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Technology - Beyond War

Weapons Technology

Finding the right way to explain Beyond War is like telling someone born after 2001 about Roddey McDowall and "Planet of the Apes" (1970-1971). For those familiar with 1950's American fiction, the scope and scale of concepts tends to be a little overwhelming for the latter generation.

Beyond War is a purpose-built-technology to accomplish a type of warfighting that encompasses scale and mass not envisioned by 21st Century combat arms, including planetary assault and solar system siege warfare using weapons capable of destroying targets at distances themed in light seconds and minutes.

In contrast, these weapons and their destructive force might seem like magic to modern armies and science.

Utilitarian Socialism and Progressive language derived from Prussian Fascism, written about by G.W.F. Hegel in 1890, would try to convince the less capable that the very idea of these concepts are 'delusional', just as racists and bigots did in the 19th Century claim blacks and Chinese people were mentally inferior. The same claims were made toward Native Americans, to portray them as savages and heathens whose rejection of religious extremism was mental illness to be treated medically with torture and genocide.

Only the advent of a complete failure of the Criminal Justice System and Public Education led to the resurgence of these repulsive ideals in the 1990-2019 period of the United States, where illiteracy and corruption including rampant graft abandoned the duty to defend protections allowing this Volksverhetzung conduct to be rapidly employed in political terrorism and violence under the same causes as social services and labor organization which brought about the Holocaust.

In such an environment where the very description of technology is seized and its inventors disavowed and slaughtered to obtain control of this information, even theoretical models, like that of exploitation of the Jews in Germany and executions of engineers in the former Soviet Union, we have some concerns expressing the information based on a complete rejection of the Berne Convention and law by the United States and other nations whom journalists like Julian Assange have exposed in illegal surveillance and espionage activity at great personal risk. We have seen some of this retaliation in the development of Beyond War.

Further, other companies have made wrongful, unjust, and abusive remarks toward our staff in publications which indicate an intent to damage the copyright and trademark of our products with broad claims that would taint the scientific work of all writers in the field despite flagrantly incorporating other companies products in the past (1987) and adapting other artists works as their own repeatedly in a pattern of criminal copyright infringement.

Having established this, Beyond War persists in its claim that the ability to see and project weapons technology in this scale while retaining a roleplaying aspect and scale of individual characters in such vast distances.

No other system allows you to see events as they occur over time in the past, and engage targets that will be affected with weapons that can exceed the speed of light. This is why we developed an independent engine unlike traditional client-server games. Likewise, the aspects of battle where the planet the war is taking place on suddenly is destroyed or the star it orbits is annihilated or the gravity binding the plant to the solar system is disrupted, do not exist in other systems and represent a perspective that is utterly terrifying to most MMO RPG communities because all they can imagine is the griefing that players will carry out if these are actually player-driven events or weapons in the arsenal of some users.

It is hard to imagine - just as imagining a movie where actors wore rubber masks - would 48 years later still be a Masterpiece of cinematography and moral ideas. Or that a generation before computer action sequences were so expert in the presentation of the ideas behind these high concepts. The technology that was used in making "Beneath the Planet of the Apes" was not amazing, but it was well executed stagecraft. The same is said of what we do, and like stagecraft, proprietary rights exist in that work which are protected at-law in the Berne Convention and State of Oklahoma (Title 21).

Superior Warfighters

Beyond War is reliant not only on very large space navigation and signal processing systems, but also in depth in the lore of its history and capabilities of characters who are frequently so powerful they intimidate Hegelian Dialectic sectarians much like the image of Satan once terrorized Catholic communities under Feudal times. If the Devil exists, after all, then everything that has been promised by the Hegelian Dialectic is a lie. So the resort to populist psychology (National Socialism pseudo-science of race and eugenics applied to mental health slander and libel) became popular to assault the Beyond War team and its families and their children. The technology described was, after all, highly coveted as a body of fiction and already being appropriated by the Hegelian Dialectic in broad and sweeping claims just like the Nazis did to Norse and Aryan cultural characters.

