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Beyond War

Other Species

Why would a player join a game where one class is so powerful that a single individual can wipe out a planet in an instant?

Like any game, the idea that everyone is the apex predator or that you will even see one in your entire time online is absurd. It sounds narcissistic and demonstrates how much players who think like children "want to play the dragon" in a game like Dungeons and Dragons.

BEYOND WAR™ relies on the concept of misdirection and occult knowledge in the purest definition of the term.

This means that most of the "legend" that players will encounter does not speak very well of the civilizations who fought the apex predator, because they were destroyed to a degree that they could not imagine in almost every story. The problem with such collapse is that the information pertaining to actual events in the scale of planetary and interstellar war does not lend itself to the preservation of information or very accurate intelligence. Most of the time, these civilizations have no concept of the science and weapons that are destroying them, even in the most advanced collective organizations and Interplanetary populations.

Compared to advanced warfighters like the Sanguine, and those species built to fight them directly and in large numbers, other natural species cannot even begin to manufacture the tools without utterly destroying themselves.

Despite this, species with normal live cycles who die after a common period of time hardly a blink in duration continue to dominate the cosmos, mostly because advanced civilizations or the survivors of those made for war on this scale do not perceive their activity as a threat or drain on the real resources of a planet or galaxy.

For this to sink in, one must understand a little about the Sanguine and how they go to war.

Sanguine At War

A single Sanguine can extend its hand and raise a city the size of North American in a day. They can deploy independent life to consume the minerals of a planet down to the core, strip a gas giant, or consume a star. These resources can be used or stored in the Sanguine for later use, and deployed in massive factories at scale which can be constructed in space, in the ocean, on land, or beneath the surface of a planet without any need for a physical point of access to gain entry or transport the product to a battlefield or war zone.

The Sanguine can consume the population of a world, their bones and bodies and minds and memories, and use them to construct new tools and weapons which are sentient because they incorporate actual living beings into them and store them for later use like ammunition.

The creatures they create can 'ride' human beings who are still alive, tormenting them from inside their skulls and driving their bodies like puppets while the mind inside watches in horror - powerless to stop them.

Or with a single breath, expel a virus designed to carry out a specific task on a target population, having only touched the bare skin on the hand of one of their species to read the necessary information required to tailor the weapon to specifically fit their biology and genetics, in less than second of physical contact.

Because of this, Kai'gi and their agents generally consider a planet where a Sanguine has made landfall to be completely lost as soon as they enter the stratosphere.

Lesser Species At War

A species that lacks these tools, which can be installed in any Sanguine at-will or withheld in their creation like a designer drug or program, must still raise crops and mine metals, smelt and forge alloys, and build their weapons out of complex parts that require machines and energy which are hard to supply in the five-mile deep layer of terrestrial planets outer crust and similar atmosphere band where such life exists.

An entire terrestrial population may exist on a world for millions of years, and never be aware of the Sanguine cities and halls beneath their feet - because the very atmosphere and temperatures, not to mention the pressure and gravity, are beyond their bearable range.

To even seek to fight such a foe, is like a fish trying to take up arms against a bear. In its element, a shark might have a chance, but against an aircraft carrier it is just a bump in the ocean.

While the civilizations of terrestrial life build ships to carry them among the stars, Sanguine ships are living beings created to carry the Sanguine and fight for them, which can in many case actually be Sanguine themselves - creatures so made or forms of the ordinary soldier which are armed with weapons designed to destroy areas of space the size of the Sol System.

To even raise such a weapon against a terrestrial civilization be like pointing a cavalry pistol at a fish in a fish tank, and pulling the trigger. The fish in the tank, the environment, and the tank itself will not survive the first bullet fired in anger.

As a result, Sanguine rarely employ their weapons and prefer to infiltrate the terrestrial population instead. Because below the level of firepower, they differ in no way from ordinary individuals you would know in every day life, and crave companionship and stability along with enjoyment from the lives of others - even if they are not Sanguine. Sometimes, especially, because they are not Sanguine.

