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Beyond War: Pin Point Devices

The use of 'Transmatieral' and "The Incident" are disturbing, but do not encompass the whole body of capabilities that can be produced with QEC material. One of these is a computer interface placed in quantum superposition upon an object or surface, which allows ordinary life to interface with it like a computer system and network, accessing the information as if viewing memories and experiences first-hand in a photographic quality with instant search, indexing, and immersion.

The pin-point Interface exists in a superposition state, having no physical matter. It cannot be "cut out", "dug out", destroyed, and seems strangely affixed relative to the object it is attached even when the object is harmed - as if it were still present physically and intact.

This is contrary ordinary physics of space-time, and can lead to some bizarre situations.

One of which is the custom of placing a pin-point device on the forehead of a young man or woman, and storing that information in the device of a Sanguine, along with a communications system to the Sanguine in question. The two then share their thoughts, feelings, and vision, just like a stored memory but in real-time and instantly; while they retain their own identity and perspective, emotions, and identity.

Such persons are sacred among the Sanguine, regardless of their species or strength, and harm against one is themed harm against the other and all Sanguine. The presence of the pin-point device is not always evident, even on close examination, and cannot be removed. Therefore, the Sanguine often will spare and protect these persons even when fighting each other or engaged in the most extreme levels of warfare. Planets have been spared destruction because even one of these people exist on the world. It is prohibited to remove or harm, physically or emotionally, such a person - and it is considered an offense against the Seraphim Primo, the First Sanguine, who The Prayer of Blood says will destroy the line of any who harm even one in any way.

In other cases, the pin-point devices are used to keep records, incorporated into everyday objects, used as control surfaces, and even placed in weapons where they can be used to absorb the death and experience and memories of those they kill - and to impose those stored experiences and emotions in an edited and weaponized manner to cause extreme agony and disorient the enemy - even other Sanguine - with the slightest touch.

The nature of the chosen who bear the mark on their bodies are - therefore - more tradition than mysticism. It is said the Sanguine King sees what they see - knows what they know - and a kindness to one is a Kindness to the King. The Sanguine seem to honor this seriously, even if they do so out of an obsession with protocol and custom rather than any express fear. Still, the extent to which they will go to protect one of the elect - even abandoning other grievances and wars and their allies for the purpose - suggests there is more to this than they will reveal.

In the simplest form, pin-point devices allow for the archival of billions of lives in a single point in space. While it cannot restore the lives it contains in memories and feelings - it is a repository of saddness, fear, loneliness, elation, joy, love, regret, and affection which the Sanguine read and consult much like a terrestrial Eumon would a parchment or a book; often finding strength in the simplicity of the life they can see and the moments remembered - which are absent in their own.

The Tyec show an almost academic obsession with the records, emulating rather than empathizing with the contents, and the Kai'Gi seem to treat them as graves - resting places not to be opened or consulted without grave cause. The Leupos, less concerned with so many complex lives, will often retain one such device that contains the memories and feelins of their mate - and safeguard this more than their own lives after losing them.

Such devices are confusing and overwhelming to Eumon, and nostalgia that has less importance than the present to the Minat and the Dawv, yet remain important relics of their culture.

Pin point devices can also contain specific experiences, like combat instructions and usage skills, which allow for a relatively unsophisticated Eumon or Elan to instantly obtain the knowledge and reflexes of a skilled power armor user or pilot, as well as to pass on the history of peoples and communities - even after they are gone - like those of the Rhocropoli lost in space and on hundreds of primitive terrestrial worlds.

Because they are so hard to destroy, having no tangible body to attack, destroying the location of the thing is usually better. The object that important records are includedin is often quantum shielded, making destruction of the object practically impossible without a QSR set to stellar or higher output. Use of which in a solar system would destroy all life. So hiding the thing under a rock or tossing it into a volcano or the ocean is far more practical than trying to undo a pin point device from a simple object.

Observing Advanced Warfighters use these object and having first hand experience has led to the ritualized use of similar natural objects in immitation of the pin point devices by many primitive civilizations, and on return Advanced Warfighters often recognize the patterns in rituals and prayers used by the people - even though the original meaning has been lost tens of thousands of years ago.

Pin point devices are a technological defense against genocide, the destruction of the character, beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and identity of a people. An entire planet or civilization can be stored in a single device, and its discover can grant direct insight as if there and able to read the minds of millions of people, preserving the society after the destruction of their world and people.


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