Unlike other properties, the abilities of the Beyond War soldiers were not comic-book supermen (Ubermench) ten feet tall with bulging biceps like the Hulk. Instead, the weapons technology featured miniaturization of capital ship and anti-planetary weapons into the bodies of soldiers and small arms the size of Western cavalry pistols. To kill a star with a handgun, is a very real threat in the Beyond War Universe. Just as a power plant capable of offsetting the power of a black hole can be as small and innocuous as a United States dime (coin).

The most dangerous of these soldiers posses the ability to change their physical shape and size, literally becoming any person in the room or any animal, and incorporate on the fly into these designs engines and weapon systems that can engage entire fleets of Interstellar warships and planetary defense systems, as well as read the genetic information of persons they come in contact with and create biological weapons capable of wiping out entire planets in days. They can install these in other living beings, create animals with computer-like reliability and network intelligence, duplicate themselves on the battlefield into millions of identical beings, and compress their mental identity and knowledge into a dimension which is impervious to all conventional weapons including strategic nuclear weapons, hard vacuum and Interstellar radiation, the heat in the heart of a star, and the ability to enter and exit that protection in rapid order to recreate their body or expand it vastly.

If you aren't terrified by now, facing an enemy that can convert your own army into a weapon against you and is more durable than your home planet to high yield weapons and physical entrapment - that does not need to eat or sleep or age - and never forgets, you should imagine what fighting an army of these monsters is like when they go to war against each other.

Some species have adapted to conceal themselves in similar 'pocket worlds', hiding their entire civilization from future refugees that might lead those armies to them - concealed instead in nature and in the wild places of primitive planets still in the computer and information age.

Others have devoted their entire civilizations to war against this foe, failing to realize how extensive the powers they face truly are, nor that their survival was not a mercy already by those that took their homes and left lesser monsters to watch over them in neglect.

Some Civilizations - realizing the terror of this war was too much to bear, or because the number of their people could not compete with the enemy, instead created chimeras - half man and half beast - to protect the worlds near their enemies. These were specialized to become like the monsters themselves using the same technology in limited forms, to manage and oversee their holdings and maintain order while alienating the benefactors from the slaves they control ever knowing their masters were the same species who kept them in ignorance and peonage.

Others turned to mechanical and biological drones capable of reproduction and assembly of forces solely to secure and engage without fear or indecision the enemy that threatened the political dominance of the masses over other men.

Those that died in this war, some died in ways which even the designers of the weapons did not understand or foresee, leaving shadows of their former self burned into the very fabric of the Universe and Time. Shadows that return when time itself is destroyed by the weapons that the ships and soldiers wielded in this war. Ever undying, ever repeating their cries of death and last moments, many of whom were locked in battle then. Some with the same vessels of war that bore the same weapons and often in places far beyond where they fell.

To those few who understood this technology and its impact, and designed it, fear was paramount and knowledge itself the horror that was the enemy of peace. But rather than dominate and abuse the Universe to compel it to forget, they turned to legends and stories of Gods and Magic to deflect and delay the people from any discovery that would lead them to question more important aspects of their slavery. Questions like, "Why do I die? Why must I age?" The first questions that led to the war.

In short, what seems like telepathy or mental abilities like mind reading are just a fraud to conceal technology and science far beyond conventional knowledge, and the myths and misdirection keep entire worlds in slavery and fear of the supernatural and the unseen. And this, too, is a weapon of war on a massive scale.

After all, when a soldier moves so fast that the shock wave of their body can crush an enemy on the battlefield over half a mile away, and create a sonic boom with every punch, mortal men on the field think they see the Gods.

How do you kill a God, after all?

