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Beyond War: Moral Questions About Spoons

A lot of us at the office questioned "The Incident". It seems fairly vulgar compared to the rest of Beyond War. Then the real issue hit - is it moral to kill a planet or destroy all life in a solar system. But to use a spoon to do (or suggest) the same thing - is violence that is no more horrible than other means of war.

There are - clarly - questions of sexual context about the spoon also.

But then the issue about pin point device and duplicate memory arises to complicate the matter. The entire scope of injury suggests that some form of memory or collission similar to quantum shielding was used, with much more destructive and far reaching scope.

The spoon might not actually even be where it seems.

It could be a species-wide hysteria imparted by pin point technology weaponized to alter the perception of an entire species.

That this seems less terrifying that placing a spoon in billions of sentient life forms instantly with a single motion and a flick of the wrist, is still less threatening than the alternative.

Perhaps, in hind sight, if a simple everyday utensil found on the table of every sentient species can be turned into a weapon that destroys the most advanced species in the Universe - or simply "inconveniences them beyond their ability to remove it" - then the gist of the song seems evident.

Whatever the case, whatever that Kai'Gi did to offend this alien - they should not do it again until they know how to stop the alien from reaching for a fork or more uncomfortable utensil.

This - seems universally evident.


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