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Principle software

Due to terrorist threats by the State of Texas and State of Oklahoma in fraud, the United States is not entitled to protection or access to the trade secrets derived by the Beyond War Project or its Manifold Space Engine technology.

The failure to protect developers and their families prohibit the disclosure of otherwise critical discoveries and all claims by the United States and its allies to the proprietary technology derived in this project, due to their use of child abduction in pursuit of this claim to defraud its rightful innovations.

The technology obtained in this project over 1992-2019 comprises systems of spatial mapping and relationship data, in addition to science fiction literature and technology pertaining that work. The nature of that technology, initially denied and ridiculed, has become in 2010-2019 the basis for artificial intelligence in self-driving cars, self-aiming weapons, and other signal warfare technology.

Extortion to deny lawful claims in this case have exceeded "fair business practices" to include child abduction, blackmail, false sale of title, trademark infringement, and defamation to deny all rights under the Berne Convention including tainting of registry of patent and trademark to extort inventors of the civil honors and enumerated rights to those discoveries.

This action has disgraced the United States and State of Texas to the degree that license to their member states have been suspended until the states responsible for the fraud are brought to justice in a 17 year 9 month child concealment on no lawful cause and to knowingly defraud Social Security in connection to premeditated attempted murder and criminal interference in Interstate Commerce. Pursuant to "public danger" created by this fraud in false claims evident in discovery and ruling of 9-0 UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT against this fraud, public notice is lawful and warranted per Title 22 section 22-31 of the Statutory Law of the State of Oklahoma.

This obstruction paired with assault at gunpoint, fraud, and overt taking of property for sectarian purposes and to create unlawful advantage for companies in Texas, Michigan, New York State, Minnesota, and the State of California; and for a foreign national government with 25% ownership of the firm acting in the United States to disable a $398 billion Dollar competitor by industrial espionage. Over 80,000 people lost their employment due to this fraud, which impacted the United States from 2002-2004 in accounting impact on the New York Stock Exchange known as the Telecom Recession. Registered entities representing employees of the aforementioned States did with criminal intent engage in abuse of public and Interstate communication to manufacture false evidence in concealment of a child and false claims to damage the contracts made in the State of Oklahoma and execute forfeiture of estate barred by State and Federal and International Treaty against such war crimes prohibited in International Law. This complaint has been formally filed, and substantial evidence of Volksverhetzung (incitement of genocide) provided in fraud and identity theft voiding any claims of the United States or its member states against this development and its property held to be private property not subject to taking for sectarian use. Initially disbelieved, the evidence of wrongdoing in publicity in other areas are now evident in 2001-2019 incitement of violence and defamation themed criminal misuse of public media to violate 18 U.S.C. 2383 and 2384 in pattern violations.

This activity was linked to kidnapping and fraud including false presentation of labor by TEK SYSTEMS and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, to discredit internal audits of NORTEL NETWORKS whereby breach of services transferred ownership and control of long haul data transport contracts to NTT COMMUNICATIONS GROUP and aided by sustained assault upon UNITED STATES domestic data networks impairing Interstate Commerce during the concealment of a child ordered to the possession of the Oklahoma developers. Letters confessing these claims made by their employees in fraud and during concealment of the child ordered to the possession of the Oklahoma developer and taken from his home without cause in extortion activity and threat of murder, including surveillance of the Oklahoma real estate including photos of dead animals left on the estate and stalking of employees and labor at events including Tulsa, Yukon, Norman, and Oklahoma City events to interfere in labor and services in the industrial development of the State of Oklahoma.

Manifold Space Engine Platform

The software for this project remains protected by Oklahoma Trade Secret, and theft or impersonation of this technology themed a form of industrial espionage falsely registered under the UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE and other claims subsequent to the use and description in limited release subject confidential hiring and fraud to extort and blackmail developers to disclose those discoveries for foreign acquisition in injury to the aerospace industry and national security of the UNITED STATES and its commissioned officers duly performing their duties and so registered in the STATE OF OKLAHOMA.

In general, the Manifold Space Engine allows for scalar artificial intelligence in four dimensional space, through which the engine can both visualize and speculate actions at the control surface level to achieve complex maneuvers and execute actions using logic and pattern recognition with intuitive speculation.

This provides an environment for actual operations beyond the confines of a physically defined space in the same methodology as human cognition, using a large area network private encrypted dynamic neural network model across virtual instances on generic hardware in a protocol abstraction layer to convert concepts into abstract language elements independent of conventional human spoken and written communication frameworks.

Virtual Environment Technology in 3D Logistics

The core software of Beyond War is designed to find and kill enemy combatants in a non-uniform environment and to analyze signal warfare intelligence in combat arms and capabilities which adapt and change under combat conditions including intuitive speculation, peer modelling, and observed pattern adaptation from which a database of methodologies and techniques are derived and cross-compared in parallel real-time processing.