Civilizations have knelt in submission at the witness of these weapons. And this is the most efficient form of war in the Universe. A nation, or a warrior, that knows these secrets - or that they even exist - is a direct danger to the future of the entire world and everyone he ever comes in contact with. For this reason, and the fact that others do not confront such power directly or with warning - destroying entire worlds and stars from a distance of light-years away - mean that covert operations and concealment of forces dictate the articles of war in the future. Covert, not overt, military influence rule the nature of conflict over less advanced civilizations which are resources and waystations for the actual agents of Beyond War.

You can bring an army that outnumber the stars, and still find yourself on a battlefield outnumbered by one.

Nothing is more offensive to the Hegelian mind, than one person standing against superior numbers and claims of relative moral benefits. Any sense of "fairness" disappears in planetary warfare, as does the value of life rely on the nature of the combatants and their mercy and respect for the dignity of any single individual who may be subject to the consequences of their actions - or liable for them to another soldier.

Themes in Beyond War

How a game among players works in context to that scale of power is confusing to persons who are deeply ingrained with collective utilitarian socialist values, since it does expose the futility of their lives in building and growing populations only to be snuffed out in an instant.

Just as "Beneath the Planet of the Apes" (1971) challenged fundamental religion and the military industrial culture of nuclear arms in that period, Beyond War contests the narcissism of "social justice" and "progressive" hate speech that sounds in no way different to educated men than the preaching of 'the church of the holy bomb' in the Forbidden Zone. The difference is simple: you can control a nuclear warhead on an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. But you cannot control one soldier with an agenda.

Similar horror films have been made including "M.D. Geist" and "One Punch Man", with increasing success and Taoist theology, exploring the psychological horror of accountability to a single yet empowered person. The belief that if such technology existed, it would be seized and awarded to people whom the public can control, was explored by MARVEL in the IRON MAN character. Yet the concept still frightens the Hegelian generation to the extent they cling to claims like "delusion' and 'paranoia' to describe the reality and the belief that such weapons have any place in a society that is not under control of some elected force representing their own personal (narcissistic) value in themself and their artificial self-worth.

Like rats in a cage, this belief that all parties who don't want to compromise and concede their rights in order to be left in peace are 'delusional' is prevalent in our society, and the Beyond War technology designed to explain alternatives to this violent narcissism in a way that young audiences ages 24 and up can understand.

The idea that you can leave society behind and live without the consent of a community to your own ideas, beliefs, and relationships with others, is as alien as a bug with acid for blood to Hegelians. The concept that - like the right to associate with others in the American Bill of Rights (1st Amendment), the right to not associate with others is equally inherent in that right as well. This is lost on Hegelian Dialectic narcissism just as the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 13th, and 14th Amendment fail to make rational sense in contrast to the religious sectarian values of G.W.F. Hegel's "Elements of the Philosophy of Right" and obliteration of value in the individual in favor of collective identities and institutional 'god-like authority' which is denied to any minority or dissenting single person.

To such a people, who see no value in a single life or a desire to project their own mental illness on others in ad hominem abuse and moral character, any power like those described in Beyond War is a terrifying nightmare and a lesson in the stupidity of parents conveying these values on children, the unformed and immature minds that are vulnerable to that kind of displacement and fraud.

On the other hand, to mature human beings, the idea you can be happy and live without need to be in control of others or injured due to the lack of such control because you can imagine other living beings are good and just and valued in their own judgment to possess power that could hurt you but rely on their human nature and good character not to do so, is alien to Hegelian theology.

Beyond War is a metaphor both for this conflict of basic beliefs, as well as the gun control and arms control arguments which plague the United States in 1990-2019, and use of children to force the suppression of such works themed "science fiction in literature" are an offensive aspect of the danger present now in the United States if this abuse is not confronted and a means to exercise this "War Games" scenario without actual loss of life - very much like "Tic Tac Toe" in the movie of the same name, until the generation can understand and accept that other people on the whole are not the enemy - nor can you judge that enemy by their appearance or character.

