsequent to "Bladerunner" and the Phillip K. Dick "Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep" (book), but those developers did not (as William Gibson did) attempt to rewrite or steer way from the prior (1998) demonstration of Beyond War fiction, in games by White Wolf Press and Blizzard Entertainment, and CCP Iceland.

    Other developers, already active in intellectual property theft and re-use without consent, like GAMES WORKSHOP, likewise and vindictively incorporated the "Stryx" name and mark into their products in 2013-2020, contrary H.M. Stryx (the author of Beyond War, and pen name used in global publications for "House Shadis", "Brain Boy Codex", "The Squat Codex", and other compatible fiction distributed in 1997-1999) shamelessly adopted the name and reputation and a parody of the "Sanguine" characters into their existing foreign works unlawfully while under contract with FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES (now no longer a licensee of Games Workshop).

    This infringement continues, despite 2001-2020 kidnapping to conceal the child of "H.M. Stryx" in false trial and Title IV Grant Fraud by the United States member States of Texas and Oklahoma, in context to threats of murder and extortion to compel surrender of "Beyond War" in early 2013 and 2008 on threat of concealment of the child to injure the genuine author, support socialist movements in the United States, and execute hate crimes themed genocide by the United States Democratic Party and its sponsors in South America, Europe, Japan, China, and Ukraine.

    Beyond War is therefore a story about "genocide" by Socialists in the 21st Century, and of abuse of mass communications and the intellectual property piracy by foreign nations against the United States and American People, which merit substantial criminal investigation not performed and wrongly not granted record or standing to sustain the 2001-2020 war crime.

    The story and characters, devices, patents related or derived, and technology of Beyond War software and fiction are privately held and protected by United States law, themed also 'Trade Secrets' in the law of the State of Oklahoma, and so provided prior use rights under The Berne Convention which are subject dispute in criminal taking similar to the acts of Adolph Hitler and the Republic of Germany in 1944, a war crime including coercion to dispute the credibility of artists and authors not subjects of an enemy state.

    Many elements of "Beyond War" are expressions of resistance to this abuse, including the ability to record and conceal 'memories and records' in 'distinct tactile interface data repositories' which connect present time with copies of past experiences and places, and may be incorporated into simple objects and places in relative space and time.

    This technology allows places, everyday objects, and relics to become 'like an Internet terminal' that can access the entire collected span of human experience of select populations, cultures, and individuals after their death. These technologies are the basis for cultural traditions older than human history, such as cemeteries, burial of the dead in ceremony, gravestones, memorial, and religious icons - in imitation of acts by primitive cultures witnessing events and active sites.

    The blending of technology with broad cultural traditions to explore their origin and understand of the derived intrinsic human and cultural beliefs is subject to the public domain in literature, and does not make them less meaningful by exposing the origins of the tradition.

    After watching a single man smash a monster the size of Jupiter with the moon while it tries to eat the Sun, and seeing him grieve afterward for those who died leaves an impression, after all. Legends are told.

    The Cataclysm (in 1998 Beyond War) was a much more violent battle (a war, really, that happened in a fraction of a second with total defeat of the enemy across multiple galaxies of active conflict), and makes the saving of one planetary star seem like a side of fries and a coke in the day in the life of a single Sanguine.

    The phrase "larger than life" describes the psychological and emotional shock at witnessing even from a distance the acts of one of these artificial 'man made' living war machines exposing itself to ordinary populations. The scars are everywhere and so broad that they do not even register nor can be recalled in context to the world just a generation later. Without context, there can be no framework for an ordinary species, and so the Sanguine remain hidden to minimize their impact on the development of ordinary life. These ideas were adopted and emphasized for all the wrong reasons by other authors, and are anti-narratives of the motives and true purpose of the work described in early previews.

    There is very little socialists hate more than an original idea that was not derived from their collective 'Godhood' - so abuse to try to impeach this work has been substantial and sustained from 2001-2020 in a terrorist fraud, similar to anti Semitic campaigns of the national socialist party in the 1930s prior open conflict in 1941.

    In contrast to the "Greater Good" of socialism, The Sanguine and Beyond War are "The Great Satan" of self and self-actualized warrior which contravenes their entire narrative of noble sacrifice, death celebration, and cult worship of children and child birth (mother-martyrdom) for which they will kill and rape and murder to control the 'potential utility' of those offspring who do not belong to them as a collective - and in this cause style the parent or other natural progenitor as an icon of failure, inferiority to the collective wisdom and authority, and both mentally and emotionally weak to prey upon the resentment of authority and anger at suppression to safeguard the child from exploitation and being capitalized by socialist institutions and cultural tendency to exploit the benefit of youth in order to accumulate unequally and based on seniority, class, approval seeking and merit dispensation, and other tribal activity meant to arrest and detain the child in an emotionally compromised and subordinate state of peonage to society and the authority installed by its racketeering of limited wealth.

    One could say, Socialism in the 21st Century carried on from Adolph Hitler and seized the 'machinery of production' in an intangible property post-nuclear-age, seeking to disenfranchise the natural beneficiaries of that creation and rights of franchise over those means of production, specifically "Children". Removing them from the father, the family as extended beneficiary entitled first consideration for the support and infrastructure that provide for the child in the first 18 to 30 years of life, and sought to hijack all production and suffrage (voting) rights which would arise from the production of human beings by substitution of this relationship - while sustaining the obligations of support and infrastructure costs, blame for wrongdoing, and projection of fault for hardships of life on the parent and in express bias more so on the father and male role models which contest the authority of the collective defamation and imposed 'inferiority complex' that being alone and without genetic or hereditary image which is less than 'idealized' - and as such would contest the selling of franchise in subordination to the collective used to lure and lead and ultimately deceive the child into a life of 'civil slavery' producing for the collective in priority and exclusive of their hereditary and personal intimate relationships.

    One need not look far in modern programming, mass appeals, and normalizing of abuse and absence of dignity without 'consideration of utility to the group' themed in content development; especially financed franchise programming like CW or CNN or MSN - hate speech themed 'news' in 2001-2020, so confusing 'opinion' and 'clams' constantly with 'alleged facts made on authority of the non-stop flow of emotional appeal to take up action against the resistance figures challenging the collective'.

    It is evident in styling women as having value only based on their image and sexuality, supporting interchangeable nature of relationships and devaluing intimacy which does not support serial polygamy, and casting commitment which is not 'in consideration of utility' as mental illness, disbarring any actual franchise not serving a 'workers' utopia where worth is equated to 'work-positive' productivity secondary to any personal fulfillment, personal gain, financial security, or actual legal equity; and substituting codependent language and false-equity for conditioned approval as value to obtain participation and labor despite evident and sustained self-harm to the worker, including their involuntary participation and peonage as an inferior class or rank of limited opportunities.

    It is ironic that so many of the elements of Marx, and violent taking and deceit promoted then by Lenin and Stalin, convey the early 1820 evaluation of "G.W.F. Hegel" upon which Marx based his entire work, and in 2020 rely on the same abusive criminal disenfranchisement of the right to presumption of compos mentis as a public title and suspension of civil honors themed treason, for resisting this manipulative and abusive relationship in present "Progressive" secular political activity, a religious abuse to disbar and disclaim the existence of any "God" other than collective democracy and public will. And through control and abuse of mass communications and media at a large scale, to seize the identity of such 'public will' as to compel and defraud the population to believe it is they who are 'broken' and 'wrong' for dissenting with the narrative media speeches and oratory bombarding their daily life.

    While veterans of World War II recognize this criminal conduct immediately, the agency of the United States under Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Clinton, and Obama have actually encouraged it - leading to a situation similar to Germany in the 1930s, where even arguing the letter of the law or national bylaws draw anger and allegations of mental defect, inferiority, and threat of suppression similar to prior SS tactics and Stazi abuse preceding World War II. While acts of excessive violence, burning of businesses and buildings, and attacks on police and civilians by socialist law enforcement are refused basic and fundamental protections set-forth in law, often citing artificial boundaries of State versus Federal power, which resemble in no small way the fiefs and land grants of the prior 18th and 19th Century in every way - including the resultant abuses and tyranny without rule of law.

    To which "progressive" secular elements decry as fantasy prior to and even during the "Floyd Riots" now ongoing in Washington D.C., Minneapolis Minnessota, and other states in the Federal Union of the United States, even as they incite the violence by wrongly directing the justified anger and outrage at racism instead of class division introduced by criminal sale of office and the court under Democratic Party appeasement and corruption.

  9. So How does Beyond War differ from The Mandalorian?

    Ever since Akira 'Leiji' Matsumo released 'Galaxy Express' and 'Space Pirate', the industrial exploitation of human beings has been portrayed by 'machine men'. In the Leiji-verse, the machine men occupy Earth and demilitarize it, like the United States did to Japan after World War Two. Then begin harvesting natural human beings while co-opt some skilled persons as collaborators with the new 'security forces', a puppet government serving foreign empires. One ship and one captain rise up to carry on resistance simply by surviving, abandoning Earth and its people because they chose to be conquered, and surviving through piracy of shipments of wealth between the stars.

    Similarly the Mandalorian occurs after Return of the Jedi, prior to the rise of The First Order and destruction of the core worlds, with the fall of Mandalor to Imperial occupation.

    Like the Leiji-verse, the Mandalorians begin assimilating refugees into their warrior culture to replace losses, and under a military code sustained with religious rituals called 'The Creed', or "The Way".

    However, Disney's Madalorian is assimilated by Communist China's cultural broadcasting narrative, showing the death of the parents of 'Mando' (the main character), and his subsequent 'rescue' by the Mandalorian troops. The "machine men" (Trade Union Battle Droids and Imperial War Droids) mercilessly killing civilians without any clear military purpose, is vaguely described as 'attacks on the recruits', human resources not yet full Mandalorian Soldiers, in an effort to cut off available manpower to the Mandalorian Army.

    Where "Mando's" parents could not protect him, the collective of Mandalorian Soldiers did, and become his "parent" for the purpose of the series, just like the "state" role in China. Like China, the Mandalorians in Disney are without individual identity - forbidden from removing their helmet before any living thing either voluntarily or having allowed anyone else to have removed their helmet and revealed their real face.

    In this way, the Mandalorian portrays "Mando" as having similar needs, goals, and even work and personal problems, as any ordinary person - but these are absolved in the "progressive" (communist) "Creed" which emphasizes paying all earnings and valuables over to the collective that are not absolutely necessary, in a ritual that portrays this as a 'voluntary fantasy' rather than a highly organized tithing against which the social standing and class to 'earn' acceptance in the 'collective' is weighted and even contested to compel this 'ritualized sacrifice' in a statement of 'hate and affirmation of separation from the object-of-hate, the 'other' figure of Orwellian literature".

    Young audiences and those of an unsophisticated nature absorb these demonstrations of respect and approval of criminalism and violence as a lifestyle, whose proceeds and immoral acts support the collective - personified in the 'welfare of children' that the main character's core separation anxiety and childhood fears are entirely based.

    This effort to become a father-figure of the Mandalorian cadre who "rescued" the child from his (dead, weak) parents, who were portrayed as innocent victims against which vengeful rebellion and 'revolution' is obligated revenge; is carried throughout Season 1 of The Mandalorian.

    First in Madno's befriending of a suicidal assassin droid, IG-11, whose logic dictates he kill himself if he cannot win any battle alone. Using this to demonstrate that, while "Mando" hates droids and does not trust them since his parents were killed, he will cooperate with the hated enemy to accomplish his mission and bring back wealth to the collective, proving his 'utility' and to earn greater rank and privileges, including new weapons and the ability to fly with his own jet pack.

