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Beyond War


As of 2022, the harassment to extort the company in Oklahoma to surrender this game by 2323 BRYAN ST users at DEPREF.NET and LOOPBACK0.NETWORK attempting to conceal a child removal without due process in 2001 and concealment to extort violating ORDERED POSSESSION over 2002-2022, a KELLEY v KELLEY (2007) Oklahoma Supreme Court Constitutional Rights violation - sustaines activity by customers in suite 700 and 2670 to threaten the developers and their family. Those threats result in a death in March, and continued within 24 hours after such claim, filing false incormation with the UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION to support such fraud in welfare program abuse made illegal since February 21st 2017..

Support from NTT GROUP employees in threats via LOSTSERVER.NET and VAMPIREFREAKS.COM of STATE OF NEW YORK, evident in sexual assualt and hate crime publications in 2013-2022, continue to harass, menace, and seek harm upon the developers. November 2022 ended with a screw drilled into the tire of the lead developer after threats on November, October, September, May, April, and creation of YOUTUBE Accounts to extort the dead Pediatrician grandmother of the missing child in March. These threats were signed by DONALD J. BEAL on behalf of VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN, in a sustained concealment of a child taken from INDIAN TERRITORY, for illegal adoption by STATE OF TEXAS.

As a result, TEXAS, MICHIGAN, and CALIFORNIA residents cannot purchase or access the PKI NETWORK that the game runs on, nor can the NVIDIA CORPORATION based computers or servers run any softare provided by the Oklahoma company due to license violations against MODERN SLAVERY AND HUMAN TRAFFICKING under formal complaint in 2022; on medical fraud to extort their competitor and violation alleged of Oklahoma Constitution Article II-32 anti-monopoly practices and XXIII-1A Constitutional protections from labor abuse.


BEYOND WAR® is a commercial software product, offering client-server technology and C++ engine design owned exclusively by the Oklahoma firm, including all content, mechanics, illustration, literature, and supporting components of the "game system" subject then to International recognition under the BERNE CONVENTION and a protected property without any duty to disclose those elements to the UNITED STATES or other nation - so made lawfully in the Native American Territory formerly known illegally as State of Oklahoma prior McGirt v STATE OF OKLAHOMA ruling by the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT.

Like any game system, any property made based on its work in any way wholly belongs to the game developer of BEYOND WAR, regardless of modification. False claims to suggest a resale or theft to satisfy ransom demands in this regard, are therefore criminal racketeering to export intellectual property subject felony charge in the United States, industrial espionage, securities fraud, and ransom on a kidnapping of a child.

The game is based in signal warfare operations of interstellar ships and soldiers, whose technology is wholly a property of the BEYOND WAR properties in Oklahoma, and not for license or resale outside of the territory. The product incorporates work and users in Scotland, England, China, Australia, and the United States; and is therefore INTERNATIONAL TRADE subject laws pertaining to that interference or piracy. The product is also Interstate Commerce, subject to the United States monopoly on that practice, and false claims to disbar its right to securities issued is securities fraud under the Laws of the State of Oklahoma and United States.


Piracy, to include child injury and extortion with sustained and organized abuse on false cause, has been a major issue in the rise of ANTIFA, BLACK LIVES MATTER, and other Chinese Communist Party anti-government fronts in the United States. Such abuse is aided by Nation of Japan and "Government of Japan" in records of acts of criminal threat now under formal complaint. Parties in South Korea, Iceland, and Sweden have attempted to extort this firm in this matter, and are barred from any access to the product or its services as a result. Use of REYKJAVIK ICELAND to send threats in JANUARY 28 2022 and MARCH 3 2022 to aid in HUMAN TRAFFICKING supported by death threats on THECHURCHBOARD.COM obligate the firm to deny residents of ICELAND, SWEDEN, AUSTRIA, GERMANY, BRAZIL, PANAMA, and other sex trafficking havens like CANADA from access to the product.

Beyond War incorporates signal warfare, stealth, faster than light automated navigation and targeting with flight control dynamics similar to aerospace combat systems, and is not and never has been in genuine product a core technology which export law would permit sale to a foreign power; similar to technology themed competitor adaptation and duplication now featured in U.S. and Russian Federation military trials.

