Synopsis: Beyond War

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Innocence And Timeline

What is Innocence

In the language of the Sanguine, "innocence" denotes the lack of awareness to the horror of war and its scale - as present in the people of undeveloped worlds in the industrial, nuclear, and information age.

The Sanguine believe it is a crime to disrupt or dispel the "innocence" of a world, either in sharing or exposing what they know, as it invites both envy and fear of their capabilities which "procude no good fruit but death and sadness".

Therefore, the Sanguine often suppress technology and science on their worlds even at the expense of life and the hardship of other people - taking great value in the genuine nature of people in these periods toward each other as value - a trait that is often lost in the scale of planetary and interstellar conflict where whole worlds burn.


The Sanguine refer to "the Timeline" as a means of relaying without explicit language the prior rise and fall of civilization on a planet or galactic level, before their conflicts annihilate all life and technology not based on Sanguine engine devices.

Therefore, the Sanguine have lived through the incarnations of life over billions of years, and the advent and rise of the human race in 20,000 B.C. to 2100 A.D. would be like an hour of evening class for a middle school student; in context to "The Timeline".

The ability to read, adapt, conform, and customize the appearance and relative size and mass of Sanguine technology and individuals afford them the ability to conceal themselves in whatever form of life survives the Cataclysm Event (C.E.) and endure through numerous C.E. cycles.

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