    Second, this is reinforced when he coldly betrays IG-11 without hesitation to prevent the killing of a helpless baby, which Mando immediately relates to as if it were himself in the prior killing of his parents.

    Thirdly, Mando shows his incompetence in failing to protect his own ship from Jawas, failing to recover his ship after killing several in a terrible and unprovoked way; after which he must reach out to another former slave for help - who instructs him after three-hundred years of slavery that he 'bought his freedom' from the Empire through the work of his own hands and productivity to his masters. This 'fantasy of paid freedom' for those who are good workers is a communist Chinese narrative of a promise of 'elevation of status through diligent work' which supports a (false) promise of eventual reward and rest not respective to immediate and future 'utility' of the slave, a more factual outcome of all forms of human exploitation and slavery.

    Fourthly, Mando is forced to negotiate for the return of his ship by working with the very Jawa collective that stripped his ship. The comment "Jawas take, they do not destroy" to imply all the pieces they quickly stripped off Mando's ship were taken apart without causing any damage to the actual ship, like legos. As huge a fantasy as this is, it facilitates a 'utility' role (a quest) that Mando can perform to "earn his ship back", and the objective of which is an 'egg' (baby, of yet another living thing) which he must take for the Jawas.

    Now, this 'egg' is not explained, nor does Mando ask why the Jawa want the egg. Nor why they would trade an Interstellar starship for an "egg". After the battle, all the Jawa want is to chop the egg open and eat it raw, like a bottle of champagne, sharing it among themselves (the survivors of Mando's attack, at least).

    The fight isn't easy, but after Mando gets beaten up by a large subsurface water buffalo, he tries to protect himself with a tiny knife like a juvenile, and is saved by the baby using the force to float the monster in the air - a feat that only lasts a moment after which the baby passes out, apparently over-exerting itself.

    How Mando kills the monster after that, and gets the egg, is omitted. It implies he kills mom, just like his mom, with very advanced technology (just like his mom), and nothing more is said of this - other than the grim aspect that Mando is repeating and justifing the very 'utilitarian taking' of babies, just as he was taken, to obtain something for the collective (Jawa, and Mandalorians).

    This sort of "normalizing behavior of parenticide" is part of the "Circle of Life" myth that supports the idea of superior classes (and collectives) taking from inferior classes (tribes) without consideration of the vast difference in technology employed in the taking (the means), and justified only in the gains (by the humanized victors), which are themed 'shared gains' among the collective to set aside moral and individual judgement.

    The same "Circle of Life" is present in other Disney films, like "The Lion King", in which "Scar" - a family member, kills "Mufasa" - a direct parent and true king, to take power that is then enjoyed and retained until the child comes of age to repeat the process in his killing of "Scar", his uncle and family, and to do so as a requirement to rejoin the collective - then themed as his new and true family who deserve his act of fratricide in order to survive. This is the classic Communist Core lesson of the "Cultural Revolution" of Communist China, in a nutshell.

    In "The Mandalorian" this is repeated in the appearance of bandits with an AT-ST walker (a tank, with legs). When Mando says "cut off the head, the body dies" referring to the AT-ST and a trap to lure the superior military force into a peasant village rice patty and kill the leaders in the vehicle. Despite knowing nothing about the culture of the other war party, the villagers put up a tremendous fight with great loss of life to lure the vehicle into the trap, where Mando and his female counterpart expose themselves to enemy fire and rely on the peasants to protect them while they hide from the enemy, allowing them to get close enough to eliminate the 'king'. After which the enemy are overcome effortlessly and cease to be a threat in any way in the future. This "kill the king" theme is direct communist Chinese propaganda, implying all conflict is the product of a despotic foreign leader, not a true will of the people who serve the king.

    In this way, the stormtroopers are shown as cruel, stupid, and frequently with their helmets off, a mix of ex-Imperial mercenaries who function as a coherent group only because they fear being killed by their leaders. Their own actions are only an extension of similar sociopath behavior by their leaders, and appear both pointless and stupid in contrast to the education, training, and genetic characteristics of the Stormtrooper template, portraying them as confused individuals who operate by force of sheer numbers and technology, but cannot hit a tin-can ten feet from their position with a blaster. Although they do pick off the old former-slave in a seemingly pointless chase to "run down the alien half-man on his little horse-lizard mount and murder him pointlessly before stealing the baby to hand over to their leader".

    The baby is, at this point six episodes in to seven, more like a football than a real child. The "vehicle" through which the plot revolves and moves along, much like the "Starship Enterprise" or "TARDIS" were in Star Trek (1959) and Doctor Who (1963).

    Again, if you are old enough to remember World War Two, and The Cold War (1947-1991), all of this is lost on young audiences (1991-2020 births). Even though Gene Roddenberry wrote extensively about how his experience as a B-17 gunner and military life influenced his decision to create the "vehicle" concept for serial television similar to his own experience in the management of a 'military ship' (bomber aircraft) and related navy culture which brought so many American troops into conflict with Japan and Germany.

    Lesser still is the public experience with the "Cultural Revolution" in China (1966-1976), and prior "Great Leap Forward" (1958-1962), the second of the Five Year Plans after the Chinese Civil War (1945-1950) and preceding Boxer Rebellion (1899-1901), and themes of exploitation phrased "The Century of Humiliation" (1839-1949). During such events, the Chinese suffered similar abuse like the United States does today, with illegal drugs being shipped in vast quantities into the country for profit from a neighboring country (India) and aided by the British East India Company, resulting in addiction and deprivation of the culture and national character contrary laws prohibiting this among civilized nations. This brushes over the deaths of over 9.5 million people, who were killed to achieve the present Chinese Communist Party (CCP) control over mainland China and destruction of the "Republic of China" which was forced off the continent and is now known as Tiawan. Since 2000, the "Progressive Party" has attained control over the legislature of Tiawan after an attempted assassination of the opposition leadership in 2004, while Tiawan remains recognized as a separate country by the United States, it is the policy of Mainland "People's Republic of China" that Tiawan is part of Mainland China, like Hong Kong, and subject to the authority of the collective political body.

    This activity to carry on genocide, starvation of population centers, and mass murder including the father of one of the Beyond War associates, and do so in complicity and denial of the means of socialist exploitation of human beings - including false reporting known as The Stakanonovite Movement; carries on the fictional mythology of the "Cultural Revolution" and "Unity" branding of totalitarian socialist one-party systems popularized by Communist Russian influence and Marxist dogma derived from the G.W.F. Hegel 1820 "Elements of the Philosophy of Right" doctrine which Hitler and others based their own extermination and nationalist movements upon.

    While language conflicts between English and Standardized Chinese written language exist, we see some odd root word usage also in the appeal of the Disney character created in 1976. Mandarine, which in English refers to orange fruit, also refers to "Bureaucratic language", is also called Guanhau (lit. "Official Language") or the Romanized Kaun Hau (lit. "Official Language") is actually "Northern Chinese". It exists in dialects divided into Northern and Southern, and is also in dialect of common usage around Bejing as a subset known as "Modern Chinse", or Guoyu. (Lit. "National Language") or 'putonghua' ("common language").

    Reception of "Mandalorian" as a brand, therefore, resonates with the Communist Chinese Party (CCP), despite having the opposite meaning from its origin as a langauge name of the beauracratic administration of the prior Chinese Dynasties under Imperial Chinese rule; and sounds like a Romanized version of a cultural element similar to hearing the "Society of Friends" (Quakers) calling anyone not of their own group "The English" quietly, showing either alien ('the other') or identification ('acknowledgement of one as part of the self, self-image, and body politic') in a community or collective.

    Thus the ability to integrate (assimilate) the Star Wars character as a new but very famliar retelling of the Chinese Communist Party narrative of values and morale 'mental health' then so attributed in Hegelian Dialectic style is made, much as Hitler imposed some false symetry with the American members of the United States and United Kingdom for his mistaken interpretation of genocide based on 'eugenic science' as a moral highground - citing (ironically) the extermination of Native Americans by the United States Westward Expansion and propaganda practices, elimination of food supplies to create subsistence upon the European culture, and in the prior exploitaton and subjugation of the people of China and India by the British.

    When fiction from multiple cultures cross, this assimilation and 'homogenized' (white washed, to quote Mark Twain) adaptation of prior characters and legends to create a marketable product that satisfies censorship in the large market occurs.

    "The Walt Disney Company" has masterfully done this, recasting "The Mandalorian" and "Mandor", an adopted child who looks absolutely Caucasian under his helmet despite having parents whose racial color and facial features were very similar to India or Pakistan.

    This is not a crime to be laid at the feet of Pedro Pascal, whose performance was highly professional and exceptional for any series. Rather, this is a classic United States Screen Actors Guild (SAG) symptom, which pays subsidies for mandatory inclusion of diverse casting to the extent that it is obnoxious and stereotypical social virtue signalling, degrading the real character and value of people of all races and colors in further divisiveness.

    Miscasting Caucasians in the place of highly stylized (unrealistically rendered and colored) animated and comic book characters who are actually Asian, Native American, African, European, or South American, is a serious and ongoing issue in limited availability of A-list actors and top talent in Hollywood, despite their claims of inclusion and regulations to create a false optic of diversity and abusive portrayal of men as imbecillic characters so less competent female actors can feel empowered and overshadow these weak supporting characters.

    Real inclusion and strong character writing, like Casa Blanca, where we love and relate to every character and their very real relationship that sees beyond race and social class in the Post-War era of refugee status and human trafficking under the Nazi socialist era, is sorely absent in western films - replaced with artificial and weak characters whose Uncle Tom performances only deepen social and racial division as they seek to appeal to the same stereotypes promoted by progressive "class" and "race" collective ideal "equalization" arguments, creating subsidizes which are deeply racist and discriminatory, themed "progressive" policies in taxes, education, and rationing of admission to lucrative and authoritative trades then distributed by their political ideology to influence industry and accumulate political power.

    This practice of "false elevation in society and lifestyle rewards promised for effective slavery and specialization" which creates debt-bondage and unrealistic dependence upon state and union protections to maintain self-sufficiency, a violation of the Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-1A "RIGHT TO WORK" enumerated National Constitutional Right of United States Citizens; is deeply offensive. The rights of any person in the Federal Union to the protection of enumerated rights of any single member state Constitution, once enumerated, are authorized under penalty of felony criminal conviction for their impairment by The Constitution of the United States, Article IV section 2.

    This "guarantee of a RIGHT TO WORK regardless of 'shaming' and 'resistance to majority policy' a protected right which may not be themed a mental or emotional defect to compel or coerce alteration of views, work, or authority in the franchise of civil honors and rights including suffrage rights in all commissions and matters of franchise under the authority and within the borders of the United States", is a huge obstacle to the conventional intimidation, abuse, and subordination to install a form of peonage under color of law or local custom and by abuse of mass communication technology against any individual, regardless of the disparity of disagreement."

    In short, the right of One to speak, act, and conduct their business and life without interference in a REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT may not be compelled any infringement or surrender on the basis of the suffrage or objection of any other member, nor by act or policy the rights of the One impaired or suspended by acts of the Legislature or any agency of the franchise of the United States, as legal person, nor any organized incorporated STATE commissioned in the ratification of the Constitution of the many States.

    This means that, while a person disagrees, or dissents, they are protected from attacks to allege their basis for such disagreement is "non-compos mentis" (mental incapacity), whether by function of reason or moral or ethical difference from the rest of the members of the community; not a medical ruling duly made and made upon the due process afforded a criminal conviction - including right to cross examine and make objection to the record against any such claim or record (Kelly v Kelly, 2007 case P100, Oklahoma Supreme Court).