To fight such a thing, which can change its body, its size, and its species and gender with flawless accuracy - and who has a quantum computer to run the ordinary day-to-day activities and restraint of this body like a tank or combat aircraft matching a programmed series of limitations to avoid detection and reduce its signal; is really a question of finding the target before it becomes one of force to overcome the target.

For this reason, discretion and concealment, emulation, and behavior including fabricated personalty and behavior methods to run the body like an autopilot - removing the conscious mind from the drudgery of playing at life or incorporating and using language and social cues of primitive culture and customs, are just a small part of the Sanguine toolkit.

Do You Really Want to Hurt Me

The more realistic question is, "Do you want to hurt such a being, or does it want to hurt you? And if so, why?"

And those species built to carry out that purpose - the Tyek and the Genosect - who are like living tanks of metal and stone, mineral, and chitin - as well as those who made them (Kai'Gi) for this purpose in fighting and killing Sanguine, are far more likely to be the danger in any Interstellar or terrestrial resource war than a being able to make milkshakes out of planets.

As a result, 99.7% of all characters you meet will be non-Sanguine. About twice that will be Kai'Gi.

Most are human, Elan, Dawv, Minat, or similar "natural" races who still age or have children (or both).

Players of Beyond War are very likely to be one of these. The system is designed to ensure that, even if you are a unique character - no one will know and no one can trust what they are told. Sometimes the player will even believe themselves to be a species, only to find out they are another. Sanguine often convert their prospects without telling them, and then incorporate mechanisms to have them believe they are still mortal for some time after the act. In this way, the party finishes living out their normal lifespan, appears to age with time, and dies - only to wake up alive again and in a completely rebuilt body with their own or someone else's face staring back int he mirror.

While this is unsettling, more than a few reports say it is true.

The Privilege of Knowing

Simply, this means that you cannot be 100% sure what you are. The mind of an altered host can be made to not even see or remember the episodes in which they became aware of their true nature.

This is evident in the briefings of soldiers, after the Cataclysm, who do not remember any of the events or where they were located on the day of the Cataclysm. While in turn they may find themselves 'knowing' new things which are not based in any scientific way on their own planetary or direct experience as a result of coming into contact with items, equipment, and weapons imbued with the 'point devices' of the Sanguine and Kai'Gi data system. Just like reading a random book, these sources are not authoritative, beyond their direct experience and thoughts of the viewer, and do not constitute a 'proof', such that the information gained is knowledge only of others experience in their own testimony - not their being or whole character.

This mechanism is a "vehicle" in the Beyond War Universe to move the player into other contexts which are alien to their own, and to bring alien experience of life into their own fixed context, in a way that is corrosive to "Hegelian Dialectic" theology. In Hegelian models, authority is fact and consensus or a legal rule is without contest. Any dissent in Hegelian models is treated as malice or incapacity to admit "The Truth" as pronounced, and punished by demand of subjugation to the claim attributed a third party as sole arbiter or assault as if a violent struggle for the very right of the (imagined) group identity and self as a privileged class and agent thereof begins. As such, Beyond War is immensely critical of "Chinese Communist Party" socialism, Nation of Japan "socialism" and cultural standards which these foreign governments often espouse as "mental health normals" against which "coercive correction" no different than that supported by Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin were once justified. Rather than argue over what this is to be called or who is responsible in name or deed, Beyond War simply "makes real in fact what is a logical fallacy in the player's reality" and allows them to choose: joint a people who believe in perspective and individual convictions, or join a collective that lives by these rigid rules and imposes them on others as a cultural standard without boundaries or subject to physical territories that change based on superior force in martial or economic power. The New or the Old? Or more precisely the Old versus the "Progressive" New-Order rule of authoritarian behavior common in tribal to post-communication era of species development.

Post-communication is a period where indirect communication and records are no longer necessary to access 'direct observable knowledge' of others memories, thoughts, feelings, and experiences as a form of data; and such information able to be recorded, transferred, preserved, and concealed without sophisticated equipment on the part of the receiver of the record. Beyond War is a "Post-Communication Era" game, and contains "Pre-communication Era" civilizations that still use spoken language, written language, and other forms of "primitive" and "centralized" 3rd party carried message.

