Synopsis: Beyond War

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War in the Post-Cataclysm Era (P.C.E.)

A people who wish to maintain a quality of life that does not force the burden of the knowledge of interstellar warfare and weapons of mass destruction upon them must be insulated from this information.

The very knowledge alone can destory the majority of persons, who upon learning their relative signifigance often resort to suicide rather than a plan of survival.

For this reason, wars and warfighters are exclusively selected individuals with the mental integirty to survive the context of this necessary information without becoming a danger to themselves and to others, and to all life in the Universe. The selection process has never been even moderately successful.

To survive the process, elements which cannot be conveyed or installed must be prepared and offered to the candidate upon which a framework that can process the information is built. This framework requires free will, and cannot be programmed or forced or incorporated into the information itself. Therefore, many of the successful candidates views, beliefs, and behavior often seem similar to the outside observer - even if they are deeply opposed to each other at important levels.

While a candidate may observe the way an agent moves through the battlefield effortlessly, sweeping aside all opposiiton like a machine in practiced motion, acting too quickly for the human eye to register and for the huamn body to survive - these motions are in fact practiced efforts repeated millions of times, as though we might pick up a cup of coffee or pour a glass of milk.

That the atmosphere of the planet is not ripped away and the bodies of the enemy scattered like clouds on the field is an act of restraint, not power, and envy to obtain this foregoes the horror that the soldier is bearing in each motion to remember every single time this has occured prior flawlessly and in parallel - evaluating for any pattern or adaptation with which to counter in fractions of thousandths of a second. Without the engine, this is not possible, nor the number of potential counter-motions and degree of force dialed-in to avoid leaping off the planet at the speed of light - thereby destroying the atmosphere and all life in one false move of over-reaction.

The care not to kill everyone on the ground is the act of ballet and motion being witnessed, not the act of killing itself, and this information lost on the human being who is witness without the knowledge of thousands of years and the capabilities of the Sanguine weapon systems and bodies.

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