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Beyond War: Transmaterial

Quantum Entangled Composite (QEC) Material - commonly known as "transmaterial" composite - is the fundamental building block of Advanced Warfighter armor, weapons, and components used in the construction of Sanguine, Tyec, Genosect, Dracos, and Kai'gi bodies and quantum singularity reactors.

The material is a creation of interface between multiple potential realities layered into redundant states which can reinforce and reconstruct their peers across dimensional sheering surface of ordinary space-time. Transmaterial can therefore contain the forces of tidal edge quantum collapse energy and facilitate travel in a linear fashion rather than along the curvature of ordinary space-time drag.

In simple terms, it pierces the surface of space-time drag and facilitates high-energy and low-energy conductivity which create unique properties including quantum superposition across multiple dimensional boundaries. This allows the creation of gateway transit points for pocket dimensions inside of ordinary space, escape from relativistic physics even at very small scale, and local manipulation of space-time interference with matter.

Somewhere there is still a Texas guy who can't get a guy with a pair of tits out of his mind, but he's not our problem. That's his problem... the dick and tits obsession... and we should not judge as long as he knows - it's his fantasy, not anyone else in the room.

Transmaterial is the reason a Sanguine can be hit with a 150 megaton fusion bomb, and ignore the concussion and energy. It is also the reason that some of them can walk through solid matter, move at superluminal speed through water and mountains, punch you from behind without disappearing from view or moving visibly, and not even disturb the air in the room when they move at mach 5.

Transmaterial is the fundamental building block that lets the Sanguine rebuild their body almost instantly, reappear after being burned alive, and "reset time" to a path in which their body was not destroyed or harmed, unless you hit them with a weapon that can destroy multiple timelines simultaneously - like a quantum singularity reactor (QSR) or similar high-energy event.

Kai'Gi can be almost as dangerous, doing all that with less snark and witty banter.

Which gives rise to the level of fear when a Kai'Gi was pummeled and tossed across a cafeteria table before being pants in full view of the general assembly and shoved into a food disposal chute by something that.... simply wasn't there. Physically, no one - not a single Advanced Warfighter in the room - saw anything.

To a primitive people, it looked like an exorcism gone wrong.

The impact of "The Incident", in light of that,... left the room silent. "A little help, please!" all that was said, of the former Kai'Gi attache now lodged like a freshman ears to ankles in the narrow chute on the wall and unable to pull himself out. It all happened so fast.

In a world where the Sanguine will literally tear apart an entire city population at a sprint in a matter of minutes, leaving severed heads and limbs across ten square miles, this fight was... something else.

Whatever did this hit the Kai'Gi like a teenager like a baseball shortstop, totally ignoring armor and fields that could withstand a stellar collapse or pull away from the surface of a black hole.

While getting jumped may not be an uncommon event among terrestrial species, even a daily event, this victim was transmaterial warship-class capable of laying siege to a galaxy. The attacker had flipped him like a paper football and then struck a brutal blow. A spoon was missing.

You don't have to be an immortal war machine to pucker just a little at the thought. As did every Kai'Gi in the galaxy. Because not only was the utensil missing. It seemed suddenly to be where every Kai'Gi was at once, and not in the back of a Volkswagon. Worse, jiggling one would jiggle all of them, making it awkward - and despite not showing up on any medical or advanced sensors - each Kai'Gi insisted it was still... there.... and a consensus "not to touch it" quickly reached.

No one who understands Transmaterial knows how this happened. It resembles the pin-point device construction, a single point in space superpositioned with an object, but instead incorporated into every member of an entire species - in an instant and after physical contact with only one member of the species. This... was something new. This... was "The Incident".

The term "Transmaterial" quickly fell out of style among the Kai'Gi, who struggled to come up with any other name for the property. Some theorized, worse, that whatever did this had actually influenced the unfortunate naming of the material property with this point in mind, as if it had not been and then was, and the Kai'Gi remembered both versions of history despite no one else having this duplicity. As far as everyone else could recall, it had always been called "Transmaterial". This odd collision of multiple timelines, an after effect of catastrophic quantum singularity events, further unsettled the Kai'Gi.

A being that could utilize such uncontrollable events in a constructive manner was unprecedented, and inordinately dangerous. It also appeared to be rude. And a bit snarky.

