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Beyond War: Methods

The story of Beyond War does not summarize the underlying complexity or make its claims practical inventions alone - no matter how unique. The Methods of that Trade Secret property protected by Title 21 Oklahoma State Law and Oklahoma Territory Common Law, afford these discoveries to be protected - even as the UNITED STATES and other government organizations fail to secure the technology from foreign export and piracy - and aid in that fraud actively from 2001-2021.

Each method is a specific feature in the game engine which provides a critical element of function and mathematical core relationship executed in the M2OS platform and message stack for cross-platform multi-node clustered computing owned solely by RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, and licensed from designs by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. - the parent firm in legal name of SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP.

The methods of Beyond War's core engine are derived from invention and discovery which are the product of 25 years of comprehensive storytelling, communication, database engineering design and development, transaction security, customer service system and multiplexor work; and military experience.

Among these are the experience of actual warfighters and aerospace experts working on leading programs in signal warfare and advanced military theory, foreign intelligence, and foreign station for diplomatic and military activity over 200 years.

Every aspect of the platform is designed for immersion, similar to virtual reality concepts and simulator design for practical civilian and military training in weapons systems and commercial aircraft.

Beyond War is therefore a product of scientific computing subject to substantial complexity for which a breakdown of these features before the public and without license would be no more appropriate than discussion of United States military weapon systems in the public. Many features and design specifications are classified from public release, and will be discussed in general - omitting the formulas, mechanisms, influences, and factors.

Likewise, character traits are notoriously quantified in most IIAM systems, unlike Beyond War - where the player knows "about their character" but cannot make qualitative judgments or access other players character information by design. Perception, appearance, information which is not visible to all classes, use of subtle language and signals, and other factors allow for the player to operate in a very large community which contain secret groups and organizations - for which other players are not privy and exact determination is purposefully left vague. This forces players to make commitments and trust each other in a social context not present in most other large games.

Elements of this "social deception and personal affiliation" in a diverse character base and community incorporating vast distances, faster than light travel, very large populations, and communication based on telepresence are all components of the sophisticated "agency of force" that players enjoy as part of Beyond War. Other products have experienced demonstrations of this technology, and wrongly made claims to exclusive rights or discovery after such contact, closing the firm from cooperation with many countries and permanent bans on those nations from access to Beyond War due to this pattern of fraud.

These systems are incorporation and implementation of "human social interact", and while the principles and need may be subject to public domain like illustration of characters in avatars (so ruled recently after years in court) - the technology and methods used by Beyond War and SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP to carry out those features remain "trade secrets" and protected intangible property from sale or disclosure, similar many other industries right to this proprietary technology themed too valuable for general patent registration due to its multi-use and military applications.

This is especially true in Turing and avionic learning technology inherent in the Beyond War stack, which is incorporated in several real-world applications from virtual simulation and device control data gathering sets in the online game.

As such, the intelligence systems and social message stack, language, and other proprietary technology will be described in purpose and outcome - as factors of the essential game - without method details.

The way the ship anticipates or interprets signal, or manages defects and adjusts, or how the player can determine the extent of damage to the ship which is unique to Beyond War, will not be outlined.

We can say publicly that the damage control systems and management of such technology is the outgrowth of very technical engineering and experience, to create immersion in the game unlike anything we have seen in market worldwide.

The same is true of player interaction, injury, and other experience which differs from the conventional first-person shooter or combat games; and this is essential for the player to enjoy the aspect of the game that impacts their character. In most games, the character is simply an extension that operates in the game at direction of the player. In Beyond War, there is a method which is reliant on more intuitive and natural reactions to situation, which incorporate the players actual playstyle and decision into the character in ways which cannot be duplicated from one character or account to another - making each individual unique in the game.

For this reason, the loss of a character is not simply a trivial loss of a class. The actual character, their experience, and their name matter. They are non-fungible.

Again, this concept upsets a certain class of potential player, and our effort to screen those persons from trying to abuse the system in an effort to make it operate like another game or system and exploit the IIAM system they are accustom to in other games, is central to our licensing and selection process.

We believe the loss of accessibility will result in a far superior property, and in technology which can increase the value of online and multiuser games thereafter - provided this proof is not molested or diluted by foreign competition to reverse engineer or abuse our method systems and game engine, which are protected by copyright as a complete system and collective work: "Beyond War" in our laws and under The Berne Convention, an International Treaty.

The willingness of Radical Socialists to steal, extort, and seek to export those technologies for use against our license and franchise in non-Berne-convention ports and countries, underline our desire to keep this information proprietary and restricted from public diagnostics and reserve engineering. The network stack and communications protocol in our system is therefore similar to payment card service systems in nature, and designed to limit the logic to end-user and client-side attacks on system code.

To further limit theft, all users are issued time-restricted keys for their session access, which may not be legal for use in all countries. Session keys present strong Virtual-Private-Network-like security, and are now widely employed by all industries. This security was not widely accepted in the prior 20 years of development, and many critics, unable to digest or acknowledge the issues in permanent death and real-time games as legitimate, wrongly suggested this technology would be used for abuse now widely known as separate from the fundamental fiscal security and importance of account security common in e-sports and privacy management industries.


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