Because our staff have received death threats, harassment, abuse toward their children, and other forms of illegal business practices in the State of Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan, and California - we do not provide information regarding their identities.

These practices by competitors and political parties opposed to the philosophical values of individual diginity and inalienable rights evident in the Beyond War story and Universal narrative are criminal activity, racketeering, and related to the criminal concealment of a minor child violating a court order.

Therefore no information will be disclosed during or after release related to the intellectual property owners, nor are any sales or offers made without our internally authenticated security keys valid offers.

Efforts to impersonate the staff whose children are concealed in order to damage this project and prevent recovery of the child in question are war crimes under criminal complaint against the nations sheltering the abusers. Acts in this situation are Volksverhetzung, incitement to commit genocide.

Our project is against Hegelian progressive theology and Hegelian genocide, as described under the CPPCG (Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, a United States Treaty - binding at-law in U.S. Constitutional Law and Statutory Code 18 USC § 1091).

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