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In light of the global pandemic, statements related Beyond War must be simplified due to interest and to prevent fear or false claims by broad audiences.

Unlike Bethesda Softworks "Fallout 76", released in 2018, which features a giant bat spreading a plague over West Virginia as its core storyline; Beyond War does not promote the use of biological weapons or seek to place blame for these events on industrial mining or other industries in classic Communist writing styles found in Fallout 76 today.

Beyond War is about 13 alien species, some of which are 'genetically engineered weapon systems' (Elan, Leupos, Dracos, Sanguine, 13th Species), and the subject of biological and specifically genetic weapons warfare on a planetary scale.

Genetic weapons are of a higher class than those of conventional military use, as the Sanguine can read, evaluate, and customize weaponized virii and complex genetic alteration technology at-will, and create airborn and highly infectious carrier technology in seconds, as well as do this in a highly specific manner based on touch or sample of organic material having genetic information such as blood or tissue.

In addition to these genetic weapons, the Sanguine can create ships out of living tissue, create subordinate races to fight wars out of existing biological life, overwhelm ecosystems at a planetary scale, and harness power sources in excess of the gravitational force of black holes. They can also use harmonic technology in a portable form inside their body to shake matter apart, cancel cound, bend light, move from planet to planet, project force, disrupt matter and energy, and walk through solid matter.

To call them 'vampires' would plainly be a highly incorrect generaliation.

Beyond War is a story about society and civilization learning to cope with these scientific discoveries, the reality of their existance, and ongoing possession and control over their basic science in discovery - from which fear of 'global pandemic' and 'genetic warfare' to despoil entire planetary populations give rise to overt tactics on a strategic and stellar scale of destruction.

Fear is the primary driving force of Beyond War, as is the ignorance that such technology and threats exist a constant element of the narrative, showing how a species like human beings evolve to contend with such overwhelming power and force - which can redefine concepts from basic racial identity to gender and mortality.

The ability to eliminate all death and disease, paired with the incapacity to bring the dead back to life, make Beyond War a substantially unique property unlike Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Warhammer 40000, or other Marvel or DC Universe.

While shows like Doctor Who focus on cultural and regional differences using the vehicle of time travel and space travel, as does Star Trek in more frequent 'temporal warfare' story arcs; products with scale of war like Star Wars and Warhammer 40000 do not likewise afford the intensity of human-versus-alien conflict which on first blush may leave new audiences feeling like observers in the Japanese series "One Punch Man".

Like Marvel and DC Universe, Beyond War examines the human element of power and defiance, deceit, and social issues - and is contrary both of those platforms in the abandonment of 'good outcomes' implied by a heroic theme of made-for-children characters; and seeks to reach audiences with more life experience and relationship experience as 24 year old members of Western society were once renowned in classic 1940s-1980s media.

The image of responsibility and authority have changed in 1990-2020 in the United States, and Beyond War examines that 'chain of authority' more consistently recognized as G.W.F. Hegel 'totalitarian socialism' very harshly, showing the value of individuals contrary the benefits and goals of larger societies, as futile in context to the sweeping impact of post-labor economics and biological machine engineering era found in Beyond War.

In the biomachine era, entire species (Humans) are manufactured to produce and work, then destroyed when they are obsolete - like factory machines - without concern for any identity or manifest destiny.

The struggle against this total control over the population to benefit elite powers and the humanist elements in inferior life created to serve others, are central to the Beyond War fiction.

Beyond War raises this issue in litarary fiction not to diminish the value of workers, but to enable the value of individuals and the right to human freedom in persons regardless of their 'utility', a concept frequently dismissed by socialist societies and civilizations, for which the American Jurisprudence themes the greatest crime of all.

Because the Sanguine can 'grant' this power to others, literally jumping species and accessing individual persons in whom they regard possess the character and the will to wield great power, the struggle to force this conversion of power to very large populations and powers remain a central focus of the story, similar to later produced "My Hero Academia" and "All for One", only on a much more extraordinary scale.

Like Blade: Trinity, the idea that those born to power and those who obtain it are different in their class and goals, objectives, and abuse of such authority - resonate in Beyond War, exploring concepts like "The Long View" - perspective of soldiers who have seen empires and entire populations rise and fall - versus those who are newly awoken to the reality of overwhelming power afforded this technology.

