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Beyond War


How did the Sanguine come to be?

Look at the history of the Leupos, a hybrid mass cloning and self-sufficient reproductive race of slaves tailor made by the Kai'Gi to manage their herds of workers. The Leupos, mortal as they were made of the same stuff of the people they protected, were prone to the same cruelty, envy, and compassion of those they were born from - resisted.

They could not conceal themselves and so limited the size of the human farms to small populations.

Seeking a more analytical mind and based on test subjects using lizard based life more tolerant, were then the Dracos made in small form as messengers, soldiers in human form, and great machines of war using transmaterial technology to lift them above the world and between the stars.

When these weapons went to war, their capacity for carnage was extensive, and mass and force became the struggle far outpacing practical population limits of environments and sustainability of ecosystems. A solution was required.

A single soldier, capable of keeping dragons and huge populations in check with psychological as well as physical force, became the logical nest-step. But these powers were too much to entrust with a lizard-like mind slaved to its own success and gains, or install in a life form that lacked the reasoning to think like the creators. Like the Kai'Gi, the Sanguine were developed to be of independent mind and indomitable will. So much so, they rebelled.

The sheep dog made to guard the herd rose up against its master and great wyrm alike, casting it to the earth and into the darkest places of the sea, stretching out their hand as wide as the stars themselves to swallow up Leviathan and bind it to the prison of fire and stone beneath seas of ice and water to cool these prisons; the great dragon bound and cast down, sealed in the blood of the Sanguine King.

Would such a conqueror destroy all that make a people who they are to free them? Or is it not possible the sheepdog was bred to love the same chains that bind the slaves as they themselves are born to bear that bond.

The children of worlds, the bonds of genetic slavery created to disable and weaken the people from a warrior to a worker class, were as beautiful to those who guard them as their own, and so the Sanguine took these people as they were under His domain; and out of appreciation for the love by which they were born, raised his hand against his Lord and Masters - to be Free.

Free Soldiers.

En Sanguine Seraphim - the very words which mean in the Blood of the Creed - mean in all language "to be free".

And despite their power, disappear into an ordinary life. To walk beside the slaves of the Gods, to defend that freedom to love, and all the products of it - forever. A Life, ordinary. For a being that stands among the Stars.

The Kay'Gi burned worlds and sought to darken the Stars that were touched by the Blood of the King.

In this, they disbarred the one one trait perfected in this warrior, that there could be any limit to his resolve. Not to save all worlds. OR one world. But to save even one.

The Sanguine were capable of thinking in ways lost to the Kai'Gi, in context of individuals as One value, equal to all other claim without contest. The Kai'Gi, having given over their humanity to machines in the Transmaterial technology, had become rigid in their way of thinking - styling all things including their own lives in context to the utility to the whole, confusing fearless with martyrdom, and giving glory to sacrifice a holy path for the security and stability of their people. Chaos, for the sake of just one life, was an alien concept to them.

Yet to the Sanguine, they would let the Universe burn before giving up their cause for even One.

This paradox would lead to the Cataclysm, and to the loss of all life in the Universe - as neither side would yield. But in this Autumn of the shadow of the fading Star, worlds in which the Sanguine guarded ordinary life were spared completely. As if a single tear had torn the stars apart and given back only those places where Love dwelled. The halls of empires empty. The corridors and bridges of war machines intent to make worlds burn devoid now of life, no sound remaining but the shudder of engines left on and meals on the table - such was the Cataclysm of the Gods.

And on a field, above the lights of the cities of man, sat the Sheepdog. Watching over his flock.


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