This technology is like cryptocurrency, in that it creates a record that is impossible to alter or edit, directly from the mind of the being who it was taken. The record can be edited and used in parts, but that creates discontinuity which is evident, inherently making forgery of false memories impossible without evident tampering to a casual user familiar with the technology. However, because the tool can be accessed by primitives and ordinary life forms, who are not familiar with the technology or its use, the images and impressions in discontinuity can still be disturbing and provoke "less sophisticated presumptions based on familiar concepts and objects" that substantially alter the interpretation of the message to conform to terrestrial norms of language and image-symbolism. The step-down for a Sanguine to a human in language, is therefore very much like a human to a house cat. The cat is speaking, but the human does not interpret the complex sounds and acts and motions as language. The Sanguine, in first contact, is very similar to the human, because it is not using word-symbols or other images the eyes and ears can interpret as a primary language. The Sanguine, like the cat, can read and understand the human, but unlike the cat can make the sounds and assemble the language using a quantum computer built into its biology, assimilating the language by observation or tapping directly into the nervous system of the human and reading its entire memory system, then processing the data in a background function and translating it into requested queries to formulate a working meta-memory (constructed for-purpose analysis) of information themed relevant as if it were learned and practiced to the same degree. Therefore, it can assimilate into your culture perfectly, as soon as it touches any living member of the species, assume their shape, mirror their biology down to the molecule, and disappear into the population.

Humans, Dawvn, Minat, and Elan are simply the closest to our modern take of knowledge and judgment; not comparable to this incredible ability to gather intelligence and emulate the enemy in warfighting. Most terrestrial civilizations never see the Sanguine unless it wants them to. There may be Sanguine all around you, but you will never know. And that is a good thing, because the inability to determine if there are Sanguine among a population is the primary reason not to go in guns blazing and with a list of demands against a vastly inferior species in its early infancy of space travel.

Sanguine, therefore, are like the antibodies of the Universe against rampant collective imperialism.

As A Player

As a player, learning about this and becoming more and more unsettled by the discoveries and content of the 'mythos', bears a very similar effect to the H.P. Lovecraft style of 'grand game' and elements outside of player character culture.

Texas author Steve Jackson summarized this constant fear and need to be on guard well in "PARANOIA, the Roleplaying Game", and it helps to understand such "powerful hidden players" role in a multiuser game designed to help them hide their abilities while still having "graphic effect" and "substantial impact" on scenes, to have enjoyed such wonderful work as that or other Tabletop Games with multi-player freedom and contention. When real-world players know that another member of the party is doing something, but they must play along as if they have no in-game knowledge, this is the most pure form of roleplay.

To preserve that element, Beyond War incorporates features to conceal the interactions and activity in their sandbox 3D world, while allowing players avenues to influence and sway encounters in a subtle or supernatural manner. The latest iteration of this is the "Vent" ability in "Among Us", which takes that Beyond War concept and incorporates identity rules set forth in the 1998 project, creating great player dissent and strategy even in team interactions.

Beyond War is therefore not a "ship to ship first-person/vehicle shooter" game. It is a "Roleplaying Game" in the purest sense of the word, incorporating a mechanism for players to gain advantage and act predicated on key information. This "pick-a-path by registration of discovery" in dialog is evident in Fallout and Call of Cthulhu (the video game), and an integrated component of the larger "engine" that is Beyond War in scale and mechanisms.

Combined with the build system and integrated engineering tools for starships, which several firms emulated after the first notice of Celestial Knights (board game), the technical and roleplay elements leave crafting players a huge variety of opportunity and discovery between primitive ships and species, advanced fleets, galactic-industrial industry like the Tyec war machines, and biological technology in Genosect and Sanguine vessels. And in the Ethran "ghost ships" and their eerie terrestrial counterparts (ships of sail, in space, like the Flying Dutchman) are enough to unsettle and disturb any faith in local understanding of physics and engineering for Centuries (if you don't have a Sanguine quantum computer or better for a brain).

