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Beyond War


Science fiction has ceased to be non-political, and in demonizing its opponents in the promotion of utilitarian socialism and propaganda assumed a hostile stance against the American people and their culture. Beyond War is a response to that trend, witnessed in the early 1990s and acted upon in 1999 and 2001 in overt hostility in the United States.

Whether the claims are based on racism or narcissistic projection of economic insecurity and emasculation of the warrior culture before children and families. The use of mass media to smear and defame the role of fathers and family beyond utility to state interest exposes the gross injustice of G.W.F. Hegel in his 1890 publication supporting fascist socialism entitled "The Elements of the Philosophy of Right".

As a propagandist, Hegel relied upon the fraud that people who disagree with State and majority religious beliefs of moral values are "mentally ill" by definition. It was his belief in this that inspired Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao in their later actions themed as "The Young Hegelian Movement". This movement, hugely discredited by the acts of the 20th Century, was revived by the UNITED STATES in the early 1990s through public education and abuse of the Internet as a platform for mass media, similar to the use of radio by the national socialist party of the nation of Germany in the 1930s.

These abuses and effort to change language in order to alter the contract with the governments of the Western world, placing economic objectives and performance above the dignity and rights of the people in moral relativism are evident in the 21st Century.

This became acute in the acquisition and modification of classic science fiction properties, deeply altering their intent and central themes to fit "Progressive" (Hegelian sectarian) religious values, such as the disparity of blame between belligerent parties and effort to portray evil as inflexibility and resistance to codependent emotional reasoning - wherein any position other than their own is portrayed as mental illness.

As simplistic as this appears on the surface, especially to veterans of the prior World Wars, the fraud and influence appealed to young persons seeking to obtain credit and reputation based on their participation in the state-accredited work and trade schools of the United States. When the matters in 2001 included child abduction for the purpose of perpetual concealment and fraud, whereby genocide against the People of the Americas under color of law occurred, seeking to suspend the right to commerce and forfeiture of estate in corruption of blood prohibited at law; circumstances proved that the authority invested in these institutions was and forever shall be null and void.

These actions, whether driven by economic incentive or market and populist forces, were certainly complicit with genocide and the mens rea (criminal intent) of child snatching and human trafficking, debt bondage, and fraud to taint the registry of copyright, patent, and trademark claims made by the United States during 2001-2020.

After 20 years of this conflict, initiated in 1997 and supported by persons actively engaged in this fraud prior and subsequent the kidnapping and concealment of children in the State of Texas, affirmed that the claims and arguments sought by the parties targeted posed a threat to their reliance on this fraud in child taking and concealment to control the suffrage and political process of the United States in a pattern of fraud under color of law and false use of medical practices themed TITLE IV benefits embezzlement exceeding $54 Billion USD (2 states, 1/25th of total outlays subject to this alleged fraud).

Some of the themes are familiar from the "Cultural Revolution" of the People's Republic of China, and other claims based on eugenics directly from the playbook of German fascism in the Fourth Reich, trying to project fault for this abuse on genetic differences which the criminals themed moral cause for genocide.

Beyond War directly confronted these growing trends in 1996 in context to early 1992 computer science and research in distributed applications for the Internet, and its attempted theft in fraud following the abduction of the child affirmed the danger and criminality of the growing Hegelian culture to violence later recognized in ANTIFA and other misguided and poorly organized unrest in the United States and counter-culture assimilation by foreign socialist ideologies.

Beyond War is a game which creates simulation rules not consistent with the Hegelian Narrative, a bizarre and dysfunctional concept that for any number of people to enjoy their association that all players must be equal and receive equal participation in a balanced social group. Any effort to excel or dispute this equality, themed a cornerstone of Hegelian sectarian theology, contrary the recognition of individual talent and abilities which cannot be taught or conveyed as a commodity to other persons.

This concept that all skills, discoveries, and knowledge are inherently commodities, is inherent in the narcissism of Hegelian theology and low self esteem, which in classic narcissistic personality dysfunction attack and defame any person who seeks to achieve success without complicity to populist beliefs regardless of their separation of identity. This abusive behavior, themed 'persuasion' unlike it was recognized as criminal extortion and medical malpractice in prior generations wisdom and law. The effort to attribute this to political causes and groups to seize control of political and judicial institutions in this cause, based on race, confesses the ultimate anti-thesis to Beyond War. We will discuss those differences now.