    This is affirmed in 586 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-1091, citing the limitations of these powers of the member States and all Courts and UNITED STATES and its agencies and courts and other officers to not violate these enumerated rights, such as XXIII-1A, II-6, and other elements of the Oklahoma Bill of Rights adopted in 1907 in full by the Legislature of the United States "as is".

    Progressive party members in the United States have sought and to a degree prior case 17-1091 to allege fraudulently and with effect in 42 U.S.C. section 666(a) and 666(b), to violate these 14th Amendment rules in 1996.

    This abuse was later denied relief in Federal Court, in "MARK BITARA et al v. STATE OF TEXAS" and "MARK BITARA et al v. UNITED STATES", on the grounds of State Sovereign Immunity to ignore the Federal Law and Constitutional Rights of other member States to kidnap a child. This was ruled a void and illegal act not permitted a failure to make trial on such claim of State immunity, prior cited in 28 USC 1738A(e) and taking in excess of 15 U.S.C. section 1673, so described then as illegal taking in 15 U.S.C. 1692d, a duty of the State to enforce in 15 U.S.C. 1692n, and ruled illegal and UNCONSTITUTIONAL in 588 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-647, disbarring State Sovereignty as a defense; similar to 21 O.S. 21-748.2 rule to permit civil suit without indictment or conviction prior, previously used to refute all claims in kidnapping of 200,000 children per year under Progressive rule from 1991-2020, a form of nationalized subsidized illegal genocide (per the CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE, a United States Treaty in effect prior 42 U.S.C. section 666(a) and 666(b).

    Despite this, populist support for false debts as a "false promise of incentive" and "duty not met" in fraud to kidnap and conceal children remains strong in the United States, due to Progressive Party control over CNN and MSN broadcasting networks as applied a 24/7 news cycle of propaganda. This propaganda effort appears strongly backed by foreign state funds via shell corporations under false flag and false operation, similar to the "East India Company" - an unregistered foreign agent of the United Kingdom that devastated China and India in what was known as "The Century of Humiliation". It appears today that Japan, Mainland China, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Singapore are jointly acting to destabilize and harm the United States and destroy the American People in an open act of insurrection, sedition, and treason by their commercial agents and joint assistance provided by The Netherlands, Kingdom of Iceland, and South Korea - all of whom hold grudges against the former 'victor' which profited substantially by extricating Nazi scientists and technology after World War II, and by means of propaganda and electronic broadcasting widely took credit for the resolution of World War I, establishing its smaller allies of Caucasian and Western-European Austo-Hungarian alliance as 'winners' over the less developed countries of the world.

    This 'overt racism' disguised as nationalism and diplomatic conditioned communication to restrict and abuse, extort, and assume control over trade into China, Australia, and the briefly operational yet insolvent "European Union" after World War II, has ultimately asserted an effort to not only control the narrative - but to assert the power to alter or dissolve the Constitutional Law and Constitutional Rule of the United States, and to do so in a way to annihilate the American people therein the United States and affiliated with their charter; seeking to style the American Soldier as evil, mentally ill, and an immediate danger to the family and child in all avenues of life and culture.

    While Walt Disney and other American creators were quick to rise to fight national socialism, their brands and properties are now being systematically acquired and conditioned to service the Communist Chinese Party (CCP); with similar entertainment brands launched in Iceland (CCP GAMES) and financing to convert this property to Asia (PEARL ABYSS) in imitation of American exploits and properties (Star Trek, Doctor Who, Star Wars), and to utilize national funds to influence and acquire these brands in a conversion of the narrative to suit Chinese Communist Party goals, values, and false accounts of history in similar racial and ethnic cleansing activity to previous Hegelian Dialectic Imperialism (HDI). Styling all resistance and dissent as "emotional or mental illness" which does not agree with the "mythology" of substitution of the parent in authority, esteem, and greatest value accommodating indoctrination of young, newborn, and developing (physically immature) children.

    To old soldiers who actually saw the rise of slavery in the United States, normalization of ethnic slavery and ethnic discrimination in law and arguments styled as 'science' to support class division, and in the rise of national socialism to the pre and interim conflict of World War Two, it is a deeply disturbing and offensive development afforded any foothold solely because of the relatively short-duration of human beings who fought in the conflicts of 1937-1975 (Chinese Civil War to end of Vietnam Conflict).

    In the eyes of an experienced linguist, familiar with language and history from 10,000 B.C. (Before Christ) to 2020 A.D. (After Death) in the Roman Calendar, now altered to be more inclusive to non-Christian non-Roman Catholic countries and faiths in the use of "B.C.E." (Before Common Era) and "C.E." (Common Era) nomenclature, this is extremely disturbing.

    An observer who lives 100,000 years or more, observing this conflict and alteration of language and social interaction, immediately observes the velocity of the change from common to pre-war "Hegelian Right Speak" and "Right Think" versus "Wrong Think" patterns described accurately by George Orwell in his classic "1984" fiction, a satire of the internal point of view and social behaviors for an external audience unable to process the cause of the radical socialist rise to power in Europe and atrocities committed under eugenics as State policies and economic policies in the Holocaust.

  10. Is "The Mandalorian" such a work of fiction, as was Mein Kampf, in a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) narrative style?

    Unfortunately, yes.

    In this way, it differs dramatically despite the genuinely talented performance of all the actors, craftsmen, and talent behind the production; as it is written to suit the demands of the corporate product and end-use commercial application to sell units into the hardline Chinese Communist market and similar extremist collective theology themed "mental health" in India and Pakistan, impoverished Eastern Europe in post-Soviet era resentment of Russian Federal responsibility for that failure to perform as satellite territories of a multi-national compact 'political block' which lost the "Cold War"; and in the developing nations where Chinese colonialism is actually repeating the same exploitation of Africa and other nations for precious minerals and elements which mirror exactly the abuses of Colonial England over India and China. All the while reciting the mantra of choosing the lesser evil, in an effort to sustain the fictional narrative of their own self-image in interest as the vulnerable immature world power exploited and then saved by rescue from "the bad parent", who just happens to be their political and economic rival and competitor - not that such gains or victory over them to obtain control were any element or factor in that rapid expansion and "manifest destiny" to maintain their traditional culture while growing their population, land, territory, and importance at the International table despite geometric growth in limited boundaries and resources. The same Lebensraum and Lebensborn programs that Adolph Hitler pioneered, a fiction to entice a national population to adhere to a violent 'creed' that holds no regard for the welfare of any 'other' or individuals who oppose that collective sense of superiority and assertion of superior emotional, moral, and mental authority than a mere 'individual'.

    After all, God has not manifested in the flesh or shown himself to upset this egocentric self-image of the collective will, and as such the rule of law has become little more to these organized movements and secular beliefs assimilating multiple faiths and the atheist components who rely on science and claims of fact and science without critical thinking or objective reasoning or reservation which is essential to true intelligence.

    What "Beyond War" brings to this narrative is a "Close Encounter".

    To understand this, one must understand J. Allen Hynek's famous "Close Encounters" scale:

      In ufology, a close encounter is an event in which a person witnesses an unidentified flying object. This terminology and the system of classification behind it were first suggested in astronomer and UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek's 1972 book The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry. Categories beyond Hynek's original three have been added by others but have not gained universal acceptance, mainly because they lack the scientific rigor that Hynek aimed to bring to ufology.

    With respect, "Beyond War" is a "Close Encounter of the Eighth Kind", where a Human Being discovers they were in direct contact with an alien entity that not only demonstrated human communication, thought, and reason, but expressed and performed proof of extended capabilities not readily understood by conventional science, which had or has had the effect of achieving an End-Of-Life Event (ELE) over the species, planet, or solar system; suggesting such capability may be responsible for the nature of life on the planet in full; or has the capacity to repeat the prior events at will and without limitation of conventional industrial civilizations and conventional forms of power and energy known to man either at the planetary or stellar level, from within the biosphere of the observer and without substantial preparation.

    In less-scientific terms, it is when a "Human" (or humanoid-level intelligent species) makes first contact with an advanced-species, which violate their tribal mental framework regarding the codependence upon other living beings and members of their own species as an inalienable constant; demonstrating the insignificance of the value of resources, planetary and stellar value, and absolute resort of any context to peer approval or social structures in the organization and formation of consciousness.

    In even more simplistic terms, it is the shock to the mental framework of a humanoid individual when their reliance on codependent brain and emotion fail to correlate with the material facts of an alien or being (individual) who can snap their fingers and end all life as they know it, without any obligation or higher authority to answer to.

    This construct, which is only impressed upon ordinary human intelligence in tribal development and primitive cultures still in the nuclear, industrial, and computer periods - which are cognitively equivalent to the present 2020 A.D. period of Earth as 'formative' chronological ages 5-7, approximately pre-school in social and cognitive development. This does not reconcile with the modern human 'self-image' of being a 'mature adult species', nor with the duration of human history constituting about 12,000 years in Earth's orbital environment, versus over 40,000 years of Sanguine involvement on Earth.

    Anyone who has ever argued with a five-year-old or tried to answer questions about sex and where to babies come from with an adamant curious child that rejects their simplified first creation story or want to understand the rules that are being withheld from them - will immediately know how the Sangine feel when discovered or exposed.

    It is not a sense of being all powerful and in authority. Rather, it is an uncomfortable conversation with a pure innocent, whose very happiness and security depend upon not trying to get ahead of themselves before they are ready or feel disenfranchised because they can't grow up or pretend to be an adult, even though they do not know what that entails.

    Contrary the parent-child authority that the present-day human may associate with this, as it is their entire lifecycle framework, the Sanguine do not look at human beings as 'children' or 'their children', even if they instigated the creation of the entire planet and all life on it. For a being that is older than civilization and history, they see in the human being from the moment of conception and birth to the end of their life and beyond, their 'friend'. For in a world where soldiers can jump from star system to star system and between solarsystems with the same ease that we would place our foot on a stone in the path before us, the beauty and uniqueness of life in its ordinary day and in each singular moment is - to the Sanguine - rare beauty lost in the contrast of every memory of every moment and every place they have walked in the span of billions of years. It is therefore not their purpose to "portray God". Rather, it is their interest to ask a species who lives such a short and uncertain life beneath obligation and uncertainty, heartbreak, and war - who is God?

    For in this, like the Banzai Tree, is the Sanguine bound to the part of their nature that is not a war machine designed to sunder stars and tear apart space and time with its bare hands in mortal combat with the monsters and demons that dwell between the Galaxies of the Universe, the ancient and unsettled members of their own race and other things which eat entire solar systems and kill with a thought.

    Against such evil, the Sanguine meditate in the Garden that is life as we know it, and contemplate the destruction of the Universe at their hand or another. And we, like flowers, are the joy in each individual - in each animal - and in each child and ancient human life full and lived, the grains of paper upon which the One Tear shed in the Prayer of Blood, their holy book, then stains. For it is said that while all living beings know fear and wonder, love and grief, and even machines grieve and experience such loss, there is but One Tear among all eyes in the Universe, that was shed by the Sanguine King.

    And in each tear that falls so falls the same Tear of the King of Kings, the First bearer of Light, Father-of-All (All Father), The Owl's Talon, The Seraphim Primo, He Who Walks Through Walls, the One with Many Names, Guardian of The Star, the Sleeper, The Dragonson, The Thunderbird Serpent KuKulkan, Child of Xolotl, The WorldWalker, עִיר (The Watcher), The Many Who Are One, He - the Husband of the Night, the Advesary.