Advanced Warfighters like the Tyec, Genosect, Kai'Gi, and their hybrid tools can and do access vast information on all experience that allows them to continue fighting even when the laws of physics as they know them stop being reliable. Lesser species usually collapse and fall apart, witnessing pillars of fire, cities turned to ash and salt, entire continents destroyed before their eyes, or the moon change position to block an incoming meteor thrown at a planet from deep space. The very realization that the wind, sunshine, rain, and seasons are but pebbles on the battlefield among the most powerful warfighters in history is enough to compel many rational species to throw down their arms and flee in terror. It is, in fact, the right choice.

The Spirit of the Game

So what is the point of the game?

The Leupos were made for war, to 'probe' and make first contact so that any resistance by a Sanguine or similar force would expose itself and protect their masters from discovery or retaliation. They were literally 'made for this', and installed with memories in this cause, in their first generation as soon as they were born. Memories chosen to enforce their grudge with the enemy and commitment. Select Memories.

As they come to realize these were not all the memories, or even a fair or equal choosing of them, and how much of their memories are false, regardless of the pain and PTSD symptoms those memories cause them throughout their lives, their thoughts do turn to those around them and of their children and future generations. The Leupos then in many cases defect - abandoning their mission and taking up lives among the people they were sent to control and terrorize, and live many generations in this way in the remote places of a world. Sometimes in the open, or more often in isolation, venturing out only in small numbers to gain things they cannot obtain by themselves. These isolationist pockets of life are characters the player can enjoy and experience; along with the prejudice and fear that the breeding and design suggest are not without cause in their use as shock troops in a war for entire galaxies.

A war that was so intense, that fragments of those memories remain in the surviving generations of the people who encountered them, and the fear sustains without conscious or direct reason.

It is out of those memories (and prejudice) that the natural species still carry the War with them, and in their effort to understand more they must overcome or embrace the cause for those deep feelings and strange memories, until they can better manage them like the Sanguine can. Even the Sanguine, as a species, are not immune to this, as the Scourge make billions of Sanguine in the process of capturing a world, only to destroy those they do not need once it is pacified.

Sanguine creatures of limited ability and less understanding therefore run rampant on worlds touched by the Scourge, and are a nuisance and threat to other Sanguine and advanced warfighers, as well as the native terrestrial populations. Often these creatures will be so large they become the dominant life form on a planet, or so small they pass unnoticed for billions of years in an isolated cave or bottom of the deepest sea. Their ability to survive in conditions thought impossible by natural life makes their appearance both unexpected and dangerous.

One could consider this form of warfare "fallout" similar to the toxic contamination of a primitive fission bomb, scattering Sanguine genetic material and technology all over a world.


The Kai'Gi do, and incinerate or implode planets and solar systems which they deem too contaminated by the Sanguine, often with broad standards of what that means.

Being a primitive species 'slated for deconstruction to put a highway through your solar system' as Douglas Adams wrote, is not a strong place to be. This is the place the majority of players find themselves, drafted into an alliance of Kai'Gi and other races, searching for an alien that "put that thing in that place that time" (the incident, described in the Beyond War books), and as such is far too dangerous for the Kai'Gi or any member of their species to ever confront (again).

If you want to know more about "the Incident", incorporating the prior quantum superpositioning and faster-than-light travel elements of Beyond War as a framework is necessary, as it is hard to explain without some education in quantum theory. Suffice to say, there are weapons more terrifying to the Kai'Gi and the Universe than even the Sanguine, and upon demonstration of one such weapon the entire Universe stopped making war and started looking for the one who used it.

It occurred after "The Cataclysm", an event described in Celestial Knights: Beyond War fiction in 1998 to describe the first use of the weapon. "The Incident" was the second use of the weapon, and it confirmed that the user was both sentient, and the event unnatural. Similar (later) use of this plot vehicle was adopted in "Star Trek: Discovery", and is almost identical in scale but different and adapted only to the fuel used by starships in the Trek Universe. A more interesting version of which is the "Starflight" game fiction and use of an "intelligent fuel that decided to rebel by building a death-star-like solar system killing weapon", in classic Douglas Adams style.

