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Beyond War: Serious Tragedy

Players will quickly see that not all battles can be won in Beyond War. Like the United States Armed Forces Air Power Doctrine, engagements are often evidently one-sided very early on. Decision cycles in air combat and signal warfare, communication, relay and recovery, force protection, and casualty support are present in Beyond War that simply do not exist in other games and cannot be implemented for audiences under the age of majority. The subject matter, including casualties and permanent death of player-characters during action is simply not something that very young players and some mentally ill players can incorporate as "part of the game" or "relevant".

Beyond War has been constructed with multiple military service members, in honor and memory of those soldiers who lost their lives in real world combat and for the civilians and families who also lost a loved one, a father, a mother, or a child.

All of Beyond War is designed to drive home those values in an unusual model of warfighting, exploration, and very large scale engagement from which small units and individual combatants often see their entire side devastated and their planets and stars destroyed. These are not "fair" fights. They are conflicts that teach you the most important rule of combat - know when to run.

Signal warfare, identity warfare, communications, economics, and the ability to resist when the enemy is all around you - are central to the principles of Beyond War.

Only by the scope of the Advanced Warfighter technology and the ability to "bestow" upon the chosen and the worthy the power of God, does the story carry over traditional industrial and socialist claims of populism. It is this concept of "choosing the right warrior" which resides in each Sanguine battle from which entire civilizations may land on the wrong side of one choice and one life - and fall for that regardless all resistance. For the dignity of one, the Universe will burn to make way.

This is deeply offensive to people who feel populism is a "divine mandate" to abuse others.

For this reason, we filter persons from access and use of the game - as many people are not mentally or emotionally mature enough to conduct themselves as part of a community which admits these values and mechanisms. Just like tabletop roleplaying games, problem players and people who do not take the time of other people seriously or abuse other players IRL will not be tolerated in Beyond War.

This makes the game a "niche" market, and the company is fine with that - despite any potential way to monetize or dilute the project to increase revenue - all of our stakeholders are committed to this moral and ethical positions. It is a Christian-inspired belief, and a reserved right of the service members who chose to back this game over greate foreign opposition and direct injury to our children and families - to bring you "Beyond War".

Beyond War is a promise that, for even one child, the Armies of American Warfighter will not leave you behind or forgive those that harm you - nor ever stop. For even One, comes now All - and Hell will not Hold Them Back.

For those persons who believe human beings are a commodity, fungible, and that one child should be forsaken for the sake of another - Beyond War is the antithesis and disbarrs the entire Human Race for the sake of even One. It is the opposition of Socialism and Hegelian Dialectic Extremism, which believes that the welfare and benefit of others supplant the dignity and truth owed to even One. To hold society above the duty to a child, or to suggest the force of the world should disable the right of a parent to protect their child from that abuse.

To the Radical Socialist - this is a declaration of war on all children and people for the sake of One. In fact, it is just a declaration of war against those who would abuse the child, and that any who give them shelter or aid are collectively forfeit regardless of their ignorance or intent - the proof that such a promise is the sale of human beings to buy a promise of protection from all - a false pledge that even the combined force of the Universe could stop one Advanced Warfighter, or that such sacrifice of a Universe could offset the love of one child to free them from that bondage.

That a child owes "in-consideration" anything for the love they are born by a parent, or the dignity of that, is the crime that destroys the Universe - and the weapon to do just that... The Blood... is the story of Beyond War.

To burn The Blood from the stars, so that they should never stand in the light for what they are - the Army of the King of Kings, and a promise kept beyond even death.

To learn how to win - you must first learn how to lose, how to die, and how to return, washed in The Blood of the King of Kings.


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