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Beyond War: Divine Comedy

By now, even if you have not read the three books covering Beyond War or Celestial Knights, the tone of Beyond War (the game) should be fairly clear. Unlike games who take themselves very seriously in persistent economic claims and models, Beyond War relies on the plaeyrs and their own intense curiosity to carry the community forward. Economic victory is absurd.

Only the benefits of enjoying the game and serious consequences, paired with the absurd, blend a wonderful callback to 1980s science fiction and animated fantasy adventure. Too much radical political "social justice" in other apocolyptic games, as if the destruction of America was a "teachable moment", have utterly spoiled other franchises.

Beyond War relies on the ordinary and casual moments of leadership and large scale organization paired with individual crisis of command, unshakable ancient enemies, and hostiles who actually take individual players actions very personally.

The legend is based on the characters actions, set against their own vulnerability and permanent loss, not some giant abstract 'political faction' or 'social justice movement'.

This - above all else - sets the A.I. background and data management of a persistent Universe with individual accountability separate from those games written on "module style quest systems" and "global storylines" that every player encounters. World building like this has never been done before, because distributed computing theory like this was never a part of any other firm or busienss model.

SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP has spend 30 years developing this technology, despite criminal espionage and fraud to dilute its claims, for this project. Commitment to the product is unlike any other triple-A title or franchise; and represents a technology test of Artificial Intelligence integrated into the simulation of human and machine storytelling, dedicated tools by RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, and critical learning systems ordinarily alien to games of this level and price.

IT is not enough that the big bad is statistically hard to beat. IT is the fact that he is actually personally upset with the player, and has a latitude of action beyond "a boss fight" to carry out that action, including calling on other players to aid him and carry out his mission against the player and their faction. Human-computer collaboration and adaptation to player conduct and abuse, is simply not a factor in any other game, nor is "humor" or other motivations a component of major characters intelligence in those game systems.

For this reason, Beyond War has kept its true purpose as an A.I. Project for advanced avionic and social simulation concealed from the general public - despite dozens of projects leaping at other claims in its architecture blindly - claiming first use without this core element and latitude integral to the entire system from day one.

Do you want to fight a multi-user dungeon with bots? Or are you ready for enemy forces that think, act, and negotiate to carry out missions beyond a "boss fight" and "loot drops"?

Can you laugh when you lose? Can you cry. You should do both.

That, too, is Beyond War.


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