Like "War Games", older soldiers conclude that the "only way to win is not to play", while young powers struggle for dominance unaware of the scope and the proximity of the greater forces sleeping peaceful around them. Ordinary people cannot rely on these ancient forces to save them, for they are in context just a blink of an eye to their existance. But in the moment that eye opens, the realization that the Old Gods are alive and walk beside us every day, quiets the storm with the very presence they imply.

Peace is what is best in life, not what is best for others, and the responsibility to allow others the freedom to live while assuming the consequences for actions that hurt others - not acceptance of society or convention - core to the social dynamic of the game.

Mechanically, this is created in systems covered by game design copyright (C) in the UNITED STATES and other nations, under the BERNE CONVENTION, and specific to the BEYOND WAR product since its early physical printing in the 1996 edition. Efforts to make false claims of ownership by other companies, who hired FASA employees and sought to engage in theft of United States property, continue in 2020; in an active defamation of the developers related injury to a child - a matter delaying Beyond War in publication prior the COVID-19 pandemic and Gulf War, September 11th attacks, and War in Afganistan. All conflicts Beyond War predicted and related the core elements of conflict in Islamic and Radical Socailist elements activity in the Middle East and United States military conflict. It is estimated over 400,000 people have died because of this fraud, delaying the content in Beyond War in 2001 with a false civil claim in perjucy to embezzle funds from the UNITED STATES TREASURY thirty days prior to the attacks on New York and other strategic targets, and aggravated by ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES employees in ongoing felony stalking of Beyond War staff documented as recently as March 2020.

Therefore, the claims related Beyond War are to be viewed as an industrial espionage and "Oklahoma Anti-Terrorism Act" violation, themed a foreign agency of NATION OF JAPAN in the UNITED STATES, STATE OF MICHIGAN, STATE OF CALIFORNIA, and STATE OF TEXAS, and such persons and Residents of those States not eligible for access to the PKI network upon which Beyond War operates today in privacy.

Beyond War sought to avoid foreseeable conflict by creating a dynamic social 'serious game' environment for future warfighters to understand the long-term consequences of their actions in high-physics technology and future terrorism including high energy and biological warfare.

Instead, it has become a context only to the factual death of thousands of people and ongoing development of radical terrorist abuse of office in mass communication evident in 2013-2020 activity including human trafficking in children in the Middle East and UNITED STATES. A legacy from which neither region may recover their honor or prior standing upon discovery, and alien to American Jurisprudence as well as a fraud against the TREASURY OF THE UNITED STATES carried out by certain corporations and labor organizations in violation of XXIII-1A rule, a felony crime under Federal Law (18 USC 241, 242) perpetrated by competitors seeking forfeiture of this technology and to discredit its claims.

Gamers who are accustom to 'meta' gaming, metric exploitation to obtain power, will be sorely disappointed in the Beyond War Universe, as each player character is unique - and features traits and abilities which preclude template and level play ordinary in games for younger audiences.

Beyond War therefore falls into 'virtual life' gaming, as accounts and characters are both unique assets and non-reproducable unlike all other games in market. Learning to be different and to accept differences is important, and fundamental to the core system of character roles in Beyond War. Learning systems and classes, skills, and abilities are likewise related activity and time, which other groups 'sought to flagrantly copy' in theft from meetings with Beyond War under guise of job applications - themed industrial espionage voiding access then to Iceland, South Korea, and "People's Republic of China".

Technology which is so important it suspends ordinary protections on copyright and patent, such as the hydrogen bomb, rarely occur in modern industrial design. When they do, royalties and licensing rarely preclude overt infringement and duplication, knock-off manufacturing, and abuse by other cultures. Beyond War is such a technology, and reserves the right to retain its property under strong identity PKI cryptographic authentication systems known as SEVEN ALPHA networks, to prevent further reverse engineering and harassment by the prior parties fraudulent adaptation of content and discoveries in knowing industrial espionage.

Similar "harmless infringement" claims in 1991-1999 brought down TSR Inc. and FASA CORPORATION, and created an industry of 'cultural insensitive neo-nazi adaptation and sale of property' in WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING and PARADOX INTERACTIVE titles and products, which threatened the families and lives of BEYOND WAR developers in a false sale of their content in 2013-2020.