    That this tear was his in loss of love, so all who bear the tear are to be protected by the Blood, that its hand rise only in defense of this, in service to the King of Kings, and nothing less. Such a monsterous creation myth, alone, should shudder the pillars of Heaven and storm the gates of Hel (the dimension, not a place on Earth or beneath it) and accept no God or authority in sovereign claim before this compassion. That love has no possession or right save love itself - the adoration of the welfare of the One, against all odds and all claims lesser still such affection. To wipe her tears away, and never forget nor be obligated to forgive despite the franchise of mercy.

    What this means, in summary and with respect to "The Prayer of Blood", is that the suffering of all living things and all conscious life - whether man made or artificial, or otherwise exposed, is equal before the Sanguine King and of the same value as that of Sanguine Blood - the lives and dreams of the Sanguine in all their power and authority; and shall in the name of this Tear - be so protected. That such protection does not extend to the injury that is life or the loss of life in the course of its living, promoting a casual tradition of non-interference in less-developed species despite integration and settling among their people in plain sight. But in time of war or imminent threat that would disclaim the dignity of even One Tear, comes then the Sanguine both like thieves in the night and without form, among the ordinary people and wearing their appearance, or like the dragons of Old if the need arise, to rise to the Midnight side of Heaven and destroy threats that imperil the worlds upon which they dwell, sleep, and dream.

    They are the Vengeful Hand of God, for lack of better terms that Mankind know, sleeping among the grass that is our world. And it is the struggle of doing so, and speaking softly, slowly, and with respect to those who sleep in the arms of the Dragon, in reverence for His Sorrow, and His Prayer, they stand watch against the stars and those who would extinguish them.

    In contrast to The Walt Disney Company property "The Mandalorian" this literature and fiction is, therefore, night and day. What "Mando" represents is the 'inferior man', incomplete and insecure, codependent, and struggling with his choices in an effort to live without seeking power or authority, a slave to a system of beliefs that justify his inner trauma.

    The Sanguine are, as a species of individuals able to carry the prior knowledge with them everywhere through a quantum entangled network of seemingly limitless capacity and unexplored avenues and compartments, share this common knowledge and it is installed in each creature, weapon, and warship they create - and in each life they take that rise as Sanguine, inherent core knowledge as if there and as seen through the eyes of the King of Kings, recorded in the language of the HEART - an emotional and sympathetic nervous system interface that is indistinguishable from the body of the Sanguine as a human being might be in regard to their own bones. And from that infrastructure, in which the Prayer of Blood is recorded but never spoken, passed on only to those who are raised up and installed the Sanguine creed by their own volition, an act of consent not possible without living alongside ordinary beings - is the Prayer of Blood.

    In conventional culture, Christian religion would compare the bond to that of the rings worn by the Sanguine - to whom they give their intended before they choose and in which is a living link to the Sanguine who made it, a promise that should he or she fall, their power will pass to their beloved as the Prayer of Blood describes if they only wish it, and be one of The Blood, that it might wipe away the Tear that falls from her eye. That from that day no Tear shall fall from her eyes again, save those of blood.

    This sort of imagery, having been seen or experienced by those not themselves bound by the Prayer of Blood, has caused all manner of trauma and multi-generational 'misunderstandings', as well as a tradition among those civilizations who descend from having witnessed a Sanguine in Battle and (as occurs when those beings lower their countermeasures) whole planets dreamed The Dream that is the Prayer of Blood at once - and seen the battle through the eyes of a son or daughter of the King.

    To be still, and of No Mind, after such experience, that the world return to its ordinary and natural manner - can take centuries. The equivalent of a jogger running a marathon and then stopping to catch their breath.

    A dying Sanguine, likewise, shudders the minds of a galaxy when they die - greater still their age, and it is thought that the dream in which we dwell (the present, lacking a past) is the result of a Sanguine who died that shattered not only 98% of the life in the Universe, but left those who survived unable to remember their own names, history, or the cause of the war. This event was know as The Cataclysm. Ripples of this still shake worlds into and out of existence, and whole solar systems bob upon the surface of spacetime, still shaking from the event and weapons used during that war which remain in the Beyond War Universe.

    Like Star Wars, the canon of what awaits players and the fate of characters remain undisclosed. What is canon is what you have just read, and what you have read is what some believe, but none who speak truly can be certain that they know. So the Sanguine sit, meditating in the Garden that is the world of human beings, and ponder this. For like the Sanguine, even the Sanguine cannot know what sits beside them - watching, observing, and considering as they do themselves.

    Unlike the Mandalorian, at least they get some Sun once in awhile, and have better mustache discipline.

    The purpose of knowing this, is not to take away from "The Mandalorian", which is enjoyable science fiction, but to broaden the horizon of the reader who cannot imagine beyond the world of "The Mandalorian" any other fiction which does not share its very simplistic and Chinese values. To quote Frank Herbert, once you look into that place you cannot go, you will see the Sanguine - staring back at you. Will you face your Fear? "Fear is the Mind Killer. I will face my Fear." This is, in essence and extremis, what the Sanguine are to a Universe of 12 other species - all of which are playable in Beyond War, including the Sanguine.

    A project - as game engines go - that required 'certain achievements in personal computing and visualization' prior to its introduction to the human beings of this world. And such an idea as would be less for capital acceptance of a happy fiction than a work of literature and environmental persistent worldbuilding on par with the ambition of the 1980s and 1990s "Internet" project at DARPA. A project that "required certain engineering and technical skills" to accomplish which are "Trade Secrets" and "Patent-pending" elements in which competitive idealogical extremist parties and elements of corruption in our own society realize must be invalidated if their way of life is to persist. Because Beyond War calls for great examination of fundamental frameworks and ethics, presumptions, and history now styled as 'fact', which will result in their discovery as uncertain and smallminded beliefs exposing just how immature our own species and civilizations are.

    Unlike Progressive Secularism, which takes the imperfect man and seeks to 'evolve' him into an ideal selfless socialist extension of society; or to take 'the natural' whose talent is unlike all others and evolve him into something superior to ordinary authority because he has surpassed the limit others cannot see beyond (Bleach); or in a similar fashion to seek accommodation and mediation of conflict through such vast superiority as to style both belligerent parties as inherently good and only just when they set aside their positions and compromise to achieve collective work (Star Trek, The Matrix); Beyond War is a legend of virtue and love in Extremis - a la (BBC Doctor Who) - and the loneliness of an immortal being whose individual presence is greater than a single lifetime and inherent in the emotion of love and sorrow across space and time, unstoppable and impossible to dissuade - and prepared to die because it knows loss in a way that no ordinary being can, and would do everything in its power to prevent that loss - including excuse itself from time and space and all that is life, to protect who it loves. A being that does not seek to overcome individual diversity, but is a bridge between a network of fortresses to the value and the dignity of individual through which all those that receive the gift may walk to find themselves and share their hearts with others - separate in their own and connected in this Prayer.

    One does not "believe" or "disbelieve" in "The Prayer of Blood". One simply "Knows" the Prayer of Blood as if it is written on the inside of their own heart, and the hearts also of those deserving of its song. It is said there is a song in the Prayer of Blood, but none may sing it. None may speak it. One may only know it, in the becoming - for those that change without giving their heart this Word , go mad.

    Some say it is his name. Some say it was hers. Yet none can say it, or speak or make confession of this secret.

    In this way, the Sanguine are together, yet divided - and those who are forced into the power are never able to endure the eons gaze or sustain, instead becoming lesser beings or escaping into The Dark between Galaxies. Their fate? Possibly things that eat worlds. Or worse. It is not wise to stray from the light for long. Or to discount the value of a jewel and the tears upon the faces of its children.

    "Mando" doesn't have to worry about this. Nor most of the players in Beyond War who are more like humans today than the select few who play the Sanguine and similar species.

    As they say in Doctor Who, "Don't travel alone." And "How long have you been alone, Doctor?"

    This messages applies as well to newborn human being as it does to the Sanguine, but as we are it is still important to remember - some of us are merely passengers on balls of rock and dirt hurtling through the cosmos, while others are the hand that hold the wheel and guide the direction of entire solar systems as Mark Twain might steer his steamboat down the Mississippi. These are the Sanguine, and Beyond War is their story.

    In Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, humanity met many 'Gods', the Ancients, and leaches with great hair stylists, and even the ghosts of Gods, Valhalla, and more. In most cases, they killed them. To some degree, their exploits and their very names rivaled those of Thor and Freya, in the case of Jack O'Niell.

    In Farscape, astronaut John Criton followed the transplant of humans into a second race (Sebatious) and learned how to craft and manipulate space and time, while living like a fugitive and fighting a love triangle against himself (his clone) for the same woman.

    Beyond War did consider and work very hard to craft a property that both evaded and respected these great contributions to modern science fiction; like the efforts for Babylon 5 and Battlestar Galactica (first and reboot series). Contributory appreciation for work in the genre to screenwriters and prop developers for Buck Rogers, Blake's Seven, Red Dwarf, and other properties also matter. But in each case, a parallel to real-world events and satire of modern problems and modern issues were fundamental, long before overwhelming progressive secularism co-opted the 1950s Cold War science fiction and criticism of Soviet Era Communism and Chinese Communist Party extremism rapidly altered the landscape and content in 1991-2020. Extremist actions in 2001-2020 to overturn the United States System of Justice in a complex and Interstate fraud, further frustrated and delayed Beyond War, its technology, and necessary development because it represents an elemental idea of freedom in the face of such tyranny and "utilitarian socialism" - contrary the values of Chinese Communist Party and "Japanese Socialism", which went into overdrive in 2001 in context to and just prior the start of the September 11th 2001 War on Terror, beginning August 11th 2001 with the kidnapping and concealment of a minor child in the State of Texas.

    No parent should have to search their heart for the meaning of "The Prayer of Blood" or the "One Tear", who have not lost a child to war, injustice, murder, or human trafficking which society did not value as those who loved them do.

    So far, "The Mandalorian" comes closest to that actual ideal, even if its trappings are intensely Communist and Socialist, cast in the same metal as Radical Socialist Narratives and character roles, a cheap and two dimensional fiction of committee socialism now evident in many Japanese animated productions and Asian standards of broadcast and definitions of populist "mental health" slogans to promote human slavery, industrial human trafficking, and put a "happy face" on the same "machine men" of Akira 'Leiji' Matsumoto era accommodation and anti-occupation "Captain Harlock" properties and movies.

    With no small portion, the Prayer of Blood is the core of every Sanguine, and its creed similar in fashion though distinct in direction to the phrase uttered by 'Leiji', of his favorite hero, whose very flag means he would fight for what he believed in "Until only his bones remain."

    Beyond War, therefore, like an old house - "Has good bones" in the Sanguine, and they remain unlike any other fiction in the market, a monster that cannot survive and a fish too big to catch (Jaws, horror humor), in the present "Unreal" and "Unity" game engines scale and capabilities, from which specialized technology similar to the visualization software and hardware advancement driving the late relaunch of Star Wars many years after 1976 debut and original Trilogy, subsequent Prequels, and recent three-part conclusion.

    The story of Mandalore, explored extensively in the animated "Clone Wars" series, has a life of its own and carries water, even in seven (7) short episodes. However, it is not Beyond War, now should it want to be.

    Beyond War remains a vast 'space opera' project, with a 'very granular interactive end-user experience' plan, which prompted 232,000 attempted break-ins to the network hosting it's development in May 20 to May 28 2020.

