Because FACEBOOK has banned our content for disclosing information about UKRAINE, we will be blocking FACEBOOK from all networks in future for support of Russian Troops.

FACEBOOK employees objected to "kicking Russia out of Ukraine" as hate speech, in the action, showing it supports the invasion of Ukraine on May 9 2022 at 6:42 pm CDT by giving the RUSSIAN FEDERATION active military support during the seige of Kyiv and Maripol.

Despite claims of not disenfrachising people or MEMBERS OF THE PRESS, such that we are from 1990-2022 as SHADOWDANCERS DIGITAL PRESS of Oklahoma; Facebook issued this absurd statement:

Facebook is thereby RETALIATING against 7 different groups across their platform to coerce favorable media to their fraudulent activity to carry out pro-war news.

Such false news serves only to overthrow the RUSSIA FEDERATION by impairing the business of persons based on their opinion of an invasion condemned by the UNITED NATIONS, and disabling communications among group actions for business in a clear form of retaliation to support further murder and war crime activity in Ukraine. Many people will die in the next 2 days because our information cannot reach vital parties.

We have ceased using FACEBOOK as a legitimate platform for business, due to this repeated radical socialist and pro CCP pro child trafficking activity by its employees - which appear to be politically motivated and foreign to the United States and its laws and interests.

SEVEN ALPHA Network Operations, Licensing and Develompent Department, has made a formal statement.


The Perfect Weapon - A Planet Killer - An Army Alone

Unyielding - Undying - Unable to Forget

Only One Devastating Flaw

It Had A Soul

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"One would imagine, like a single extermination, that the death of all life in the Universe would be enough for us to discern the message and its intent. Instead, like those primitives, we have been tapped on the shoulder and reminded we are not alone in the Universe, nor do we have even the language or terms to describe what just blew past us and left a trail of devastation against which our greatest technology and all our combined collective knowledge was absolutely worthless. "
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