Customers of Raytheon and other specific companies are not eligible to view, play, or retain any data or binary or source code or other intellectual property from BEYOND WAR, as those firms by their employees have made illegal efforts and claims themed part of the concealment of a child and abuse to extort during 2001-2021 under criminal complaint. This list includes NTT GROUP and all subsidiaries, DEUTSCHE TELEKOM, T-MOBILE, SPRINT, SOFTBANK GROUP CORP, TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD, and any firm in whom those companies or their agency or representative hold any equity stock. This includes PARADOX INTERACTIVE of Sweden, EPIC MEGAGAMES, RIOT GAMES, and WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING.


Claims by any of those companies pertaining the "STRYX" or similar brand are themed a false use of prior trademark in software and literature in use in 1992 and worldwide in 1996-1999 via the SDA3 ORGANIZATION and publications written by "STRYX" themed "THE BRAIN BOY CODEX", "THE SQUAT CODES", and "THE SHADIS LEGION" by Oklahoma author "James Allen". Use of such content in limited scope for GAMES WORKSHOP PLC was not a license or sale of the author's well known name (#2 site worldwide in Warhammer 40,000 content then), nor for adaptation into any character or figure or creature, as fraudulently themed by FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES in false sale of title to GAMES WORKSHOP PLC prior bankruptcy and during threats to aid in a child kidnapping by such false export of legal title, a registered mark in-use.

BEYOND WAR incorporates humanism, transhumanism, and conservative military philosophy which are offensive to radical socialist societies, who theme such claims as antithesis to Marxist and collective welfare in authority worship and faux science popularized by Adolph Hitler.

Acts to disable the game developers have included violence, Volksverhetzung (incitement of genocide), and fraud with perjury on the kidnapping of a child to carry out perpetual concealment in extortion and alienation for blackmail.

The game developers and user verification system is therefore very serious about user real world information and prevention of unauthorized access, license enforcement, and limitation of media during development. The principle author still has a 9mm handgun scar where his teeth were nearly knocked out by a premeditated ambush to steal documents and papers then pertaining to Beyond War in Dallas County, following the destruction of the company office by fire and threats of arson to witnesses in the case before the court.


As these threats have not ceased, information pertaining the mechanical nature of the systems, artwork, equipment, hardware, and software remain in proprietary control similar to any work of film or technology, and threats to demand access or proof of work are themed criminal acts as they would be against a studio lot during shooting or factory at TSMC confronted by Chinese officials.

BEYOND WAR integrates substantial signal and communication technology which has been subject to numerous patent and use cases over 2001-2022, including multiplexor and simluation theory on par with Signal Corp advanced warfighting concepts. As a result, users are expected to experience the gameplay, not the math behind the gameplay, as a central part of the user experience roadmap goals. "Understanding how it works, versus knowing how it appears" is central to the design philosophy of the game. This is increasingly unusual in games in 2001-2021, and a product of the game being written and developed by tabletop roleplaying game experts familar with pre-computer face-to-face fantasy and dystopian fiction settings in traditional RPG books and their performance.

Some audiences appear incapable of incorporating these ideas or being told to wait, and are engaging in open and violent malicious harassment of the developers - in an attempt to falsely portray response to gender defamation and homosexual attribution claims involving justification for child concealment and unlawful child taking without legal casue in kidnapping, financial fraud, and securities fraud in competition with the company and its real interest owners.

As a result, disclosure is limited to images, leaks, and citations 'by design' and with 'no intention or legal obligation to give public audiences more', just as any trailer or teaser would market their product and maintain their creative right to control storyline information for future works without commitment. Beyond War is therefore comprised in public view as a collection of "legends", information and accounts, images, and reports which are never authoritative in context, so that users can enjoy the "mystery" of the game and "discovery" independent of speculative "fan theories" or "conspiracies".


James Allen, lead developer, was cited in his work in this area at regional conventions and in his portrayal and administration of the "STRYX" character, a property owned by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. in perpetuity, for a sophisticated series of misdirection and story planning techniques in live audience and event production. Tracy Oxley and Arron Harper, among other members of the SDA3 group in the 1990s club, cited and acted as witnesses to these planning sessions; so that when members would suggest invention to harm or deceive their characters were on-the-spot creations impossible in long-term campaigns, some audience members could confirm this was an ongoing plan for months throughout his campaign management.

Allen was also known for playing "pacifist" characters, strongly engaged in counter-culture gameplay among 'violent' stereotypes and Marxist themed Norwegian games, who was in the witness of Mark Deaver and Lindsay Tarver, able to flip entire games simply by walking up to the enemy boss and befriending them - all while still winning and surviving events with over 100 active live competitors.