    No matter how much corporations like Tencent Holding Co Ltd and their Epic MegaGames and Riot Games brands, nor their subsidiary equity in Paradox Interactive (owner of White Wolf Games and CCP Games up until sale in 2018 for $423 million USD to South Korean game studio Pearl Abyss, makers of Black Desert Online), or any other radical "Progressive Socialist" company in Ukraine or Germany may threaten to have "stolen" Beyond War and "already made this game" (2013) to intimidate our investors and contributors - trading on the kidnapping and torture of a minor child even in 323 pages of threats and threats of rape and murder in 2020 May 20th; the project retains its rights and first use of "Stryx" in 1992 prior the formation of companies like NTT AMERICA and their parent NTT Group (a 25% NATION OF JAPAN corporation, who delivered the declaration of war against the United States prior the attack on Pearl Harbor, but did so in JAPANESE contrary ordinary communication as to cause the death of 2000 United States servicemend), we continue with our development of this "American War Story" and superiority warfighter, similar in the regard to the legendary exploits of Captain Harlock and his contribution to projects later like "Mospeda (Robotech, in U.S. Release)".

    The developer is a former FASA Inc. contributor for "Battletech", promoter and writer for FASA "SHADOWRUN", and event promoter for artists like the illustrators of those products, including Larry Elmore of TSR Inc. and Dragonlance fame. Unlike WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING, which hired employees of FASA to duplicate their 'copyright protected game system' by simply "changing the size of the dice" to allege innovation in clear plagiarism and adaptation of MGM Studio film products "Near Dark" movie cited by artist Tim Bradstreet, illustrator for White Wolf Publishing and at that time a contractor 'not paid as agreed for his work' or impressions of material prior being cut-off from future revenue in a pattern of unlawful dealings and false claims culminating with the 2002 founding of EVE ONLINE by CCP GAMES of ICELAND, then acquired by WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING in merger and later sold by their owner PARADOX INTERACTIVE, it doesn't take a very long investigation to trace the equity and spoliation of claims by China, Japan, and of FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES participation in the 2013-2020 extortion directly in letters, selling falsely the "STRYX" mark for wrongful use to GAMES WORKSHOP as a false title already belonging to U.S. developers, to see the fraud is evident in claims by the United Kingdom, China, Japan, and their subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Iceland. Paired with attacks of a significant scale from Germany, Italy, Singapore, and Australia coinciding with NTT GROUP and national socialist elements at Deutch Telekom, and in association with front companies to funnel money from national investment funds into shell and NGO firms in State of California to support this fraud, the use of such resources in pattern abuse and to create and install sale of properties to South Korea after attacks on our network from that nation systematically linked to the prior parties, we are well within our rights to assert national socialism still aligned with abuse and propaganda activities of the AXIS POWERS and their derived supporters in Progressive Socialism and such claims falsely themed "Democracy Movement" in context to DPRK / CCP activities - constitute a globalist threat against Beyond War and its employees, developers, and partners. 232,000 attempts in 7 days after an attempted office breach and confessed threat to rob and extort the firm in support of silencing this information, further in writing via TWITCH.TV logging of those contacts and images of the communication expressly taking credit for the attack, affirm a need for self defense and private security which the United States and State of Oklahoma have failed to afford - in a style of contest similar to Edison versus Tesla.

    Were therefore reluctantly share any information regarding "Beyond War", due to this hostility and failure to regard the first use, prior use, public publication with claims enumerated, and flagrant industrial espionage and impersonation of both Beyond War claims and designs as well as of persons to damage the investment in this project exceeding $100 million USD themed fraud by Iceland, and subsequent $423 million USD sale, in context to and during ongoing criminal threats themed a $28.3 billion USD embezzlement fraud against the United States per year - and such embezzlement paired with $100 billion HR 6666 bill, and a $3.5 Trillion bill constituting $500 billion of benefits owed and obligated not paid 05/15/2020, and theft of 130,000 payments of $1200 USD in 04/15/2020 also performed with criminal intent related this fraud; do we come now with 'information' suitable for an 'indictment', and in context to similar murder and fraud and acts of promotion of civil unrest which have destroyed 170 businesses, burned over 50 businesses, and instigated riots in several States and the District of Columbia this May 28-30 2020, to give 'information' on ongoing (15 month) violence preceding this abuse and in 2001-2020 extortion against the United States.

    The Walt Disney Company, having nothing to do with this violence beyond use their property without consent or permission in similar fraud to promote BDSM and child solicitation under cover of a false and unregistered charity, themed to our knowledge in State of Oklahoma as "JediOKC" and similar "Progressive Socialist" activity styled and self-identified as ANTIFA groups seeking to instigate such conflict from 2007-2020, does not in Walt Disney appear to have conflict or intent to harm Beyond War by their publication of "The Mandalorian", and draw upon the same 1907-1975 military content which inspired Beyond War and Star Wars battle scenes, heroism, and moments of literary clarity and beauty as are common in emotional works of art and complex technical theater designs with common technology in special effects and visualization.

    Unlike GAMES WORKSHOP, which drew and illicitly used 3rd party properties including "ABC Robots", "Judge Dredd" comics, and "Tomy Toy" "Zoids", to promote "ROGUE TRADER" and later also elements from the Tolkien Estate to duplicate for-profit the fantasy world of "The Lord of the Rings" into a space-war game styled after Star Wars and Roman Catholic iconography (a public property, but common law public domain or signet of global religious significance) aiding in their market access and market acceptance at the time; all Walt Disney has done is adapt the development of their original work to a made-for-television content and compliant product guidelines for distribution in the People's Republic of China (PRC) with the format of "The Mandelorian".

    Although FASA Inc. did, against all advice and as a separate company from the developers and sponsors, distributors, and manufacturers of Beyond War, utilize elements of the artwork and design of the Nation of Japan "Mospeda" animated series, themed the "forgotten mechs" in customer references now; and FASA did also incorporate the fiction without purpose, exposing themselves and Battletech to serious lawsuits and loss of credibility as a publisher of wargmes; after such bankruptcy filing no obligation remains and such properties as HMSTRYX has worked with or contributed to at PIRANNA GAMES in Canada known as Mechwarrior Online, in franchise granted lawfully do not contradict or cross-over with any content in Beyond War or its technology and design not already a well know and common law component of avionic and air-to-air signal warfare technology visible in HUD and damage display, fire solution, and other technology found in MECHWARRIOR ONLINE. HMSTRYX is also a Planetside and Planetside 2 Founder, having no legal obligation either to claims against DAYBREAK GAMES or SONY ENTERTAINMENT in their end-use of content that would likewise pose a conflict of interest with BEYOND WAR in its present scope, image, design, artwork, and technology base - and use of a completely different engine and avionic flight system with artificial intelligence in control surface and physics-based management using similar signal warfare "common knowledge" combined with "intellectual property proprietary to Beyond War" which is unique to the capabilities of that software platform, network application stack, and components not owned or licensed to DAYBREAK GAMES.

    All fiction, characters, story elements, and names used for Beyond War are copyright © Beyond War, and as components of the game engine and mechanical system of math and metric data relationships and information proprietary to that system, so protected under "The Berne Convention" (an International Treaty) and by common law in first use, prohibiting any derived work or adaptation or duplication or other form of distribution without written consent endorsed by the chief executive officer of the firm now granted that license (RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED). Efforts to forge this endorsement which is digital and PKI reliant, or impersonate the firm or its officers in any form are felonies in the United States and void any pretext of sale or license to the prior work, information, or characters and content related to Beyond War, a registered mark preceding use by any other firm and in use prior to corporate adaptation by ASUS COMPUTERS and other companies in imitation of the mark and its existing global use in commerce and trade.

    H.M. Stryx, the mark, and related "STRYX" are also protected marks, an abbreviation for Herr Magnus Stryx; a hybrid German-Latin predicate literally translated which means "Mister Big Owl". Also used as "Herr Magus Stryx", literally "Mister Sorcerer Owl".

    The prior are short (informal) names for the developer formerly known among C64 and Ti994 groups as "AcesN8s", an 8-character name for "The Dead Man's Hand" (the cards held by James Butler Hickok (Wild Bill) when he was gunned down in 1837. The name of the developer is also a namesake of the Humanist Write and poet "James Allen" and his book "As Man Thinketh" published in 1903. The author performed (hosted) GAMES WORKSHOP demonstrations of WARHAMMER 40,000 as an independent game developer, company owner, and on behalf of T.J. Langley's "Web Comic and Games" as well as "The Game Shop" of Norman Oklahoma in the early 1990s as "Stryx", a nickname obtained in high school in Ada, Oklahoma - and was responsible for playing "The Prince" role (similar to a recurring role like Hamlet) in performances of WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING product testing for "Mind's Eye Theater". Persons making false claims that "STRYX" or any similar name (STRIX) is a product of WHITE WOLF are committing a fraud, and have with malice to support child abuse and child abduction carried this claim into digital publication in false effort to assert some first-use or license to the root-word "OWL" and unrelated "STIRGES" (owl-like vultures) in a disjointed reading of one story from the Greek histories recounting creatures in Hades. STRIRGES are a legal property of TSR INC., included in the MONSTER MANUEL publication long prior to WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING claims, and not in any way related to "STRIX". The modern equivalent of the word as used by the GREEKS is "Witch", and WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING has repeatedly and criminally used this "religious word" themed a slur like "Nigger" or "Spic" against wise female persons styled as "evil sorcerers" to incite their murder, along with inciting white supremacy and white power characters as playable characters for their game while under ownership of PARADOX ENTERTAINMENT of Sweden, a TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD (5%) company.

    The word "Brujah" in Spanish - initially misspelled in phonetic key by WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING 1st Edition of their "VAMPIRE" product, also means "Witch" - and similar "cultural adaptation" to alter its meaning by the ICELAND and GEORGIA offices of WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING now properties of SWEDISH based PARADOX INTERACTIVE, persist in the use of such names from other cultures including Ventrue and Toreador, and wholesale racially derogatory interpretation of Celtic and Irish and Scottish culture to represent sub-human 'Werewolves', as well as to create a series of fiction works based on "public domain" properties like "Vlad Tepes" (Dracula), Jimi Hindrix, and books and publications like "ZEN AND THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE" which are listed in their books and literature as a "bibliography", disbarring all copyright to original notions, mechanisms, and ideas therein. Likewise, the D10 game system presented, combining a "BASE ATTRIBUTE" with a "SKILL LEVEL" in the number of die thrown to determine performance, is a direct adaptation of FASA CORPORATION INC. "SHADOWRUN" due to their hiring of a FASA employee and plagiarism to overcome accepted "game mechanic system copyright standards, covering games by mechanical and mathematical formulas" for which a change in the "constant range" by physical die number of facings is "insignificant" and overtly not dissimilar from the prior COPYRIGHT PROTECTED WORK.

    Likewise, is the game "SHADOWRUN" similar to TSR Inc. "Dungeons and Dragons" in style and format, although set in 2020 and later, whereby traditional "fighter / healer / archer" characters have interchangeable similar types and mechanics, to a much greater degree in game engine design, and such similarities abandoned by GARY GYGAX and TSR Inc. with respect to avoidance of a monopoly or the appearance of such illegal trust in citation of their liberal use of mythology and artwork, literature, and works of fiction. "CYBERPUNK", owned by Talsorian Gmes, is a separate and prior product, styled in the same field but distinct in character and limited to human-only species, which is scheduled for re-release on console products in 2020. Surprisingly, CYBERPUNK and SHADOWRUN differ extensively and in a volume of work over a large body of books, as to stand apart distinctly and rely on completely different systems, and have equivalency in the "Generic Universal Roleplaying Game" (GURPS) and peer games by STEVE JACKSON GAMES of Texas, such as CAR WARS, and PALADIUM GAMES licensed adaptation of MOSPEDA sold as "ROBOTECH, the Roleplaying Game". STEVE JACKSON GAMES also produced "PARANOIA", which has since been updated and converted to software, and also "Killer", the paperback game of player versus player assassination for use in college and sophmore settings prior increased police presence resulting in the death of several players prior retirement of the book.