Effort to portray differences in people as superior and inferior in rank and social privileges are paramount to Hegelian defamation of others and projection of these self-esteem issues on others. This is acute in the medical and psychological professional practices, just as the National Socialists and Soviet Era Hardline Communists did, is ultimately both wrongdoing and offensive.

Beyond War refers to these aspects as "DELTAS" and recognizes that the characteristics defamed as dysfunctional and themed "illnesses" by which legal rights are being systematically stripped from persons who are critical thinkers, resistors to beta personality traits and influences, and competent parties not complicit with wrongdoing based on their expert knowledge, is criminal wrongdoing by the UNITED STATES and their members.

The term DELTA explicitly recognizes that there is no legal difference in the inherent rights of a person who believes or feels contrary the opinion of society, nor may those claims based on hereditary or genetic traits suspend their rights.

Everyone is a DELTA. There is no "normative" baseline which is credited as being "more right and correct" (good birth, eugenics) than any other variation before these rights. This is express in genetic medicine and the ability to modify DNA and other aspects which cause these changes as ultimately easily influenced by advanced technology, not generational development, whereby we may not suspend the right to birth, commerce supporting family and life, or otherwise deny the equality of our society and world to any person in an effort to destroy or limit the influence of those persons on our society as a whole.

Despite this, the calls for castration and child taking in Petersen v ALLEN 2001, supporting concealment spanning 18 years without relief ORDERED and obligated prior such fraud to obtain an order of lesser rights, affirms by the tolerance of this abuse in real life cause - the August 11 2001 acts of Genocide by the UNITED STATES in this matter, from which the Beyond War project was then prior under development and subsequently obstructed in its delivery on taking of hostages by the UNITED STATES in this matter.

The failure to understand this fraud, and to deny it over 2001-2020, affirms the low place in history that the UNITED STATES and its allies, NATION OF JAPAN, received in their suppression and defamation of the rights of this project and its development - theming defamation of criticism of Hegelian Dialectic Theology - a religion - from the taking of private property including children of the developers and their concealment and extortion in support of such fraud themed 'excessive fines' in excess of real income to deny civil honors and employment supporting the launch of this project.

Beyond War is a work of science fiction that expresses the abilities of the genetic editing system to alter persons, and the danger of permitting such a technology to be weaponized by persons like the Hegelian community of the UNITED STATES and JAPAN, who are seeking to deny rights based on their views of sexuality, pedophilia, and sexual deviancy including open families and destruction of the parent-child bond with male role models in the selling and monetization of the suffrage rights of children trapped in these frauds.

The claims including the mental identity and affiliation of sexual roles in Hegelian Dialectics, whereby parties define themselves and their victims to cause trauma and denigrate heterosexual males role in the family, marriage, and life other than as an economic slave in peonage with inferior rights of care over their children; are disclaimed by the BEYOND WAR project.

In Beyond War, some species can choose their gender and become the gender of their choice at-will. They choose to remain physically male and female, and the pattern in the species in which they have tampered consistently reflect that choice to promote two genders without any restriction on their mental and emotional traits. So there are gentle men, and warrior women, and people love and do what they want when they want without fear of being labelled or regulated separately. The consumption of children and persons too young to make decisions or vulnerable and exploited are independent of this abuse, and human trafficking and sex trafficking or trafficking for labor (slavery and compelled labor on threat) are NOT protected, nor barred at law by any society in the right to eternal and perpetual remedy - from which the articles of war disclaim the right of any nation to deny.

The Hegelian premise that there is a time at which truth and justice are denied the right to relief or protection at any time is disbarred by the Oklahoma Constitution - Article II section II-6 - which disclaims all such artificial immunity and durations whatsoever. The State of New York has just moved to enact expansions in this right, following the discovery of Eptstein and others engaged in serial rape and child abuse under the government of those UNITED STATES member States.

Beyond War is a simulation explaining this concept of lawful retaliation and freedom of the use of force to a generation that was raised in virtual slavery and bondage, never faced war or the injury which warranted its resort, and have from 1991 to 2019 been discouraged by the unjust and illegal actions of the UNITED STATES against its own people and murder of over 400,000 persons in the Middle East.