Beyond War therefore considers these firms and their derived companies, CCP GAMES / CCP TRANSMEDIA, and other parties using the "STRYX" trademark first in use in 1992 as criminal foreign labor organizations so defined under XXIII-1A rule of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, and to bar their employees, agents, and member states from access to this product further, citing industrial espionage and blackmail documented in 323 pages of death threats collected in the past 7 years during concealment of a family member of the developer, cited a crime in 22 USC section 7102 of the United States Code. For which no standing shall be granted to any country where those firms have nexus nor claims admitted rights under the same cause as written threats to sell or market the BEYOND WAR product in extortion of child kidnapping were issued or made.

Authors of Beyond War sought to provide the world with a simulated model of the fear and panic that COVID 19 has created in the United States, to better manage this response. Instead, those countries sabotage that work and style it 'delusional' and falsely portrayed it as illegal content while seeking to sell material from the development of this project established prior. Neither WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING, CCP GAMES, nor PARADOX INTERACTIVE or NTT GROUP corporations will be permitted access or hosting to these products, due to their employee activity in this fraud; so exclaimed in threats to the Oklahoma corporation in writing and attacks susteind in context to property vandalism and use of dead animals placed on the property in a coordinated and self-identified 'Myluv 187 Group' activity. These letters indicate the lack of authority such nations may then invoke, having injured the family, children, and estates at law in context to damages exceeding $11 billion USD over 2001-2020 and 80 thousand jobs lost as a result of this activity, for which the firm is prepared to testify to in explicit activity of domestic acts of terrorism over 2001-2020.

The rhetoric used in resort by such parties, now frequenly seen on CNN and MSNBC, affirms a political effort to damage the UNITED STATES nd impair the UNITED STATES CORPORATIONS duly licensed to provide the product BEYOND WAR to authorized users, and such conduct appears to include use of facilities in DALLAS TEXAS located at EQUINIX and known as INFOMART, where such persons involved in the kidnapping are employed and provide support for AMAZON CLOUD and MICROSOFT CLOUD (AZURE) products used in sustained attacks against the UNITED STATES domestic network hosting SEVEN ALPHA by employees of the same firms. These acts, in context to their interest in the respective (BETHESDA SOFTWORKS) and other major competitor titles, appear violations of the Sherman Anti-Trust ACt, and part of a $28.3 billion per year Fraud in the UNITED STATES themed a violationof 586 U.S. ____ case no 17-1091 ruling and 2016 Federal Law prohibiting this form of extortion as illegal and prohibited since 1991 per Fed Reg Vol 81 Num 244.

Where such persons engage in threats to extort technology, the registry of the PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE OF THE UNITED STATES owes them no standing or place in the registry, and since attacks on NORTHER TELECOM VITAL EMPLOYEES, forcing forfeiture of patents and titles in context to these claims, there can be no respective rights attributed those countries involved in the fraud since 2001 August 11th.

Beyond War therefore disclaims the BERNE CONVENTION rights for those countries, citing claims of infringement in violation of the protections at law afforded the product, and letters of explicit threat on taking of hostages in real persons, and regards any aid as accessory to the felony afte rthe fact in this matter of human trafficking to disrupt a business or property from its lawful claim of copyright and protection ordinary in any academic or scientific endeavor. AT the core of these claims are national socialist arguments which represent an unconstitutional taking of property under secular claims of a false academic criteria, doing tremendous irreparable damage to organizations including the IETF and ICANN mission in abuse of persons seeking recovery of hostages taken as a component of human trafficking by the UNITED STATES and other countries (JAPAN) themed its allies.

For these reasons, Beyond War remains a property protected under common law and Supreme Law, and claims of statutory rights to void these laws not withstanding examination of the violence in obstruction of design and delivery of the game over 2001-2020 extortion activity by various national parties and their unregistered agents in the United States.