    H.M. STRYX is a very experienced expert in literature and publications in this 1979-2020 area of game design and development, having worked events at the State and National level in 1991-2020 for these products. Any confusion regarding his appearance or leadership at events as an EMPLOYEE of either WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING or GAMES WORKSHOP is wrongful attribution of his property and name in use as a publisher and registered trademark, and not to be construed as a character or content owned or licensed by either company, nor granted to them for use in any fashion or regard.

    H.M. STRYX did also assist in the early development of online games for dial-up services including CLUB CARIBE (America Online prior its 50,000th member sign-up), a game similar to the Walt Disney Company property "Club Penguin Island". H.M. STRYX had no part in Club Penguin, either as a legitimate product or illegitimate use now terminated by the Walt Disney Company. H.M. STTRYX has long advocated for proper parental controls and age-appropriate rules in all online games and interaction products, and advised against this abuse in risk assessment to JUSTIN.TV (now TWITCH.TV) prior to its sale to AMAZON INC.

    H.M. STRYX cites that, while all writers and artists are free to use 'public domain' content such as historic or culturally identifiable elements, like the "THUNDERBIRD" illustration in "THUNDERCON" (1992) used to promote science fiction, literature, and tolerance of other cultures; it is not appropriate when a developer who has enjoined such public domain product asserts a copyright claim over the name or likeness of a living person or exclusive right to use or to defame or injure the reputation of a dead person, other than world leaders commonly held to have been responsible for major war crimes and atrocities by chain of command and policy of record, like Adolph Hitler. It is therefore inappropriate to use the term "STRYX" or create a likeness or character or other "alien" to defame the reputation, character, or initial right to first use in fanciful trademark (see: COPYRIGHTS, PATENTS & TRADEMARKS WORLDWIDE", Hoyt L. Barber, ISBN 0-8306-0233-X) to injure, impair, or sustain a fraud or other hoax or dilute the brand, rights, and copyright of such person to their own original works, like those featured in BEYOND WAR and the 13th Species (known also as "THE STRYX"). Efforts to do so in context to child abduction, concealment, and human trafficking, directly expose evidence of criminal practices by any publisher or author or editor who permits the circulation of such books after receiving notice of the living person against whom they injure and to the degree of injury themed a felony and a war crime.

    The writing of such firms, and their access to worldwide and electronic distribution, do not make the abuse of any person - especially a former vendor or performer or promoter in good faith and an independent agent with expert credentials and genuine contractor and free-agent rights so described under Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-1A rule, a legal publication of such agency, franchise, or commissioned business or trust of any government at-law. Such state that sustains such claims may lose some or all of its rights to claims tendered under THE BERNE CONVENTION or under theory of common law, and is not immune to such restitution forfeit by operation of law automatically per Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-8 and XXIII-9.

    SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED therefore disclaim these companies products, and those of any firm in part equity of TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD or its related patent and trademark company in SHENZEN, CHINA; and against any corporation or agency or person of NATION OF JAPAN, an equity owner of 25% of NTT GROUP, which aided in this child abduction and concealment from 2001-2020, for the stated purpose of forfeiture of "BEYOND WAR" not lawful and an unlimited security or bond not lawful under 42 U.S.C. section 1994 and 18 U.S.C. section 1589, relating section 241 and 242 and also 1201 rule, and contrary 28 U.S.C. section 1738A(e). These rights the reserved rights in law of the firm in State of Oklahoma, per 76 O.S. 76-8 and 76-9, and in injury themed 76 O.S. 76-6 and 76 O.S. 76-3, for which a global jurisdiction of all markets is affirmed in 76 O.S. 76-4 rule; and right of remedy without settlement an operation of law duly made the 1907 registration of the rule by the UNITED STATES so enjoined all countries in THE BERNE CONVENTION to common law claims and prior rights not disclaimed a power or authority solely of the UNITED STATES to waive or not pursue, established in Article II section II-6 in perpetuity for Constitution of the State of Oklahoma; and such rights existing prior and sustained per Article II "inherent rights" so described also in statutory law 76 O.S. 76-1 rule.

    Therefore, if you do not wish to lose standing as a NATION STATE, abandonment of any claim against SANGUINE, BEYOND WAR, and STRYX is advised sole course of action and duty at-law.

    Any court or jurisdiction failing this would abandon all intangible property under their claims to resist, and be without defense or claim per 21 O.S. 21-748.1, even in false claim of consent obtained from 2001-2020 or fraudulent partnership since cited fraud per 5 U.S.C. section 706 formal answer in civil legal process not admitted objection or any contest so ruled in 18 U.S.C. 3161 abandonment of case by STATE OF OKLAHOMA and PONTOTOC COUNTY January 22 2020.

    The prior is no threat or claim to staunch the continued creation or publication by those parties of other property not claimed by BEYOND WAR or its developer, or owned by other companies such as ABC Robots, Judge Dredd, or similar injured properties used in the fraud cited above; and intended to settle false claims themed a "Terrorist Hoax" still active and ongoing in the STATE OF OKLAHOMA and UNITED STATES jurisdiction to block and obstruct the delivery and limited offer of BEYOND WAR to 'select audiences' exclusive of those regions who sustained the 2001-2020 child abuse and child injury.

    RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED was founded in 2009 on the day of the missing child's birth, to affirm in the event of the death of H.M. Stryx, the legal guardian at-law and parent named and ORDERED FULL POSSESSION of the child then refused by STATE OF TEXAS unlawfully; such claims would sustain beyond his failing health and repeated injury and circumstances including EXCESSIVE FINES (586 U.S. ____ case no 17-1091) to cause his death and destruction of his 'creed' by STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES et al, on behalf of "Progressive Secular Socialist" elements who took the child in 2001 on no lawful cause or legal writ from his home and registered address with H.M. Stryx, his father.

    DEEP LAYER INC. was formed on August 11 2011, commensurate of the abduction and loss of contact under threat of murder which concealed the child, and subsequent threat of false arrest and serious injury or death, affirmed with threat of murder before two witnesses, which occurred prior to September 11th 2001. DEEP LAYER INC. handles all licensing, box office services, and member service franchise receipts for BEYOND WAR, while RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPROATED operates infrastructure and network services for the operation of the BEYOND WAR proprietary multi-user shared application data and communication services. Both firms are PRIVATELY HELD.

    Tensions with the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and aggravated actions by NATION OF JAPAN during 2001-2020, disclosing activity to sabotage the 2016 and 2020 United States Presidential Elections, indicate abuse from a multinational telecommunications cartel in this matter which coincides with NATION OF JAPAN's well known "NTT GROUP", and constitute a threat to the national security of the United States and case study of unregistered foreign agency in the installment of NTT AMERICA which initial concerns from the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE via the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION to the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION did not offset by restrictions on nationality of officers and powers limiting NTT AMERICA. Use of shell companies to bypass these provisions in abuse of domestic United States corporations and persons show evidence of criminal injury to sabotage the state and national economy of the United States in favor of NATION OF JAPAN and other investment bodies in multiple national jurisdictions, against which private firms have been forced to remain off-market and to sabotage IPO and similar investment of $100 million USD and $423 million USD sale of similar properties, where such investment and transfer of assets themed "proprietary products of foreign design" based in whole or part upon American intellectual property revisit open and flagrant piracy of U.S. intellectual property and private intellectual property of residence of the United States in the early 1980s.

    While this is not without reciprocal offense, as cited in the MOSPEDA/ROBOTECH/FASA abuse, it is not a legal infraction of H.M. STRYX for his representation, promotion, and contribution as an interested consumer or legal 3rd party to such developments at FASA CORPORATION for properties including SHADOWRUN, BATTLETECH, and echoMail publication of content later featured in and virtually identical to "SHADOWTECH" (book, publication) including organic technology and augmentations written and designed by JAMES ALLEN of PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA and then shared using his associate via mail relay servers of DARPA design and early academic INTERNET products prior registration also of his brand as "Stryx@chickasaw.com" under the CHICKASAW NATION owned and operated "SMOKESIGNALS COMPUTER CORPORATION" of ADA OKLAHOMA, and publication of such brand and primary mark in SOUTHWESTERN BELL YELLOW PAGES for SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and prior for "SHADOWDANCERS PRESS" a registered company of legal standing then in PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA. These contracts evidence of the "STRYX" mark, use, and commercial identity - along with "XSP" (Cross Platform Solution Provider), prior to employment of similar mark "XPS" by DELL INC.

  11. What is the Meaning of 'The Unspoken Word' in Beyond War?

    The Unspoken Word is the meaning of the implicit in words used by Sanguine that are not conveyed to non-Sanguine. It is a citation of the secret passages of "The Prayer of Blood" between Sanguine and the "land", the soil, sometimes called "Earth" which means in the language of the Prayer of Blood "All Peoples not of the Sanguine".

    It does not mean "absent of the presence of the Sanguine", or "separate", in the traditional sense of "the other" archetype common in early tribalism. It actually means "all natural life" of which the Sanguine do not regard their existence as an 'artificially engineered being inseparable from the organic high energy weapons and engines embedded in their frame like a living warship'.

    The Sanguine refer to themselves as "Salt", the seasoning or spice added to food to preserve itself, and the passages of the Word in The Prayer of Blood relates in these metaphors iconic to Sanguine language that when the evil of a People exceed the capacity of those people to bear out the injustice, that the King of Kings shall "salt" the "earth", and it become barren and unable to sustain life - a call to forms of war that only the Sanguine can wage against other life and reserve for use as a last resort and holy calling in the name of "The One".

    It is this concept that confuses the "tribal mind", the mind of life still obsessed with class and equality of commodity in all life and its use and inherently subject the same degree of protection against which the injustice of abuse may leverage a foothold - generally regarded as "the greater good" argument of stochastic "fairness doctrine".

    When a child does not get what it wants, its first resort as a juvenile is to invoke "fairness".

    "Fairness" is a crime denouncing the franchise of love and affection to a rationing of the same without cause, the subjugation of the will of the "Heart", and the silencing of "the Word". It calls upon one to be protected because another is privileged or adored, and in doing so, to deny the virtue of the honor which is bestowed as if the grantor was a servant of the parties in receipt and their subordinate in rank for the "privilege" of the office of self-awareness afforded.

    In short, "Fairness" is "evil" in the Sangine "Prayer of Blood". Love is never enjoined to be restrained or conditioned. Nor the needs of the many placed above the rights and security, and the dignity, of The One.

    Which brings us to "The Unspoken Word" in its most common and overt meaning and use: The One.

    As prior stated, the Sanguine do not experience time as ordinary humans do. Both due to their long life (virtually unlimited lifespan, and incredible durability and ability to enjoy space travel without a ship.)

    All memories are accessible complete with the emotional context and the emotional context and point of view and internal thoughts of others, which may be recorded, duplicated, transferred, and stored. These memories can be weaponized, imposed, and attached to other non-Sanguine, with the briefest touch. Sanguine will often 'touch' another on meeting - either by a handshake or kiss on the forehead from a superior to an inferior, or gentle hand placed near the face with minimal contact (intimate but platonic in nature). In this instant, hundreds of thousands of years of experience and information can be exchanged using a simple index address in the quantum assembly, like a computer cloning a hard drive (or billions of hard drives), and everything the Sanguine and those they touched is then known and accessible to the other Sanguine. This tradition created similar behavior among tribal humans.

