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Beyond War - Lore and Documents Guidance

Essays and articles that explain the mechanisms, background, and 1890-2019 context of the project as a serious warfighting simulation in science fiction and character development in personal elements unique to the design and project scale. Most titles are strategic or first person, and interplay between the model described by Beyond War in 1996 of large scale coordinated open persistent worlds a field of substantial competition subject to industrial espionage acts that the following statements explain and clarify.







The Long View

If you aren't comfortable reading G.W.F. Hegel, then reading Allen will be difficult as well.

Both authors struggled with the misuse of the common language of their time by the public - and were dismissed or misread due implied connotations of contemporary misuse and decline in the literacy of the lowest public.

Where Hegel wrote to stop anti Semitic violence, its proponents actually adopted his claims to justify genocide a Century later, turning his intent on its ear. Allen likewise wrote of Genocide to prevent one, and was received negative by people seeking a cause to carry out Genocide under color of law in the 21st Century.

When discussing concepts outside of cultural norms and language that is over 200 years or more between written use, argument can be verbose in order to be precise. Not all audiences are therefore capable of understanding the intent, based on their lack of experience and frame of reference.

Sample Work / Limited Audiences

Previews of the application are not made available without non-disclosure non-compete terms subject to substantial penalties and conditions. VPN access requires key infrastructure credentials which prohibit and log use and version management.

Asset capabilities and technical previews are protected works and may not be redistributed nor content from those disclosures for testing and development or other purpose shared in any form or media format whatsoever.

Release of documents paired with child abuse to compel further disclosure has created this condition of limited release and bar against residents of specific countries and states obstructing or falsely reporting claims in accessory to felony activity themed industrial espionage and criminal Interference in Interstate Commerce, which is ongoing and documented as of present records contrary denial or other claims themed perjury under oath.

Criminal arrest records confirm these claims against the primary promoters of unlicensed organized redistribution in concert with child kidnapping for extortion in the United States, both in forgery and substance abuse themed fraudulently to sustain the taking for concealment of a child, and writ of habeas corpus denied in felony fraud on demand for $70,000 USD or more in funds not obligated at law.

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