Clearly, some of the people out there who came around showed all their racism and bile in one go. So we banned SWEDEN, ICELAND, AUSTRIA, SINGAPORE, and CHINA this year from the network.

Our network does not cooperate with or share routing with the oldnet (Autonomous System) networks (ARIN/LACNIC/RIPE_NCC/APNIC/AFRINC/IANA.ORG), as described in RFC-1918 Part 2 Paragraph 1 (circa 1996); and you must have a Private Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate to utilize our service, issued from our Certificate Authority, which indicates your true identity and other information.

The people you hire in Texas, who are threatening our company with bizarre delusions and lies since 2002 to join the NTT AUTONOMOUS SYSTEMS NETWORK or FOREFEIT OUR BUSINESS, after physically trying to beat the shit out of Oklahoma workers at 722 South Haskelle Avenue (TERRABOX) and falsifying employment to DUN & BRADSTREET and claiming TEK SYSTEMS is some part of that in 2011 letters; need to stop contacting our business (82 times November 4th in 1 hour) and our clients (6 seperate complaints this month).

Not only is this RACIST and defamatory of Chickasaw and Apache women and Asians, which they featured on web sites to assault us in 2013-2022 during threats of a sexual nature - but the recent 100+ messages from YOUTUBE after family members died during the November 2021-2022 November ongoing harassment make the 2323 Bryan St workers at "ATLANTIC.NET - DALLAS TEXAS LLC" hosting LOOPBACK0.NETWORK and DEPREF.NET in REYKJAVIK ICELAND in concert with ATLAS.COGENTCO.COM responsible for the January 28th 2022 and October 4th 2022 extortion letters to people over 65 in Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma.

The harassment has become so intense we have voted to BAN USE OF NVIDIA VIDEO HARDWARE on all client applications. If you want to play Beyond War, unless you have a legacy key, you will now only be able to use non-NVIDIA hardware in future. This ruling, due election to abuse "EVGA CORPORATION" and exclusive plan to sell only to data centers doing the prior, obligate that we stand up to improper trust activity and deny our license to these vendors now and in the forseeable future. There are other ray-tracing vendors.


Militech Systems Notices:

NVIDIA products to be removed from all AGS and XGS systems December 1st 2022.

Due to harassment, MILITECH SYSTEMS will no longer ship NVIDIA products with any workstation or server after the prior date. Platforms for gaming will not support ray tracing from NVIDIA or its brands, as a foreign product engaged in unfair business practices in 2022. Abuse of ray tracing claims and exclusive channel practices obligate that we refuse shipment of any NVIDIA branded equipment from that time forward, citing ethics violations of the MODERN SLAVERY STATEMENT by PLAION GmbH and similar terms held by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Ada, Oklahoma - the licensor for our software platform M2OS.

Beyond War™ is Anti-Slavery by Design

SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. is committed to eliminating slavery and abuse used in human trafficking. As such, due to recent 2021-2022 ongoing acts including a screw inserved into an officers tire after directed threats of bodily harm and murder; the firm will no longer afford NVIDIA CORPORATION or its data centers use of our software or products on any platform sold after December 1st 2022.

Documents in 2002-2011 indicate 2323 BRYAN ST Suite 700 and 722 SOUTH HASKELLE AVENUE, and in 2022 January 28th show 2323 BRYAN ST Suite 2670 as the origin of such content, themed offensive claims obligating a sanction by our CERTIFICATE AUTHORITY rule.


The Perfect Weapon - A Planet Killer - An Army Alone

Unyielding - Undying - Unable to Forget

Only One Devastating Flaw

It Had A Soul

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"Further direct exploration and understanding, including all possible information sharing and coordination of findings by multiple species, is therefore our only defense.

This action must be paired with conservation of conflict and awareness that no military force or resource at our present technology level appears effective in countering this intrusion on reality as we know it."

Beyond War is a registered trademark in literature and software, and the name of an online game produced and created in the State of Oklahoma and United States based on "Celestial Knights: Beyond War" and other content in tabletop game system demonstrations and fiction by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Oklahoma. Unless you are violently stupid or seriously disturbed, or have a legal death wish, any claims to suggest false use or DMCA violations supporting child abuse and child kidnapping related efforts to undermine the RIGHT TO WORK (Article XXIII-1A, a criminal offense and Federal Felony in acts to coerce use) - failure to recognize this and the employee workplace and customer rights represented by this business and its services will result in criminal complaint incorporating a U.S. fraud and felony complaints so described under THE CONVENTION FOR THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE, already executed in efforts to block and silence, dilute, and unlawfully export for sale the property, franchise, title, and works themed intellectual property and physical property related to this development and its contributors. Countries outside the United States have public policy wrongly styling U.S. Constitutional Rights and elements at-law as mental or emotional defect such as THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN. Any support to these claims, in abuse to silence political speech and satire in science fiction as if claims at law or to confuse the public with fictional representations and characters to seek to incite violence or harm to the developers or their families or children, will be themed as a criminal matter on discovery and treated as such pursuant taking of a child in 2001 to coerce forced liquidation of an estate in value exceeding $7 million USD and $2 billion USD in franchise rights by abuse of a child. This is a matter presently before the courts, and effort to intimidate or harm or otherwise harass the witnesses or the firm or its employers or customers will be construed as felony racketeering in kidnapping with component threat of murder. We therefore regard your actions compliant with these rules or you should cease use and delete all content pertaining to the product which is not authorized. Abuse spanning 2001-2021 in aggravated child abduction and 31 USC § 3729(a) quit tam fraud to embezzle benefits of the United States exceeding $44 billion USD further support your obligation to comply with all terms and community standards in any interaction with this company, its managers, services, employees, and customers. "Beyond War", "Sanguine", and "Stryx" are registred trademarks of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., in use since 1992 or prior. Other characters such as alien races herein described are protected by Trademark and Litarary Copyright from adoption or unauthorized use without written consent by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., and filed in Federal Copyright claims with the Library of Congress.

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