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Beyond War: Supplemental

'BEYOND WAR: Technology' and 'BEYOND WAR: Psychology' are now both out, detailing the fundamental Universe and background of the game beyond the initial experience.

For those players who want to know more than their pay grade and rank allow, the books are a great insight into the history of Beyond War and its setting, just as the game begins.

Ever since 'The Incident", the major forces still in contact ceased their expansion activity and called for a collaborative effort to 'find a solution to the problem'.

Something hit the Kai'Gi - not just one of them, but all of them, in an instant and with a single strike. This quantum superposition event, in which every member of the species throughout space and time, were severely injured - brings new purpose among a collective of warring species when the Beyond War online game begins.

Chiefly, the purpose is to not be the next uppity colonial alien to get served by an angry unspeakable horror.

The Kai'Gi remember both the time they were injury free, and the injury as if it has always existed since the beginning of their people. This ability to fold two seemingly different realities in on every member of the species, creating memories of both worlds, would represent the most powerful event since the death of 99% of all life in the Universe.

Finding out more about it, is your job. The Kai'Gi will sit back and just watch this round. They promise.

'BEYOND WAR: Technology' describes how this "Incident" changed the Kai'Gi, and brought about their new willingness to stand back and let some less developed species take the next shot.

'BEYOND WAR: Psychology' gives readers a glimpse of the figure responsible, and the confusion and collective knowledge systems which are still struggling to wrap their heads around the new threat.

It was as if one moment Pontius Pilote denied God existed, and the next found himself nailed to a cross beside Jesus. The Kai'Gi are reeling from this knowledge, even in the most distant and disinterested corners of their society. As if one shadowy hand had reached out from the Dark and touched them - in the back of a Volkswagon.

The less the other species know, the better. Ignorance may be the only way to convince them to open this secret. And to fix the showers on level seven.

Learn more, in "Beyond War" books, available via the Seven Alpha Network.


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