At one point, convention staff asked James to take over because "the White Wolf Team was too drunk or high to perform" by Sunday, and such conduct and promotion of drugs before minor audiences led then to WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING being banned at future events for a long period of time.

James Allen ceased to support WHITE WOLF and was never their employee or contractor, nor his character or franchise or company their product at any time.

Efforts to impose a license over such content led to termination of the company activity in Minds Eye Theater in Oklahoma, and change in product due to unlawful civil claims in sale to suggest ownership of end-user creative work without transfer or sale, a fraud per Article XXIII section XXIII-8 and XXIII-9 in State of Oklahoma.


Due to the use of Oklahoma based media (the "NEAR DARK" film screenplay and characters) by WHITE WOLF to create its "VAMPIRE: The Masquerade" product based on "NEAR DARK", a film set in State of Oklahoma owned by MGM and starring Bill Paxton; and so cited by Timothy Bradstreet in his artwork and books as the "source material" he was encouraged to use in illustration of Paxton's character for WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING, the Norwegian firm has made a number of false and misleading statements to seek to confuse the public and encourage its workers to aid in the fraud against Allen's child. VAMPIRE: BLOODLINES and FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES were cited in 2013 threats of murder against Allen as employers of the user issuing over 300 pages of death threats and kidnapping confession demands on behalf of the TEXAS/MICHIGAN/CALIFORNIA group.

Beyond War is in no way based on the MGM Film "NEAR DARK" or "WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING" racist adaptation of such works and themes and characters - and such properties in general are the result use of the public domain "Vampire" mythology;

Such properties in public domain then incorporated by WHITE WOLF in a false claim of rights not afforded taking of the public mythology and cultural names, symbols, and ethnic identities to create realistic links to their WORLD OF DARKNESS fiction.

By promoting playable roles as nazi party members engaged in genocide and violence against homosexuals using real world and ongoing events, the firm glorified genocide activity, and has not ceased its abuse of "STRYX" in Oklahoma mark nor other white supremacist stereotypes incorporated into its products, including human trafficking and prostitution as if normalized to minor audiences. "I think the last time I picked up a White Wolf book with interest to play, they had just put a vagina with teeth on the cover - and I couldn't defend that sort of imagery to children that the company were targeting at that time with increasingly sexual content, regardless of impression used to seek liability protection," said James in 2014.


BEYOND WAR is a project whose goal is to escape the GAMES WORKSHOP PLC genre, based on unlicensed "Judge Dredd" images and characters combined with ABC Robots designs lifted straight off their client's without a penny of credit; and use of claims in absurd trademark claims like "words" commonly used for Heinlein characters, Frank Herbert novels, and Aliens movie franchise; clearly and shamelessly appropriated - and the Orwellian socialist macro-civilization genre that was pioneered by Saberhagen in "Berzerk", as if GWUK or Citadel Miniatures were the real author of such fiction. "When I was young, Rogue Trader was amazing as a book, but over time it grew reliant on stereotypes of ethnic and racial characters like orks in nazi helmets and JRR Tolkien civilizations which lack imagination and create the very opposite of a dystopian post-war civilization that originally drew my interest in Warhammer 40,000 and Realms of Chaos books. I wrote the classification for edition terms of Warhammer 40,000 to organize the ad hoc books and rule sets they published from version 1-5, and since then the company uses that Edition system as canon from the old SDA3 site - now on 9th Edition I believe as of 2021," said Allen.

BEYOND WAR does not take place in the "Grim Darkness of the 41st Millennium" of Warhammer 40,000; nor "The World of Darkness" of WHITE WOLF PRESS. Some audiences have a very serious (mental) issue with that, and even go into full blown psychosis (delusion, with violence and hateful behavior to abuse in order to conceal their ignorance and contempt for anything not canon with their heroes).

The Beyond War Universe™

The "BEYOND WAR UNIVERSE" and "Beyond War Project" are wholly original works of science fiction, in a scale that exceeds the Milky Way and Virgo Supercluster in scope; and is by design intended to make you question your significance as well as appreciate just how important a single life on a single world is. In summary, one man fought a war for all of this. It happened in a way that was so cosmic, entire civilizations are still trying to wrap their head around it. The lore ties together how every myth, legend, monster, and belief of human kind is actually just the dust settling from that battle. The more impressive issues is not how it was carried out, but why.