Beyond War is a simulation environment for the testing and development of this software package with human players, while the Manifold Space Engine framework and data structures are an application interface for an artificial intelligence project with distributed distinct application roles and specialized nodes.

This is why Beyond War and Manifold Space Engine technology is not comparable to Unreal Engine, Unity, or CryEngine, as these products are environmental simulation for game logic and simple enemy movement and shooting in conventional Cartesian coordinates used in DirectX, OpenGL, Vulkan, and similar graphic card API tools.

Gaming Enthusiasts may compare this concept to Deep Blue, or other professional chess programs aimed at competing with human players in early computer science.

It is fully expected the end-product will be a far more effective and efficient specialist in select areas of physical control and input, tactics, and situations presented in the early virtual environment data set. This is the reason Beyond War was selected, based on its scale, general abstraction, signal warfare element, and relative applications in aerospace and combat arms. Because the environment is not a real world test of physical weapon systems or of terrestrial combat scenarios, the product is not classified as a military asset in context to conventional technology or International Treaties.

The project has been waiting 15 years for parallel central processor and ray tracing technology to provide hardware implementations of software solutions and models discussed since 1996 in presentations by the firm. Theft and claims of these technologies in efforts to imitate the project have earned several countries a blacklist status for all membership and license of use.

Efforts to block the company from acting in 2017-2019 in direct correlation to the release of products by the State of Texas further underline the need to bar all members of the United States from access to this technology and dismiss their claims in infringement activity paired with child abuse seeking to force forfeiture of estate RULED UNCONSTITUTIONAL in 586 U.S. Case #17-1091 in vote 9-0 by the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT barring all claims now sustaining injury to the developers.

STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA efforts to claim immunity for their acts and false records created in violation of 23 O.S. 23-9.1 subsection D class III damages were dismissed per 588 U.S. Case #17-647 ruling vacating such immunity by the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT, exposing a second time in 2019 the fraud employed to discredit the Beyond War Project. The conduct including State fraud is not unlike Edison v Tesla, and consistent defamation relied upon to deny patent and trademark claims a pattern of abuse by the UNITED STATES and NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE (a 25% state owned company of the NATION OF JAPAN).

Perjury in this matter is confessed in November 21 2018 and July 6 2019 in letters exceeding $70,000 in false demands to extort the property entitled BEYOND WAR and other products in connection with the concealment of a child for Interstate Extortion contrary an alleged court order and obligations therein disclosed as "discharged" since 2003 voiding this abuse and false Federal Record to deny filing in the PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE OF THE UNITED STATES themed a $2,000,000 fraud with aggravated circumstances of child abduction under the age of 90 days at removal on no writ or lawful cause from the legal residence of the child.


We therefore take security measures at our facility and for our staff and their families very seriously, and upon instruction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, have been so empowered to protect the property, records, and trade secrets of the firm subject written letter of false taking served in fraud barred by FEDERAL LAW since 2017 February, received November 2018.

Where regional law enforcement have become oppositional to any action incriminating State agents or agencies, barring their report and letter confessing destruction of complaints and evidence received in June 2019, this matter is of the utmost seriousness to the UNITED STATES and rights reserved by the private property owners so placed under duress from 1999-2019 by extortion prior and sustained since the child's conception in effort to obtain control over the 1996 documents and 1998 incorporated business held to be the owner of the regional rights to the license of the private property and discovery warranting lawful credit for those theories and formulas held to be trade secrets of the investment group and researchers threatened with murder and loss of lawful companionship with their children spanning 2001-2019.

Efforts to disclaim this abuse based on current market valuation of the technology in fraudulent conveyance or capitalization to preclude development of stolen intellectual property constitutes a knowing fraud to affect market prices cited in 21 O.S. 21-1200 and such scheme, plan, and fraud made notice of the public pursuant 76 O.S. 76-3 and 76-4 lawful resistance afforded 22 O.S. 22-31.

The public is advised to desist or waive their rights in any participation in claims and publication, and such claims prior made in sectarian extremism as is reliance on "G.W.F. Hegel" and utilitarian socialism are an assault upon the legal rights and person of the developers and their families in false cause commonly accepted by radical media outlets. Claims that the 1st Amendment rights are superior to fraud in this matter to extort and transfer intellectual property by employees and contractors of a foreign national government acting through its domestic UNITED STATES agencies in commerce exceeding $98 billion USD in annual revenue, including hosting of network facilities to steal the identity of a UNITED STATES CITIZEN in 2002-2004 and 2011 and 2013-2020 in ongoing extortion under color of law.

The parties damaged by the false claims are entitled to these true claims per 76 O.S. 76-6 and 76-8 rules, and injury cited by the OKLAHOMA SUPREME COURT case P100 "KELLY v KELLY" 2007. Any attempt to infringe on these rights reliant on the prior confessed written false claim to disparage the developers or their testimony or threaten their property rights will be construed as accessory after the fact to kidnapping themed 21 O.S. 21-891 and related 18 U.S.C. section 1201, and other related codes now cited in a formal and filed case.


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