    In this context, "The One" is also a construct of "The Prayer of Blood" and does not refer to 'a single person' nor 'a class of persons' but rather to a 'franchise of an ideal' in which all action is based contrary the general welfare clause. It is the sum of the fulcrum, in Masonic metaphor, on which all wrong and injury against society is balanced against the welfare and security of a single individual heart external to the heart of he who holds the scale. Egyptian mythology accounts this 'weighing' after death, in a similar way.

    The One is therefore not just a person, but the 'ideal containing that person from their moment of creation to the present moment and all future moments in which they shall exist'. This "sum of moments" that is the context window of the value of a single life, accounts for what we know before we were present, what we know when we were present, and what we may not know when we are no longer present. The One is therefore more than a person in a situation or a relationship to the Sanguine in Question, but the institution of life which is worthy of love by the Sanguine as a warrior-soldier, against which no validation or contest is possible even by other Sanguine. It is for the Sanguine to decide who is The One, and it is also not a title that is limited solely or exclusively to a single individual at any time - nor may be conveyed upon a class or people or place, only a living individual. It is the pledge that the Sanguine will fight all to the end of its ability in defense of this sole person, and without respect to any consideration or outcome they choose contrary to the right of individual franchise that is granted standing and equality with the King of Kings.

    This too, is confusing.

    In Tribal Human Society, a "King" or "King of Kings" is a sovereign to whom the people owe allegiance or fealty and are subordinate. "It is written" is often cited, in excuse to invoke "The Prayer of Blood" without speaking the words, and this custom too - adopted by the tribes who were present at these moments before the Cataclysm, without further need to speak what is known in the "Prayer of Blood" between fellow Sanguine. "So it will be" the answer, confusing species that lack the vast information handling and exchange capability of the Sanguine tactile technology.

    The One is, in this regard, an institution like "Christ" or "patron cause", rather than a simple pronoun, and the essence and innocence and character of the individual cited the content of that claim, whose integrity is sacred and very innocence and happiness is the sole justification to wipe out entire Galaxies if necessary to eliminate a threat against that cause.

    The One is therefore not some Christ figure or supernatural or exceptional person, but a simple statement. The word hides a number of words from being used that do not, in context to lesser stakes and force, similar to "agape" (GREEK, love of the deepest kind - giving without consideration). It is not familial nor romantic love, nor love of the public or love of the Universe. It is in many ways an antithesis of "free love", which means "I Love You", but cannot be spoken to the object of that title. It is acceptable, though inappropriate, to say "You are his One." or "You are the One for him."

    These words have passed down into languages of many Tribes, losing their real meaning.

    In this context, unlike tribal and gender relationships, it conveys something only Sanguine understand: that the Sanguine who has elected his "One" has declared he has loved them since their creation and will love them in the same degree and in every moment of their life, regardless of their choices or separation, and beyond the time when it is in their interest and for all time that the Sanguine live, even if the One should pass. It is to say, "This person will be always with me."

    Not understanding the Sanguine do not forget and their memories do not fade, and they are in the moment of all time they experience with that person and in all time that person shall or ever has lived, as they can see those moment simply by touching the person gently, usually on the hand or face. This is perpetual, does not require more than once instance, and sustains as a core memory which shields and protects the Sanguine from all the horrors and experiences that the interface expose their mind to. In a sea of chaos and terror, dying, war, and burning nebulas the size of solar systems - and in the presence of monsters that would blot out the sun across entire worlds, "The One" is the image that the Sanguine returns to like a lighthouse on a storming ocean.

    So serious is this to the perpetual animosity that injury to this individual would cause the Sanguine, that the mere mention that the planet or solar system where they are is threatened, will summon sanguine to its defense without question or relationship between them - for it "is written" in the heart of each war machine the meaning of this term, and bears its mark on all experiences and pain they know or ever have experienced. When Sanguine die, this memory echos, and so Sanguine on Sanguine violence is never lightly undertaken, because the victor cannot protect themself from this trauma on killing another member of their own race. For this reason, Sanguine also do not often fight nearby, as their death affect others near them with the memories of their One and in their dreams - and pain them in the confusion of the experience with their own core memories.

    It is not uncommon for a Sanguine to ask another, "Where is your One?", and to reply "She died." This is not actually a comment upon the present state of their One. It is a citation from "The Prayer of Blood", and a quote of a passage spoken by The King of Kings.

    Like the primitive people, the Sanguine suffer from the hereditary trauma of the memories of the King of Kings himself, and his loss the memory that stirs their hearts to be still and calm their wrath and rage, and by this know the loss in the very mention of these words. It is similar to saying, "Peace be upon you." - because it refers both to the state of peace and absence of violence; and to the immense acts of violence that followed (some think this was The Cataclysm), which is so intense that galaxies died and all life in those galaxies consumed the King for a time. He was "lost", and so this phrase relays the concern that is due to ask the welfare of a Sanguine before making any demands, in recognition of the power of his franchise before acting rashly.

    In context to human culture, it is the very passive way of saying the Leiji Matsumoto phrase, "Don't die."

    This phrase in animation and culture means, without disrespect to the skill of the warrior or the odds they face to prejudge or even imagine defeat, that a warrior wishes them only to survive the battle, under no condition of victory or endorsement of dishonor or retreat that might otherwise be implied, to say in the fewest words - we wish you to live.

    It also conveys respect to the King of Kings, in the passage and reply "She died", which is a way to allow him to grieve without declaring himself should a Sanguine meet him on the road, and sit with him. Any Sanguine you meet may be the King of Kings, so treat all living things as if you are speaking and tending to the King in his grief. This tradition has created tribal traditions of non-violence and conditioned respect for humans and animals which carry on in many places.

    The distinct behavior and customs of these Sanguine Cultural elements, both are evident in many places across the stars - and likewise are occult and misunderstood without the tools and the scope of power that remains beyond the wildest imagination of science in many worlds.

    When tribal humans wonder why there are no interstellar or intergalactic civilizations of their own, they do not realize what happens to mass populations at a certain point of technology development, at which time 99% of the population of that civilization is destroyed or it enters into actions and policies which ultimately injure a Sanguine's "special person". At which time entire civilizations and their worlds are burned to ash and dust.

    Kay'Gi scholars have, in consulting with tribal and militant societies explained "The One" as this: "It is like stepping on a ray or jumping on a landmine, to disturb the One of a Dark Lord, and if that happens you and all your people will pray for death and not find it, or die so fast you don't even see the hand move toward his weapon."

    This is not metaphorical. Planets have died for little more. This is, in the reasoning of the Kay'Gi, why the Sanguine must all die.

    Likewise, a Sanguine which cannot speak the words "She died", is a chilling signal that either he or she is very happy and content, or in such denial as the next word or suggestion to the contrary may be the last - even for a Sanguine.

    Customs matter. But knowing what The One means in the context to The Prayer of Blood and being able to digest that as "I love you", more than God would his own creation or and even when the object of that love wants to believe that love will continue. For this reason, the Sanguine rarely let people get close to them. At least, not so frequently that one civilization or another might see a Sanguine fall in love even once in the span of 100,000 years.

    Generations of people may also be under the protection of a Sanguine simply because they are the people or the children or the creed of their "One", even when they lived a full and natural life. "The One" does not mean they will be made Sanguine, as that - too - would harm "The One". That they are not Sanguine, is the refuge they represent, but it is not forbidden. It is even said The One in The Prayer of Blood became Sanguine, but she still died. That subtext is also present in the language of the question. Meaning that even being Sanguine does not protect the heart from the greatest harm. It is forbidden to strike at the One to harm a Sanguine bound to them, and this is a mistake made by many burned and fallen civilizations - sentenced to suffering that is worse than death - a living undeath, from which other legends then arose.

    Therefore, the first question a Sanguine will ask after their introduction remains the question pertaining to "The One". Usually it is followed by volunteering information as to where the new Sanguine should not go, and how wide a path to travel, in order to protect the this One.

  12. What is the Structure of Beyond War in this Context, then?

    While false reports circulate as to the lack of compassion the Sanguine possess, or other perverse conduct they engage in, most of that is the result of competitors of BEYOND WAR trying to dissuade audiences from learning more about "The Sanguine" and their traditions as characters of power and of great ritual.

    Players who violate these rules often find themselves restricted to "Tribal" species, while players who uphold the lore and conduct are given "expanded privileges" and grants to invite other players to receive single-use "Sanguine" accounts. This system creates a social credit model through which Beyond War has been allowing players access to elevated account services in species since 1998. It is a power in game mechanics which reward roleplaying in the game despite great latitude of player activity and powers.

    Given these rules and obligations, it's easy to see why there are very few 'qualified' Sanguine players compared to the rest of the playable species in Beyond War. As well as why they are not decimating the galaxy and voiding planets until no stars remain. Other players are entitled to those efforts, because they are 'far less dangerous' when compared to the Sanguine powers at war.

    In context to stellar decimation, the Sanguine are basically a 'claymore mine' waiting to catch arrogant species that bungle into their homes and rural pre-stellar planets. The equivalent of the 'dragon' in Gary Gygax "Dungeons and Dragons", which the party should not lightly go against or attack directly.

    What sets Beyond War apart is that you get to "play the dragon", in many ways, or if you want more social contact and group-oriented play, a less dangerous space faring race. The more dangerous the species, the fewer there are, and so only 'expert players' retain the ability to use the advanced character classes in Beyond War, while other players can horse around with casual characters. Proprietary features make this interaction of multiple characters possible, which will not be discussed here or with non-members.

    Veterans of life action events preceding 1991 readily recognize this in ordinary theater and performance (murder mystery) events, and any effort to claim a monopoly over this form of art or theater is a criminal act to create a monopoly not permitted in Oklahoma or the United States.

    The mechanisms, characters, and fiction of these products are protected by The Berne Convention, an International Treaty appointing copyright to the content without necessary registration in each or any country under United States Law.

    Efforts to appropriate content or disclaim its copyright on the basis of a registration requirement are piracy, and an act of war against the United States and the American People, themed piracy in Interstate Commerce, and will void the rights of any firm that engages systematically in this or in extremis against competitors. Those firms and their nations may lose standing in such violations.

  13. Cognitive And Communications Delta Processing

    To put into perspective the physiological differences between Sanguine and Tribal Human biology, the prior 12 questions would be read, processed, and accessible in parallel with a slight 'boop' (a finger placed gently soft tip down) on the nose of a human being. In that touch, all the information above could be transferred before the Sanguine pulled their hand away from the surface.

    The "boop" is the tip of a much more sophisticated information processing and communication problem, whereby ordinary human beings tend to "branch process" information - that is:

    They gather 2-10 facts at most and combine them to a specific linear thought - a question or conclusion based on reason and emotional factors related the source information, and then produce and register an outcome. The brain then acts on this outcome, either by expressing it, directly taking action, or filtering it from being expressed or acted on due to other general rules and customs learned since birth. Experience filtering this information process can contain rules obtained over 100 years or less, in ordinary humans.

    The Sanguine "parallel process" information - that is:

    They have 10-200 simultaneous questions running at any given time, from which they index branch data into each process -and- post mid-analysis process as data points which -actively seek- other process threads with related context, data, and related information. These "query" requests inter-process and may start new question process that are supportive of the central theme, or ending with dead ends that create new data 'objects'. These new 'objects' may be unrelated to the priority question, but are accessible in random-access later.