This mythology is contained in a number of canon resources that employ quantum technology and a form of information processing and access far beyond our own visual and written language system; and is described in a way the players can understand. It is vast, larger than our present tools have the capacity to convey, and yet precise and elegant in its construction - like looking at the mind of God and the Devil in a live debate, over a specific principle, in a specific person and place, without looking away from everything else that is occurring in the Universe at the same time, has occurred prior, and will occur, or may occur, or might have in the past occurred, in the same context. The system puts that in context, at quantum speed, and makes the information accessible to ordinary people like modern human beings. The creature that exists after being plugged into that system, is not the same creature that existed before it was exposed, and that is the question of the use of such tools in concert with natural life.


Players experience this not only by being a part of the system (of information) and secrets, but also by being alien to it, and such information management tools are the proprietary technology of the game which incorporate the unique playstyle and mechanism, granting value to individuals rather than reducing people to fungible "bodies holding weapons rated on toughness, accuracy, and quantity".

It is, elegantly, the opposite of Warhammer 40,000 and White Wolf Publishing content in that very component, without any need to incorporate detail or mechanical solutions as a proof of design and system properties outside of the meta central to both competitor franchises. Where socialist systems seek to quantify and compare 'fighting ability', Beyond War operates on a Western philosophy of value in individual and unique perspective, for which the contributor is not scale but election of force with sophisticated intent contrary simple (collective) goals and (imaginary, stereotypical racist) ideals applied by Hegelian Socialist reductionism.

This is a sophisticated form of storytelling not found in the collective identity of other games, their support of group action and organization to achieve goals, and consistent with the asymmetric warfighter education of Western military and legal thought.


BEYOND WAR is therefore more about espionage than star destroyers, quick thinking, small groups, and values regardless of contemporary society or institutions - similar to Star Trek under the direction of Gene Roddenbury or J.M. Strazensky in his early treatments for Babylon 5. BEYOND WAR was in development prior to Richard Hatch approaching studios for the reboot of Battlestar Galactica, and many of these shortcomings and issues are evident in the Caprica follow-on and similar winding-down of franchises like Star Trek and Doctor Who by the BBC. When this "collective children's show" premise overtakes the franchise to pursue audiences suitable to the media format (television, cartoons for children) the fundamental value erodes rapidly in gross stereotypes and broad 'virtue signalling' claims that smelted more than a few famous properties.

BEYOND WAR elected interactive media in strong-identity client-server virtual environments over public television or film, so it could build a strong community focused on adult values and issues including privacy, property, and human rights. The franchise makes the pursuit of other goals such as advertising revenue or paid endorsement sponsorship secondary to the core product, a service paid by members, and free to play component limited to member franchise only with similar identity and control systems to sustain community standards.

Licensing / Franchising

While licensing and franchise opportunities are obviously available, the company reserves the right to elect these and tailor its property to the intent of its stakeholders and investors; contrary pressure to conform with populist movements and false claims which the firm themes harm to children, minorities, and the rights of persons and animals in their design now popular with Democratic Socialists.

Some of the mechanisms of Beyond War have been produced during the 2001-2021 illegal holding of a child, and have no patent or copyright claims over the firm as those rights were illegally restrained by the UNITED STATES and other member states acting against the laws of the United States and Human Rights at that time as to void their authority. Technology described in 1997-1998 documents remain the property of Beyond War products, and are not for export or use. Like any scientific development bearing military applications, such claims in patent and property have no force against nations who seek to incorporate those discoveries as commercial or military arms against other nations; but BEYOND WAR parties refuse to recognize the claim of invention or discovery where such property was prior a part or component of the mechanisms described in their documents prior, and theft for sale in human trafficking and dilution of product a written plan to extort themed an act of genocide and corruption of blood in entailment of estate (a Fee Tail, primogeniture - prohibited by Oklahoma Constitution from ever having legal force in this State per 1907 agreement with the UNITED STATES on behalf of the nation in public trust so made, United States).

Terms in that regard intimidate and confuse violently stupid people, and sustain the need for privacy and rights where such ordinary rules and institutions fail to carry their duty in enforcement and protection obligated the making of the (public, nation of registry) trust.

Creative Rights are Enjoined McGirt Decisions

BEYOND WAR is therefore a property of a private person in a previously "undiscovered country" as it were: Native American Territory, with residency and claim to the land and property predating the statehood and incorporation of the United States, a party at law and incorporating Witherspoon family rights made present in the "Declaration of Independence of the United States" which is not a collateral property nor tendered or eligible to such debt of the United States and not in its borders or sovereign authority per "McGIRT v STATE OF OKLAHOMA". As if a country were carved from the very stars and appeared when needed, to carry the word of a promise.