Bullshit Competitor Claims

Claims that Beyond War "stole" this premise off of Star Trek are, therefore, quite absurd, as is the entire science behind "The Cataclysm" from 1998 different from the prior Star Flight "death planet" story, an entirely different work of (Lucas-like) science fiction. Critics may complaint, but by filing in the gaps of the 'occult' knowledge with their own words and ideas, it is just fanfiction, not a review of Beyond War or a claim on the actual end-game and storyline of the product.

To summarize, "Hegelian" thinkers apply their symbols, ideas, and concepts to things without any doubt those are the only things that are relevant and superior in force because of authority attributed to them in a form of "idol worship' by the primitive critics. In reality, there are a lot of aspects to the story that you must understand before you try to fit it in. Like how a spoon can bring an end to a war, or an insult to a woman's name can crush an entire species in an instant. Themes of that scope and scale (and conviction) are overflowing in Beyond War, and alien to the way that Hegelian thinkers view people and individuals as 'fungible' commodities for benefit and purpose made only in their utility to society and those who are its favored supporters.

In short, we are fighting nazi-like ideals by the very essence of Beyond War, and its story is a giant "Fuck You" to Socialism and the erosion of value of the individual in benefit to society.

It's about Killing Nazis - In Space

If you are into that, you will enjoy the game and game-play regardless of whether you wield a shield the size of a moon or are trying to hold on to your ham sandwich as your ship is cut in half by a laser fired five minutes in the distance (at light speed). Most of the combat in space is measured in light-seconds, meaning that you will see actions and take actions based on the delay in time it takes signals to reach you, or using telemetry data provided over distances instantly by quantum technology which facilitate far more accurate and coordinated motions in this context of battle. The methods and patent-ready elements of trade secrets in Beyond War facilitate all this for unsophisticated players, and so make the game and its environment one of a physics simulator as well as a first-person environment with strong roleplay aspects.

Just because other firms have not solved the issues in these technical challenges for sandbox multiuser roleplay and system abuse, does not mean Beyond War has employed their solutions or models. Nor are they obligated to explain how, until your planet evolves enough not to steal it and claim you invented the "coke bottle" that solution is, like "The Gods Must Be Crazy".

To be a part of this project, members are expected to be confident in the position of the firm and well read in film and science-fiction literature, law, and privileges regardless of the court or foreign jurisdiction. This requirement limits many from being granted insider access or disclosure, as the courts increasingly do not value the discovery or credit of such works, while sovereign state franchises are actively trying to assert unlawful monopoly and taking of many of those enumerated rights.

The Author's Perspective on Nazi Critics

Ultimately, what these critics are trying to do is like running up to George Lucas and tell him how a light saber "really" works.

Even after he sold the rights to Disney, the very idea is both stupid and contrary - as well as alien to the idea that any product you make which is based on that legal image and use is a property of Lucas, not your own thing. In the case of prior art like PARANOIA and H.P. Lovecraft, the concepts about human interaction and rules to facilitate conflict in each 'game' differ from Beyond War substantially, and are foreign properties - but for critics who cannot imagine such a 'game' where characters are 'never sure of their peers' (Among Us) and have to operate in long term persistent Universe activity with a roleplaying element, such as the 2003-2021 game Eve Online, the prototype for that entire movement did originate first in "Celestial Knights: Beyond War". Efforts to dilute and obliterate that source by criminal fraud paired with threatened sale and export of property and information themed confidential data to that effect and to WHITE WOLF PRESS and CCP GAMES, is a part of the Beyond War legal battle as well - and such (Icelandic) games and similar Swedish competitors flaunting stolen content from Beyond War are blacklisted by nation from future participation in the service and project for that abuse.