While Sanguine can and do use Transmaterial to construct engines, weapons, quantum singularity reactors and integrate them into their bodies using virtually infinite space afforded the relative nature of pin-point edge devices and interface technology, even to create bodies matching the species and physical characteristics of their choosing - creating a cellular perfect copy of bodies to occupy and pilot like vehicles among terrestrial races - the sudden connotation of "trans" in every terrestrial culture seemed to occur as if no one had even noticed it was funny, confusing, or related to the "Incident" or the use of these bodies by the Sanguine, but never occurred to anyone as suspicious (or funny) before.

This mirrored the sudden memories of the Kai'Gi, and everyone who was familiar with the physics became quite concerned. If a being could literally "tell a joke" by altering the history of every known civilization just to get in a punchline or a snappy repost after a bar fight, it probably stood to reason that it could be responsible for suddenly dispatching 99% of the Universe in "The Cataclysm", an event that literally snapped most of the sentient life out of existence - often right as they sat down for a meal or sailed to war in vast fleets of vessels packed with Advanced Warfighters and cloning facilities.

If this is the same being, and it has something to do with Quantum Singularity Reactor capabilities beyond high-energy and low-energy, even affecting time, then it poses a threat that no species can ignore.

It also seems to be a little vindictive.

The two factors are - together - in ongoing incidents at the suggested subordination of the other species to the Kai'Gi, not without an agenda and a will to act.

Fearing further retaliation, the Kai'Gi executed what passes for an apology among them and asked the other species to look into the threat - as a joint operation. Their joint being to stand in the back uncomfortably and send in more - curious - species first. And perhaps to give some advice from behind everyone else.

Frankly, no one can blame them - though averting all out war with the most advanced species left in the Universe and all their factions and peers who - prior - had nothing to do with each other whatsoever, does present a common cause. It also opened up a seat on the bridge, since Kai'Gi generally feel a cramp if they try to sit down and prefer to stand now - Universally.

This has not cooled the Kai'Gi from fighting among themselves and bickering, but the very suggestion that none of them could have done this to each other or would - has cooled even those hot heads.

The other species, still giggling each time they say "Transmaterial" simply will not stop - even if it wasn't funny the day prior; and even on worlds that have never seen a starship, the word appeared in common use suggesting a multitude of things - most of which the Kai'Gi simply scowl at grimly and feign beneath their dignity to acknowledge.

The material remains an integral part of starships, weapons, armor, tools - and is literally laying all over the Universe. The ability to make it, not so much. Those secrets, like 99% of the Universe, fell to a few pockets of life who were largely passed over - many did not even know anything at happened to the rest of the Universe at all. No pattern or location appears in these survivors, so the remaining coalition continue to search for them in the interest of regaining the industry and secrets lost with the lives in The War. The Cataclysm did seem to destroy everyone who knew why the War was even going on for so long - at least, everyone who will talk about it.

Clearly some members possess pin-point devices with the information, or actual first-hand experience since most of them do not die of old age and appear to be very very very old. Older than The War itself.

However, like the Kai'Gi who was at the center of "The Incident", they appear to be keeping their mouths shut. In fact, it was rumored that something the Kai'Gi said, when he thought he was alone, might have instigated "The Incident", and at one point he remarked, "I'm sorry!" An admission rarely ever to enter the language of any Kai'Gi at any time, much less in the absence of someone and in formal protocol.

The Kai'Gi choose their words carefully... and this may be no exception.

Whatever it is, every one of them seems to know and has sworn to take the matter to the grave, as if fear of something worse waits the very thought crossing their minds or escaping their lips.

More technical species are quick to volunteer their thoughts, but claim that when they do - the soup tastes funny and nothing tastes right that is eaten with a spoon. Eumon terrestrials seem the only species not to complain, as if their very enjoyment of it is further insult to the Universe and a constant reminder on every planet that serves cereal, ice cream, or other confection.

If a transmaterial weapon exists that is capable of that scale of impact, it surely is the closest property ever observed to The Cataclysm itself.

[The Cataclysm, The War, Transmaterial, and the prior story are part of 'Beyond War: Celestial Knights' in 1998, and any resemblance or use by other companies incorporating these marks appear to be purposeful adaptation of the Beyond War body of fiction subsequent 2001.]


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