People don't like it when you make up countries (Israel, Palestine, People's Republic of China) and like the Republic of China (Taiwan), BEYOND WAR did not go down without a fight in 2001 when the child of the lead developer was abducted for ransom. Despite a court order to return the child, the child has been concealed from 2001-2022 without due process or lawful cause; And all such orders made in 2016 on discovery of a place of concealment are UNCONSTITUTIONAL on recent "Caniglia v Strom et al" ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States (9-0).

Claims of legal right to sale or export of the company by other persons are thus void and component to a war crime themed 200,000 victims per year by the AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION in regard to qui tam in the UNITED STATES cited in current criminal complaint and pending case under jury trial.

Intent Became a Clear Case of Socialist CIVIL DEATH practices

While intended as a political fiction, the serious nature and support of the kidnapping, corruption of blood, and explosion of similar claims predicated by "Violently Stupid" Hegelian Socialism made possible by criminal abuse of media franchise in the United States subject foreign interference or purchase, including major media outlets themed a format for other competitor products (Star Trek, Doctor Who, Star Wars, et al); the tone is one of targeted defamatory abuse similar to anti-Jewish publications of Adolph Hitler's regime in Germany in the prior Century; and Gina Carano could not be more correct nor Gal Gadot less justified in their correct observations of a gathering storm of criminal injustice and violence which obligates BEYOND WAR and other properties to resist these trends in populist appeasement and prior volksverhetzung activity barred in Germany today, a form of genocide in its most unapologetic form by political goal posts styling philosophical dissent and claims made on good faith as "malicious attacks" on the authority and supports of a central political body, ad hominem character abuse, gaslighting, and ultimate destruction of the "RIGHT TO WORK" which Beyond War began to explore before it was assaulted in 2001 by Socialist extremists in an act of Terrorism just prior September 2001.

The sustained activities of which suggest and confess in writing a plan to overthrow the laws of the United States and its government, aid foreign sovereign parties in their economic takeover of critical infrastructure, and portray any gatekeepers and resistors as "mentally ill" in a pattern of abuse which takes a page from the playbook of the Nuremberg trials and defense offered there.


BEYOND WAR is a testimony in art and motion - interactive media - to the obligation to resist and to do so even when one is alone and overwhelmingly outnumbered, indefinitely, and without remedy so long as there is offense. It is a denouncement of compromise in the face of evil, and pure conviction alien to a government intent on asserting its authority over the lives and thoughts of a people in subordination of any concept of free suffrage intended by the framers of the constitution, and a clear example of the sustained "class and caste based thinking inherent in certain components of our population which is both a danger to society and a defect in the mental health and wellness of a competent civilization possessed of weapons and technology to abuse its citizens and others".

Hegelian Dialectic Socialism is a disease, and BEYOND WAR is the cure. Some people just can't stand that the vaccine might be real, or the danger real, and rather than let you decide if you want it for yourself, they would destroy it to sustain their world and views, and for the status they feel it might deprive them of which is pure delusion, a fantasy of value in their own minds and that of their peers. Populations that, in light of modern technology and warfighting theory, are not a guarantor of a right to exist or operate at the expense of others or to their subjugation a duty of any competent warfighter possessed of the means to stop them.

In short, if someone is going to hurt someone because they believe they can - do you let them. Or do you act to stop the injury, because the party to be injured believes they have a right not to be harmed for rejecting those beliefs?

This is the core question in BEYOND WAR, and the experience we hope our players are willing to explore. It combines the duty to act, with the need to retain such force in the privilege of individuals rather than groups or society, as a core tenant of protection against society not admitted a danger by Hegelian Dialectic Socialism. Known more commonly as "Violently Stupid" people.

The ROLE in Roleplay Design

Like any roleplaying game, some players are actually elected to play "Violently Stupid" people, and rewarded based on how well they carry out the part in the (fictional context) of the game against other real players. This genre, originally proposed in Beyond War, with community moderation, predated most multiuser games and remains a core component of the social conflict and theatrical reward system incorporated into the persistent online world of Beyond War. The variety of "bad guys" and their relationship, intent, and liberty - is carefully managed as would be any theme park or sport with opposing teams, and such use and services central to the nature of the product incorporating numerous and essential tools not available in other software platform engines.