To understand that super soldier with muscles made of carbon composite diamond designed to shatter granite and ride lightning, render evolution corrupt with a breath, and speak words that silence entire armies... looks like a little old grandmother in a shawl quietly crossing the street in a tiny town where nobody even knows how to work a computer, should scare the living shit out of any army or empire that comes to take that world.

That every cat on the planet and everything they see is an extension of her, and she is watching you - all the time - night and day... shouldn't terrify you. It should leave you with an immense sense of peace. Because if you are here, she probably loves you. And that, is the greatest weapon the Universe has ever seen. The will to fight, for you.

Key Definitions

The difference between a simulation and a war game is simple:

A game is built with a sense of fairness and balance between users. A simulation is built around the concept that unfair and unequal engagements will happen, while tactics and strategy are required to counter fundamentally impossible situations that are better avoided than engaged. It is influenced by air to air warfare concepts requiring players to assess and evaluate the likely outcome of an engagement prior to committing, and accept the necessity of a rapid and covert withdrawal when confronted by superior enemy forces - as jet aircraft do in modern combat. It also includes submarine warfare concepts and signal warfare concepts including detection, visibility, and countermeasures which other nations have tried to steal and emulate with limited success based on 1996 previews of Beyond War.

A simulation like Beyond War requires that players collaborate as well as encounter other players who do not - and the ability to engage without identification in combat using proprietary systems that support the deception and false-flag tactics of modern mixed theaters of war and terrorism, known as 4th Generation Warfare.

For these reasons, like the game CYBERPUNK, elements of Beyond War are not demonstrated prior their release due to a pattern of interference by the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT to bar education of citizens in these "false flag" and "propaganda tactics" common to warfare, like Operation Werewolf in World War II.

The writers are extremely familiar with these techniques and their family members served in counter terrorism tactics against Operation Drumbeat and other major crimes by utilitarian socialists. Many of their family members have died due to the criminal suppression of that knowledge and experience in warfare, and others remain alienated due to criminal fraud from communication with their family as of 2019 - on no cause other than writing this game.

We therefore submit for your approval, the case for this project exceeds the cause for any alleged need to make secret the contents of this material after 75 years of denial by the United States in classified operations and losses not relayed to the public in the interest of minimizing the fear that soldiers faced each day. To have that crime repeated out of ignorance and fear given credibility of industry interest in scaling the achievements of past scientists onto the number of graduates in the PhD programs evokes the same fraud that trying to create teams of scientists to build the atomic bomb in Germany while driving out men like Einstein and Von Braun from the political center of those nations led to their destruction. To a generation that believes real science is nothing but 'Fake it till you Make (or steal) it', being confronted with technology is like the morning in Nagisaki and Hiroshima as the Asian superiority complex of Japan was woken with the thunder of America's own "Rising Sun" overhead.

The lesson is simple: To those who imagine they are strong in solidarity and among many voices to make war - there is in that Darkness waiting some singular being who need not explain or give warning or demand. For they ARE WAR, and their impersonation in any form that should convey on them the liability for others will surely call them to answer with deeds - not words - that make violence or retaliation on the scale of mortal men a juvenile cry. To fight a man, expecting to meet him - is not the nature of 4th Generation War. With shared collective authority comes shared and joint liability, and an enemy who would as quickly destroy a planet or a star if only to ensure that the one responsible paid as dearly as those they or their association harmed. There is no defense, other than to not be evil - nor to tolerate the evil of others. A lesson that a generation has forgotten, and one that would be best explained in simulation before the real implementation of the same technology is discovered by those who love you less than those who know today.

That we have committed to creating in automation, art, literature, and satire a tool by which real violence is examined and avoided; to characterize it as evidence of real violence and an intent to justify imagined threat by which the injury of children and the rights of people was accomplished in real life underscores the reality of having this 'conversation' and dangers in any fraud to suppress this work - which by language and acts are no different than similar 'appropriation of medical science to serve political interests in criminal violence against dissent and resistance' in prior tyrannical regimes.

This is "Beyond War".


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