This would have been a fun and enjoyable project, had certain individuals not taken it upon themselves to seek to flee demonstrations with proprietary content and then (2002) hire the Beyond War developers to work on a game of their own making after pledging its sale to another country and foreign investors, a fraud and theft from onset. Purposeful misdirection and observation of false claims proved that act to be a criminal fraud, and disbarred those nations and any beneficiary of such theft and impersonation of genuine features of Beyond War from any access to the service. This is why real-user IDs are issued for Beyond War, to prevent VPN or other fraud concealing national origin from affording access to the regionally controlled property and its legal rights therein made and (76 O.S. 76-1) "inherent rights" against plagiarism and theft or unauthorized false title transfer.

So while Beyond War remains a new technology and system, it is not available to all residents of all nations equally, and such rights reserved by its creators on lawful cause of threat to export and piracy to disable the genuine owner of rights and credit in concert with a kidnapping.

Human Cargo in a 13+ Game? No.

Human trafficking, featured in early Eve Online as a commodity for-profit and by design; and later drug and narcotic manufacturing and trafficking including secret skills for developers use found in their database, paired with their antagonism using player accounts to destabilize player-made corporations and give free items to favored groups, proved the unfaithful and corrupt nature of Eve Online first observed by Beyond War developers in the 1990s; and cannot be undone by subsequent 2018 sale of EVE ONLINE to PEARL ABYSS games of South Korea.

Promised features like first person gameplay, ship collision, and free axis flight, were never components of the game, and its advertising falsely portrayed such activity as if in-game product similar to Cyberpunk 2077 fraudulent ads and claims in 2020.

The loss of confidence and fraud to obtain $100 million USD on the credit of the people of Iceland to out-spend Beyond War and intimidate investors, paired with abuse by State agents in concealment of a child, leave no room for return to trust in PARADOX INTERACTIVE or CCP MEDIA.

Due to the rampant copying of preliminary information in the BEYOND WAR demonstration in direct adaptation and false sale, further mechanics information has remained a TRADE SECRET in the State of Oklahoma and is protected at law from disclosure in open court or similar claims; a fraud to force loss of RIGHT TO WORK in concert with export of U.S. products and services by a foreign sovereign franchise.

Privacy Necessary Due Swedish Buggary

This form of "spying and reverse engineering" is not unprecedented, but in matters of avionic intelligence and distributed learning computer systems, it poses specific risks to Beyond War which merit these forms of compartmentalized information management ordinarily reserved for the United States Armed Forces and space program.

Players will enjoy these elements, which bridge the gap between "species achievements in science" and "black box alien technology" using quantum computer and network systems, in Beyond War and its systems, while such technology remains solely in the UNITED STATES due to proprietary message protocol and encryption technology in the client-server architecture, communication with central artificial intelligence, and model of computer space mapping owned exclusively by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.

The company is still struggling with the 2015-2017 violence and 2018-2021 disruption in supply caused in concert with barratry (false prosecution) to disable banking and finance in the United States coordinated with the 2018 sale of EVE ONLINE for $423 million USD. The lack of access to processors, main computer boards, and RTX technology is a major barrier to the firm while these false claims are sustained in concealment of a child to extort.

General availability is therefore still limited despite easing in COVID-19 pandemic rules and use of a vaccine, and civil unrest in the United States continues with strong Hegelian elements backing overthrow of the prior anti-child-trafficking laws cited in the 2017 Federal Public Policy change, including non-compliance to obstruct the firm in its recovery in 2017-2021.

Woke Abuse Part of White Supremacist Texan Threats

Abuse used to suppress Beyond War is similar to the "cancel culture" wave of violence by U.S. rebels, and offensive to the Constitution of the United States and its laws; but are as of May unsettled matters still tolerating Hegelian claims of "mental health in public right to speak out against crimes against persons by the State and foreign government and foreign business".

Thus, Beyond War has gone from a technical design to a real world criminal injury and dispute which brings to light the very core of its story, just as the diary of Anne Frank once brought to life the reality of persons persecuted by the Nazis.