The game is therefore known internally as a "Massive Multiplayer Operating System"™ or "Manifold Space Engine"™ platform, and such technology exclusively licensed by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. a part of its network stack predating virtual computer instances and similar work performed for Slicehost LLC of Missouri and Rackspace hosting in development of the technology for SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. separate from other products. SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. relies on FEDORA PROJECT by RED HAT LABS for this high performance operating system stack support, and remains committed to Redhat Linux products despite adoption of other distributions among competitors and opponents.

Due to licensing requirements and conflicts, the game is available only to PC, and does not plan on console release as of 2021. Disputes such as "3D Worlds v Activision-Blizzard" have only settled in 2021, releasing key elements from potential claims as public domain, which were likewise prior found in Beyond War documents in the mid-1990s, and necessary to settle prior to public release to all audiences or in foreign jurisdictions.


Wrongful claims by workers who violated their contract or were never actual employees, often presented as peer businesses then later claiming employee status to conceal their failure to seek equity or other rights in fraud against real investors and creditors, are the main driver behind the threats and false causes discovered so far. Firms in Texas and Arkansas have been cited in this abuse of publicity, and are engaged in a knowing INTERSTATE RACKETEERING activity without legal basis, to defraud, and under multiple assumed names to discredit the brand. False claims arise from persons asserting some equity in a registered company with shares, stock, or membership records and certificates issued as securities by the State, who later make claims of ownership to suggest some credit or rights not earned. Among these are claims of a "legal business" standing which is false, to deceive other "Violently Stupid" people who are unwilling to contact the firm for credentials prior making felony public statements contributing to an INTERSTATE INTERFERENCE IN COMMERCE (The Hobbs Act).

Access of persons outside of the United States to support and repost these false claims, unable to respect the Human Trafficking and real abuse of a real child incorporated, and threats of violence toward our employees and stakeholders, will be treated as organized criminals by the firm and without exception or tolerance.

Development Under Criminal Duress

BEYOND WAR has been in development throughout false prosecution of a people for over 20 years, in matters now "evident and clear threat to the national security of the United States and to its people and member States, and to the property of the People for which no government organization or agency has a right to publish is suspect hold without Fast and Speedy Trial on indictment (22 O.S. § 22-31; 18 USC § 3161).

Any claim to suggest delay a justification for taking will be met as if a criminal infringement has been committed, and punished accordingly in formal criminal complaint. Communication without consent in this manner will further be reported and filed publicly with no guarantee of privacy or other custom or civil tort prohibiting location and address to public notice of the abuser(s) and their employer, parties in their association incorporated with any entity engaged in prior behavior, or in interest a "public enemy" or "competitor" of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. at any time. Such claims will be under The Oklahoma Anti-Terrorism Act and 18 U.S.C. § 2261A felony stalking statute, right to work, and 18 U.S.C. § 241 and 242 felony statutes for prosecution in a Terrorist Hoax or other false claims.

We therefore recommend you have competency in your words and claims in any interaction with the firm, or retain an appropriate attorney licensed in the Native American Territories before you bring claim against our office, BEYOND WAR, or its labor or clients; as this matter is the most serious misconduct one can engage in under a civil society. Communication is subject to privacy, confidentiality, and no consent to record or relay or otherwise report the contents of such communication or disclosures made without written consent by the firm formally made and filed a contract of record with limited scope and terms that shall apply to be limited in scope.


Not everyone is comfortable with that level of information control. Anyone with a real "Top Secret" security clearance in most military organizations know exactly what it entails, and we are proud to serve those persons at any time they wish to learn more. Beyond War is not a "dark net" or other clandestine network, and exists to uphold the rule of law in State of Oklahoma and United States as made, in cooperation with law enforcement and national interest, while not confusing those rules with sovereign claims over its property or discovery not afforded "McGirt v STATE OF OKLAHOMA".

If this sounds extreme, keep in mind two of our programmers and a former law enforcement agent are dead, with no pause in threats or remorse; and other persons subject serious threats of sexual assault and murder sustained in 2001-2022 by the concealing parties and their extended family. There have been three additional attempted murder instances, for which no remorse is shown.

Such abuse led to the death of a shareholder, refusal of treatment by STATE OF TEXAS hospital because the doctor claimed "she was too old" per her executor report of the denial of treatment, and returning her to die in 10 days in a hospice alone - all because of the harssment.