    As a result the "parallel process" generates not only information about the subject, but actively scrapes all information that arises from branch searches and archives for later use, without prejudgment of the immediate value of such information or utility to others.

    This is where utilitarian socialism which operates from "branch processing" logic, uses invalidating behavior to attack and seek to incite superior rank over the process of "parallel process" communication management, and even suggest mental illness to protect their limited functionality and lower cognitive quality of product by this behavior. It is like a single core processor arguing that a multi-core computer is less efficient because it could do one process 10% faster rather than 4 processes at once 20% slower.

    The inability to understand that quality of decision is of greater weight than decision speed in a simple task, or that prior iterations have solved complex problems and diverse problems using 'pre-computed solutions' (interim branch processing and orphan data objects) in re-use, as well as accumulate more data per time-slice and benefit from the ability to access and index the product of that process cooperative work in a more efficient manner than single-branch operations, because an entire dedicated parallel process can be tasked solely for information indexing and retrieval in context to ordinary ongoing process operations.

    This may be 101 level course work for Artificial Intelligence in Computer and Information Logic Systems, but it is as alien as Sanguine abilities to change the direction of a solar system or orbit of planets at will while standing on the beach to tribal human races.

    This is especially true in the outward appearance and "perception of signals and behaviors" that arise from a "parallel process" mind attempting to communicate with a "branch process" life form.

    For instance, the speed at which a "parallel process" mind retrieves prior experience or data objects having simulated the situation in pre-compiled results, the speed of answer comes across as "emotionless" and "so sudden" that it can lead a simple life form to wrongly believe the being did not think about or consider their request before shutting down their inquiry and without opportunity to engage in emotional appeals or express pushback consistent with "branch processing" and linear input-output cycles.

    On the contrary, the "branch processor" brain expects an 'assertion' be made, which may seem rude to a slower or less diverse window of information. A "window of information" is the scope of diverse topics and how they may initially be seemingly unrelated, prior engaging the topics and permitting the other party to share their "intermediary correlations and points" that are pre-compiled 'data objects' not shared as conclusions unless the listener can tolerate the information and schedule a "listening window" without prejudgment.

    This means the "parallel processor" both offers a broad set of diverse points to integrate a conclusion to a central question, while also listening to a wider range of information -if- the other party asserts the priority to them verbally and aggressively with respectful tone.

    The "branch processor" in contrast, expects a pause but has a "very narrow window of information" they will permit to be introduced to the conversation, and will wrongly assume that the lack of pause or immediate transition to new data is "invalidating" of their specific issue, and also become enraged when the party does not stop and pause to admit them to organize their thoughts into a counter before moving on. To a "branch processor" this is often styled as "rapid speech" or "unrelated speech", when in fact it expresses a cognitive deficiency to mentally "keep up" with the conversation and manage multiple salient points which are essential "legs" of the larger "table" in order to make a broad and overall effective larger point.

    When a "branch processor" fails to feel validated or respected in their conclusion or the authority installed in their self-image by the collective or others, they will wrongly dismiss the information they cannot follow and introduce "imaginary conclusions" to validate their own ego disorder, at the expense of other persons.

    In contrast, a "parallel processor" will continue to record streams of information and wait for the information to begin to correlate, before introducing guiding question and seeking open-ended queries to attempt to regain focus. Information is not "invalidated and discarded" as "inconsistent", and simply marked for future study in an "interim data object" pertaining the interaction.

    Older 19th and 20th Century conventional clinical psychology sought to construe this as "Intelligence", a metric instituted by the United States Army studies of recruits in the 1914-1918 war. Intelligence is not, as one might wrongly conclude, a scale toward parallel processing from branch processing or lesser incapable or limited branch processing capability.

    It can be argued that "lower intelligence" equates to "fewer branches than average people in the same society". However, "intelligence is also contextual", and a measure of what is considered "common knowledge" in world and human events themed on the culture or civilization. This makes the scale of intelligence very unreliable and related solely to "standardized education in information exposure and retention" rather than "qualitative education" and "critical thinking and cognitive observation of symbols and functions. However, presenting children with information or common work-related tasks is still contextual, and as such is completely inaccurate as a measure of intelligence. Tests for "critical thinking and problem solving skills" may be slightly more effective, but most "intelligence testing" is actually knowledge base versus age groups, and in the 21st Century is a score divided by age, which means as you gain age your IQ drops if you were held to the same standard of scores as children and their information base at that time.

    This matters because "intelligence" claims based on "branch processing" populations attempting to qualify "parallel processing" subjects, can be extremely stupid and inane, to the degree of racial genocide and claims of eugenics subject to terrible forms of criminal discrimination. To support this, murder and genocide and shunning from equal opportunity or right to work is consistent in large groups acting to protect their jobs and self-image (which is damaged if this threatens that, but such damage is consistent with "branch processing" heredity and limitations as a species). Use of force to affirm this, and fraud, often aggravate this to the degree that any resistance or warning to cease the behavior is - again - wrongly construed by the public and maliciously portrayed by the instigating bias party as "a danger or imminent threat to the idiot or liar who is harming the target", and the speed of this reaction to pre-compiled data regarding the malice and intent of such actions is wrongly and immediately construed as a "lack of emotion" in the "parallel process" target. The "parallel process" thinker would, in contrast, have no difficulty in understanding how emotion is not absent and priority of process shifts immediately to respond to an ongoing or sudden threat, without a prejudgement of the "internal processes or emotions and thoughts" of the "parallel process" character.

    This can be explained because emotional state is evident and a transition or series of escalating degrees of action that serve no purpose are consistent among "branch processor" cognitive capacity. Interim data object "leaps" and pre-compiled actions and ready stand-by processes make "parallel processor" cognitive models ideal for advanced warfighter pre-selection, both in biological and artificial intelligence. United States Special Forces candidate selection and training, SERE school education, and similar programs seek out and identify these profiles, response and readiness traits, and "ability to shift gears from warfighter to professional technical officer to civilian modes of operation" are critical and cannot tolerate the emotional step-system during operations or improper reactions in differing circumstances.

    This capability is frequently themed as "operator" quality human resources. Persons are trained to digest complex briefings, diverse and sometimes unrelated intelligence briefs and signal reports, and correlate the data into actionable conclusions and a plan of action that is subject sudden and flexible change on discovery of new information.

    Teaching soldiers to sit down, shut up, and listen to the briefing; then digest and analyze the briefing, and give a structured after-action report, are examples of how the United States Military have trained personnel to convert the chaos and emotion and ordinary human behavior under fire and in close contact warfighting situations with a structured and common language usable by the chain of command and for major records systems, despite local knowledge and experience which does not translate to the record format.

    If you are a "branch processor", the relevance of the prior statements about "intelligence" (a topic), "invalidating behavior" (a topic), "emotional transition timing" (a topic), "military leadership and applications of parallel processing" (topic), and "pre-selection of candidates for special operations" (a topic), and the way this information "translates back into operational records" - you got lost. If you followed that perfectly, you are a "parallel processing" thinker.

    Some people actually lose their ability to follow topics in a simple conversation like the prior. To understand the Sanguine, they cover the prior topic in less time than it takes to "boop you on the nose". The speed is immensely different, based on integration of quantum computers in their physical body that accelerate the ordinary cognitive process.

    To talk to a human being (especially one who is a "branch processor"), this process has to slow down, narrow the "cognitive window" to suit the limited single process, and pace information and expression to comfort the "branch processor" audience. If the "branch processor" becomes aware of this "effort", they will feel invalidated and inferior, and in compensating behavior often attack and abuse the Sanguine. This makes it very "unpleasant" to be transparent with human beings, even though the Sanguine has been away delta between the two since first contact and is still in contact because it is not perceived as a mental defect or deficiency any more than a human would expect a cat to read the newspaper to him. This does not mean the human loves the cat or thinks the cat is less important or special or unique, but the cat doesn't expect to rise to the occasion while the "branch processing" human actually does feel very inadequate.

    This is why even though a Sanguine "loves" whomever their "One" is, they also do not believe it will be a beneficial or "improvement" to create in them the same "capabilities" (a quantum integrated computer). They do not "love" someone because they are necessarily smarter, stronger, or faster than the Sanguine. That would be, in contrast to the very technology, stupid.

    However, when a Sanguine does make a person into the Blood (the Sanguine technology and installed weapons and subsystems), it is a bit like getting into a performance air-superiority fighter for the subject. Lots of buttons and dials, a few sticks and sliders, new displays and lights - but none of it "makes sense" to their very human ("branch processing") mind, and the "computer" ("parallel processing and information retrieval system") is as alien to their retained consciousness as a rifle would be in the hand of a soldier. The ability to learn to interface and operate the tools with a high degree of precision, so that the newly created Sanguine can begin to feel the new capabilities are not just a "search engine" but an actual part of their own cognitive identity and self-image, is very much like the struggles "Iron Man" or other heroes go through. Without the inherent memories and assistance, the rate of mortality in newly made Sanguine is extremely high, more so than any other threat. Sanguine accidentally destroy themselves, harm themselves, drive into trees, get stuck under mountains, and more frequently die of emotional distress if they cannot find their "lighthouse". Their "One".

    This is the reason that Sanguine rarely convert or expose their nature to "The One". Because while they are bound to the One, that doesn't mean they are emotionally or psychologically bound to the Sanguine. It is a very rare instance that the conversion can occur. Sanguine more frequently find someone who already has "a One" and if the circumstances demand, reveal themselves and allow them to experience some of the information and technology before they convert them into the Blood (becoming Sanguine).

    Now, this is not because the Sanguine cannot remove the Blood from someone or themselves. They can remake an inexperienced Sanguine into an ordinary human being, even removing or altering their nervous system to limit their intellect and remove the cognitive co-processor (and the biological equivalent) from a person. The same "boop" that can share information can just as easily punch a being that renders them into a mental equivalent of the character from "Flowers for Algernon" or "Lawnmower Man". This is, however, not something that is acceptable in Sanguine Society and an affront to "dignity" and the very institution of "The One". It is written the Sanguine King will make those who do this suffer like no other, but it is known this is a capability.

    Likewise, it is not "permitted" to make a "branch processor" into a "parallel processor" or otherwise alter their mind in a way that alters their personality and thought process, even for those they love or to achieve a greater chance of success or avoid death. Again, it is "possible", but a crime against the One.

    The only exception is the installation of "The Blood", which requires the cognitive process to be enabled to interface with "The Prayer of Blood" and the information and cognitive systems - in the same way a combat aircraft has to have a computer to keep up with its control surfaces and systems to avoid crashing. As much of the original process as possible is maintained in the change, but it is like a child of the 12th Century being shown how to use the Internet in the 21st Century, and trying to relate to their own generation and people of their time.

    On the other side, without the cognitive processor and database in the quantum system, the ability to blend into numerous cultures and societies, speak millions of languages, and record and manage distinct laws and customs on thousands of worlds where the Sanguine walk; and it is still difficult for a Sanguine to correctly blend into a community or planetary population because they will always be a little off of the "present culture" due to the outdated nature of the information the system is referencing coming into conflict with the real experience until the Sanguine has settled into the culture and disabled the reference material.

    This makes Sanguine "Awkward" and "a little nerdy", and to avoid attention the Sanguine will also alter their physical appearance (they can change shape, race, gender, and size to a huge degree) to blend in to the current stage and size of 'human' or 'alien' life. Sanguine can run with gazelle, swim with pods of whales, or live as a cat in your neighbor's house with 17 other cats, and you would never know. At least, not until the cat comes over and asks:

    "Where is your One?"

    How you respond will tell it if you, too, are Sanguine - or were - and shared "The Prayer of Blood".


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