In literature, even science fiction, if one is punished or deprived of their children for writing the wrong thing or expressing the wrong sentiment, and mistreated or devalued as a credible human being or entitlement of any civil honors, that is still genocide regardless the lack of cause in the offense being more than dissent and literature which embarrasses or offense the religious cult upon which Hegelian values are enthroned.

A Return to Ray Punk

James Allen, the author, sought to bring to the attention of the public much like those short stories in early raypunk pulp fiction, the aspects and understanding of foreign culture which incorporated the atrocities of the Second World War, that they would not be repeated. A simple and moral task, this proved to be as difficult and controversial as those early works of fiction by Heinlein and Bradbury, Roddenberry and Lucas, and as much of a struggle for creative control as was D-Day and the Battle of Britain to prior generations. Even if some part of the world is restrained by this abusive and toxic thought, its liberation and the protection of people who are victims in those places of the world is the duty of the free world, and like the Sanguine - it is simply not in their nature to stop or consider mediation and compromise in such matters. Beyond War is, therefore, a work of love and passion for the value of individual freedom and conviction, which on its face should not be offensive yet exposes the very nature of cultures and people who would trade those things for their own gain and especially trade them when they are the province of someone else other than themselves.

Beyond War is designed to draw players into this conflict, with characters and stories which evoke these challenges set in the future, rather than the past, so that children can again appreciate what we fought for and value our own way of life before it is lost forever to the eraser of a Hegelian Socialist state. Whether that estate calls itself communist or fascist, it is the same "Hegelian theocracy" which has murdered millions, and has no place in a world of free men and women, entitled to the suffrage of their rights and inherent protection a duty of all who are a part of the world in any form. A right to their children, and to their own way of life to be shared without consideration or approval with those generations, for which the suspension of is the war crime genocide in any act or omission of duty to protect.

The prior concepts are, a little to heavy, for many juvenile game consumers - so Beyond War is rated AM24 - Adult Mature themes and concepts limited to ages 24 years and up only. A branding intended to reduce, for now, the overwhelming violence required to suppress effort to disable the rights of people in the game or direct them by abuse not a franchise of the game's creator and designers. It is a community built by adults for adults, in which adult use of roleplay in public situations is encouraged without abuse, and where adult sexual content and exploitation common in 'fantasy' literature and film ordinarily a large market of vice is not permitted or accepted as a community standard.

This means, conduct yourself like you are at a Veterans convention, among soldiers, and do not disrespect anyone - male or female, or discriminate against them based on their company, with the exclusion of ordinary and exceptional protection of minors from those relationships and concepts as if a "way" or "stereotype" they must conform to enjoy the title "boy" or "girl". Being a "boy" or a "girl" has nothing to do with whether you play games, like guns, wear uniforms, or any other custom - and to suggest it is an offense against the freedom of the child. That being said, we are going to explain the difference between "a skirt" and "a kilt" to a boy wearing it, as well as reasons you would wear one 'as society reads that' regardless and separate from any 'intent' or presumption of 'right' to tell anyone how to behave or what they can say. But, just as Beyond War clearly demonstrates, what you say has consequences just as if you did the act - and if you are "violently stupid" and cannot understand threats are not part of freedom of speech inherently, then acts to silence threats (or any criminal coercion) will follow swiftly and arrived like a U.S. Army Ranger (violently).


And there will be consequences, and no obligation to forgive anyone, but the civil honors of our society will not be taken, sold, bartered, or coerced in consideration.

That's what Beyond War ultimately stands for, as a game, and why playing as a "weak" character does not mean that you are "weak" as a force among your peers or alone. It only means you are going to need to learn to fight smarter than your opponent, employ technology they cannot yet understand, and use methods and tools which erode any sense of fairness or consensus in order to protect yourself, the weak, and the whole Universe. It is design to change your perspective as to what is "Strong", and teach you to be "Strong" no matter what force you wield.

When the Sanguine choose their inheritors, they choose based on this, and grant the power to move the stars to those who can remain true to their convictions regardless of the odds. Who can see, Beyond War, what the purpose of such power is.


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