The developers felt that only by simulating the influence of planetary populations and leagues against defensive wars that posed a real threat to the homeland of those industrial societies would convey the perspective which many World War II veterans observed and endured in resistance to the rise of industrial Germany and the extermination of other people to 'lebensraum' (living space) claims, now repeated by the Democratic Party of the United States in support of unrestricted immigration aiding their takeover and control of the UNITED STATES political system, including the creation of 'wrong-think' in medical practices and civil rights and family powers, from which eugenics and denial of basic medical care and privacy were possible from 2004-2012.

While many of these acts are now ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW, the legacy of this fraud remains and affirms the danger of permitting a government or state to regulate and standardize the records of private citizens fundamental health care and entailment of rights to those findings unlawfully, often by medical malpractice and spoliation of record barring all remedy to the average citizen. Selling the court and their rights and contact with their children to them based on conditioning to accept public policy set by the Hegelian religions belief that the State and other people are God, and any belief in any other God is mental illness. This is religion, sectarian despite the denial of the supernatural, and prohibited in the same context as allowing religious divisions among Christianity or Islam from defining the 'moral and legal definition of right' based on their own standing and core documents, benefits, and needs.

Laws designed to protect this have been disclaimed. Beyond War is therefore a simulation in the application of extra-ordinary degrees of force to illustrate the consequence of such abuse in social networks and political activity which young persons are not receptive to in economic and labor relationships narrow powers now afforded by the UNITED STATES and other regimes like North Korea and similar regulated countries.

The self-dealing in the UNITED STATES, similar to that of the People's Republic of China and former Soviet Union, exposes the criminal nature of such influence, and a need to acknowledge the concept of legal separation from a society by persons who are being injured by that society unlawfully or in violation of the powers granted to that or any nation.

The Individual Estate

The dignity of the individual and their right to act and employ any resources and mechanism of defense in their own interest, not in submission to the benefits of others or balance in that cause where their rights are infringed, is central to Beyond War.

That the power of nations are limited and the power and authority of individuals are not - is alien to the Hegelian Dialectic, as it does not recognize the standing of individual persons, only collective identity in communities and formal institutions such as workers and government bodies collectively.

Inciting public fear and anxiety to act pre-emptively in response to the potential use of lethal force or economic force against individuals and individual rights, precluding any right to objection or argument in civil context as well by this abuse portraying dissent as "mental illness", "delusion", or "a public danger" is pure projection of blame for a criminal conduct that we all hoped we had seen the last of in 1945.

Beyond War provides a platform following individuals in these situations, and their activity in the smallest and most personal relationships among a community in which they are potentially a billion-year-old-god-weapon, or a regular person, and the player base cannot actually discern who is the enemy and where the enemy is. Whereby the more knowledge they gain about the enemy, the more terrified they should be that in any infringement on any individual they might accidentally encounter one of these 'monsters' that can take on a planet - and to treat each person as though they may be one of those monsters.

In this way, "The Monsters are the Heroes of Beyond War", not the people. Because it is the fear of monsters that makes others treat the individual with the respect accorded to a party that has the power to resist.

That this power can be transferred or lost, found, and is scattered throughout the stars - also contributes to a race to acquire it and to control it - which is still not enough to employ it against the same force without destroying stars and devastating the galaxy.

This limits the scope of war and aggression in the Universe, directly proportionate to the knowledge that a civilization has of the history and vast scale of power in which individual human beings and worlds are miniscule and powerless to protect themselves.

Kindness - is what holds the Universe together. Kindness, and trust that those with the power would have acted already if they were so inclined.

Tribalism is Hegelian Dialectic Regression

The modern 21st Century has been defined by the regression of Human Society into electronic tribalism created by International communication tools which afforded the loudest voice to the largest community in coercion themed persuasive media and assimilation of cultural history and language.

Tribalism inevitably ends when smashed by the victims of their socialist claims to impose violence against minorities and individuals - who are involuntarily separated from the community to create an artificial 'other' against which tribal narratives can portray the majority as justified in their acts.

Tribalism is the division, not the unification, of the Human Race - in confidence that it can create an 'inferior other' in the minority or the individual, from which unlawful and immoral taking is then performed. Put another way, it is "Us versus them." rather than "All for One, whereby we then achieve one for all."

Beyond War is a core mission simulation tool intended to show that Universe that regardless of its delusion, it will be outnumbered by one.

The faith we have in the one is the measure of the faith we have in all. Lose that faith, and you lose the dignity of all people at once.


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