That was the grandmother of the cihld, missing since 2001. She never got to see her grandchild, despite spending her savings to bring about such work and protect her home; fraud to extort her of her life's work were the only goal that TITLE IV-D fraud in Texas violating FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 Page 93492-93569 accomplished. A clear violation of 45 CFR §302.56(f) and concealment contrary ORDERED POSSESION on hearsay and false trial over 2001-2020. She died in 2022, without contact or any right to know her grandson. Beyond War is about ending that, even if it requires everything the world has to offer.

Those actions are examples of DERIVATIVE ENTRAPMENT, and fraud in the United States TITLE IV-D system now ongoing in State of Texas, which is performing under claims that the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES AGENCY is actually a franchise of the STATE OF TEXAS, and not obligated to any of the REQUIRED STATE LAWS made in §302.70 of 45 COMMON FEDERAL RULE (CFR). This discqualifies the agency from the $700 million USD it obtained for such work in February 21st 2017 to present, annually; and violates 45 CFR §302.0 and §303.0 rule; fraud on the United States. The failure of the BIDEN ADMINISTRATION to act against these states, enjoined threats against conservative families and persons to influence the United States through this fraud, is prohibited under International Law.

By Federal Law made State Required Law February 21st 2017, debt themed "child support" cannot exceed "factual income" after 75% reduction post-tax, modified automatically each 3 years. Nor can demands or enforement be performed against sums over 31 calendar days past the first day they are owing and due (45 CFR §303.6). Failure to do so is fraud upon the court, and evident in 45 CFR §303.11(b)(17) duty to void such case, so also provided in 5 U.S. Code §704, 705, and terms to take actions due in §706. Any action brought against such abuse is without monetary award, a legal suit entitled per 588 U.S. ____ (2019) case 17-647 styled (INJURED PARTY) v UNTED STATES, because every TITLE IV-D AGENCY is a franchise of the UNITED STATES; not a private entity made by the State. Most states and many Federal Justice officials continue, despite the 2017 February 21st change in law elected by the States in Fed Reg Vol 81 No 244 page 93492, to sustain the prior "BLACK CODE" and "JIM CROW" style laws, denounced as unconstitutional and EXCESSIVE FINES obligated 4th and 14th Amendment protection immediatley by Justice R.B. Ginsburg for the unanimous Supreme Court in oral pronouncement on Timbs v Indian (2019).

Imputed income traps continue to be used by TEXAS and OKLAHOMA, contrary Federal Law as of November 2022, in violation of recognized abuse in MODERN SLAVERY terms by EMBRACER GROUP AB and SHADOWDOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Ada, Oklahoma. Such fraud is prohibited by 22 U.S. Code §7102 and 18 U.S. Code &1589, by District Attorneys in DALLAS COUNTY (TX), DENTON COUNTY (TX), PONTOTOC COUNTY (OK); and families denied reuinification on sale of the court (Oklahoma Constitution, Article II-6) refused local, state, and United States Federal Law Enforcement relief for political persecution of opponents of the UNITED STATES DEMOCRATIC PARTY, and aided by technology firms like GOOGLE LLC, COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, NTT GROUP, DIGITAL REALTY TRUST INC., EQUINIX, and from such centers employed in abuse of 47 U.S. Code §230 to entice, solicit, and then disable in a timely fashion smaller businesses in targeted harassment of small competitors and political enemies (see: TWITTER/META antitrust activity affecting U.S. Economic Markets and Election Activity in 2004-2022).

There are very real casualties to the abuse of mass communication; and such abuse is not entitled MONOPOLY standing or reliance on such claims, per Oklahoma Constitution Article II-32. Claims on employment based on gender to limit parental rights are further barred per II-36A, and mandatory healthcare as a means-test to suspend other rights of persons are barred by Article II-37. No statute of limitations is permitted in II-6 where a sale of the court has produced a denial of due process or habeas corpus, which sustains a duty contrary such abuse or entrpament to suppress or extinguish human rights.

Claims to the contrary, or to suggest civil contract or TERMS OF SERVICE shall sever such rights are barred by Okahoma Constitution Article XXIII-8 and XXIII-9. All attempts to demand endorsement to join a program, like the NTT based "AUTONOMOUS NUMBERS" networks are barred by law and a crime to demand endorsement or compliance with a registered or unregistered labor organization per Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-1A.

Conduct yourself accordingly. Sedition is a felony.


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