Beyond War is based on a new game engine, and acts to pressure the company to use UNREAL or other engine whose developers are BASED in the State of Texas, as well as efforts to disclaim this right or compel its delivery using conventional means to obtain a share of earnings or equity, are industrial sabotage under Federal Criminal Code and Oklahoma Title 21 rule. Threats to this effect have been recorded in 2001-2020 and are consistent with a informal labor organization spanning Texas and Oklahoma States, with partnership in Michigan and California registration and agents. All parties are foreign and representative of a NATION OF JAPAN firm and financial parties, against whom the firm cites is the source of these attacks in 2001-2020.

Features necessary to the Beyond War spatial navigation system are proprietary, and protected by Oklahoma TRADE SECRET legislation, similar to patent and trademark law, and equally protected under the BERNE CONVENTION contrary claims of registration representing the sole legal life of such claims by NATION OF JAPAN and their representatives in fraud themed a criminal extortion against BEYOND WAR property owners and licensees.

These attacks appear motivated by Japanese socialists and hardliners, whose interests in unlawful influence over optical networks in the United States have escalated to illegal activity themed a threat to national security and an act of war, contrary the cultural contribution of Japan to other proprties like that of Akira Leiji Matsumoto and numerous art studios equally not involved in socialist propaganda for Japanese media outlets.

Japanese nationalism is a core element in these attacks, repeating Tojo slogans like those used in the invasion of China, and reveal a dark aspect of Japanese influence on data switched packet business infrastructure granted preference by United States authorities in the absence of Northern Telecom (Canada), and other independent neutral network carriers.

It has come to light that 40% of EPIC GAMES, the company that owns UNREAL, is owned by Tencent Holdings Inc. of China. 5% of PARADOX INTERACTIVE is also owned by Tencent Holdings Inc. of China. It is therefore clear that Tencent attempts to break into the network of Beyond War now have nexus with both TENCENT TECHNOLOGY (SHENZEN) CO LTD, a patent company organized in China, and claims against BEYOND WAR by its representative contractors and employees of TEK SYSTEMS and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, for which the firm can consider these companies both in nexus (joint) and competitors engaged in criminal threats via the 2013-2020 extortion website by WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING (a PARADOX INTERACTIVE Subsidiary wholly owned) named in "the 187 letters" (a collection of threats supporting the kidnapping of Mangus Vincent Peterse, known formerly as 'Baby Boy Allen' from the Allen household.

Once you realize the company and origin of attacks, the threat against UNITED STATES independent game publishers, and claims that the smaller company is not entitled to rights which Microsoft or Tencent may claim by virtue of size, fully reiterate the "TOJO ERA" of Japanese and sino-imperialism prior portrayed against United States and Chinese citizens in the mid 1900s. Such claims cannot and do not stand examination.

There are many independent game engines, and so threatening the developers of BEYOND WAR by employees of the prior TENCENT HOLDINGS firms or their contractors or NTT GROUP personnel in Dallas Texas do not warrant any claims like those made in the taking for concealment violating an order of possession and prior physical residence of a child in 2001-2020.

If anything, it is a sign of the lack of control Zenimax Media Inc. has over id Software LLC employees in Dallas Texas, and Tencent employees misuse of corporate networks to aid in a coordinated fraud to benefit EPIC MegaGames Inc., which have created a permanent and lasting impact on the future licensing of their software with American developers victimized by their employees activity.

When companies soliciting $1.25 billion USD or their bona fide owners employees attack other domestic firms in the UNITED STATES to disrupt their business and competitive rights claims, the Sherman Anti-Trust Act may be the correct remedy against foreign ownership and foreign attacks against domestic firms and networks.

We are not using the UNREAL engine nor will we after attacks from TENCENT Holdings Inc. subsidiary PARADOX INTERACTIVE and WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING. Other companies not affiliated with this abuse out of SHENZEN and the SEYECHELLES ISLANDS and from the Netherlands, may be considered preferred.

Attacks ongoing through the COVID-19 Pandemic against our servers and network in 2020 March and April affirm our right to refuse service to all countries and corporations whose employees appear in nexus with the threats received at our office spanning March 20 to April 3 2020.

Additional physical breaking and entereing with threats of rape in three counts in a second attempt four hours later spanning 60 minutes via TWITCH.TV interactive, claimed ANTIFA affiliation in this violent 'Progressive Socialist Suprmecy' (PSS), a form of Interstate and International Terrorism now themed an organized act of war against the United States.

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